Optimization of the medium composition for production of mycelial biomass and exo-polymer by Grifola frondosa GF9801 using response surface methodology.


:In this work, a three-level Box-Behnken factorial design was employed combining with response surface methodology (RSM) to optimize the medium composition for the production of the mycelial biomass and exo-polymer in submerged cultures by Grifola frondosa GF9801. A mathematical model was then developed to show the effect of each medium composition and their interactions on the production of mycelial biomass and exo-polymer. The model estimated that, a maximal yield of mycelial biomass (17.61 g/l) could be obtained when the concentrations of glucose, KH2PO4, peptone were set at 45.2 g/l, 2.97 g/l, 6.58 g/l, respectively; while a maximal exo-polymer yield (1.326 g/l) could be achieved when setting concentrations of glucose, KH2PO4, peptone at 58.6 g/l, 4.06 g/l and 3.79 g/l, respectively. These predicted values were also verified by validation experiments. Compared with the values obtained by other runs in the experimental design, the optimized medium resulted in a significant increase in the yields of mycelial biomass and exo-polymer. Maximum mycelial biomass yield of 22.50 g/l was achieved in a 15-l fermenter using the optimized medium.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Cui FJ,Li Y,Xu ZH,Xu HY,Sun K,Tao WY




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2006-07-01 00:00:00














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  • Bioleaching of chalcopyrite by defined mixed moderately thermophilic consortium including a marine acidophilic halotolerant bacterium.

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  • Response of microbial community structure to pre-acclimation strategies in microbial fuel cells for domestic wastewater treatment.

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  • Use of static magnetic fields to increase CO2 biofixation by the microalga Chlorella fusca.

    abstract::This study aimed to use different conditions of magnetic field (MF) application during Chlorella fusca cultivation and evaluate CO2 biofixation by the microalga through growth kinetics in addition to the biomass composition. For this purpose, we tested different MF intensities applied for 1 h d-1 and for 24 h. Culture...

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  • Mercury adsorption of modified mulberry twig chars in a simulated flue gas.

    abstract::Mulberry twig chars were prepared by pyrolysis, steam activation and impregnation with H2O2, ZnCl2 and NaCl. Textural characteristics and surface functional groups were performed using nitrogen adsorption and FTIR, respectively. Mercury adsorption of different modified MT chars was investigated in a quartz fixed-bed a...

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  • The significance of biomass in a circular economy.

    abstract::A circular economy relies on the value of resources being maximised indefinitely, requiring that virtually no unrecoverable waste occurs. Biomass is highly significant in a circular economy in terms of material products and the provision of energy. To establish a circular bioeconomy, the practical implications of biom...

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