Information technology in health professional education: why IT matters.


:This paper analyses the potential of information technology (IT) to transform the process of learning in higher education, particularly health professional education. It is argued that IT, although very much part of the infrastructure of the modern university has yet to make its full impact on teaching and learning processes. The expectations of students and demands for improved flexibility and access make it inevitable that IT will become an integral part of teaching and learning despite inherent resistance to change. The potential benefits of IT are identified as: transmission of high quality content, support of life-long learning, flexibility of access and enhanced opportunities for communication. These concepts are explored in the context of health professional education. It is argued that universities cannot survive without harnessing the power of IT to improve the educational experience of students but lecturers should ensure that this is underpinned by sound educational theory.


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  • The practice-based small group learning approach: making evidence-based practice come alive for learners.

    abstract::This paper reports the study of a pilot learning programme for the Continuing Professional Development of Practice Nurses (PNs) in Scotland. Two PN groups used the practice-based small group (PBSG) approach to learning, which is designed to encourage learning relevant to patient problems faced in day-to-day practice. ...

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  • Two steps forward, one step back: the intricacies of engaging with e-portfolios in nursing undergraduate education.

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  • Advancing advanced practice - clarifying the conceptual confusion.

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  • Academic dishonesty among Italian nursing students: A longitudinal study.

    abstract::Considering the ethical issues related to nursing and that Ethics is an integral part of the nursing education in the degree course, one would suppose that academic dishonesty might be less frequent in nursing students than in students of other disciplines. However, several studies show that this trend of deceitful be...

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  • Sense of coherence, academic performance and professional vocation in Certified Nursing Assistant students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The sense of coherence (SOC) of the salutogenic health model explains why people in stressful situations are able to maintain or even improve their health. There are some studies on which measures are more effective to reduce stress in Nursing assistant students. There are no studies that link SOC with the t...

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  • Nursing students' experience of using a personal digital assistant (PDA) in clinical practice - an intervention study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a multifunctional information and communication tool allowing nursing students to keep up to date with expanding health related knowledge. OBJECTIVES:This study was aimed at exploring nursing students' experience of using a PDA in clinical practice. METHOD:In this inte...

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  • Stress-related biobehavioral responses, symptoms, and physical activity among female veterans in the community: An exploratory study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Female veterans experience multiple stresses during their lifetime. Some of them seek care in the civilian community. Common physical and psychological symptoms among female veterans include pain, fatigue, sleep quality, and depression. Physical activity has the potential to improve their well-being. OBJECT...

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  • Undergraduate nursing students' experiences when examining nursing skills in clinical simulation laboratories with high-fidelity patient simulators: A phenomenological research study.

    abstract::Simulation has become a widely used and established pedagogy for teaching clinical nursing skills. Nevertheless, the evidence in favour of this pedagogical approach is weak, and more knowledge is needed in support of its use. The aim of this study was (a) to explore the experiences of undergraduate nursing students wh...

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  • Developing the Serious Games potential in nursing education.

    abstract::Shortened hospital stays, high patient acuity and technological advances demand that nurses increasingly make decisions under conditions of uncertainty and risk (Ebright et al., 2003). With rising trends towards out-patient care, nurses will need to perform complex problem-solving within a dynamic and changing environ...

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    authors: Petit dit Dariel OJ,Raby T,Ravaut F,Rothan-Tondeur M

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  • The simulation method in learning interpersonal communication competence--experiences of masters' degree students of health sciences.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This article describes the experiences of master students of nursing science in learning interpersonal communication competence through the simulation method. The exercises reflected challenging interactive situations in the field of health care. Few studies have been published on using the simulation method...

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    authors: Saaranen T,Vaajoki A,Kellomäki M,Hyvärinen ML

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  • A constructivist theoretical proposition of cultural competence development in nursing.

    abstract::Cultural competence development in healthcare professions is considered an essential condition to promote quality and equity in healthcare. Even if cultural competence has been recognized as continuous, evolutionary, dynamic, and developmental by most researchers, current models of cultural competence fail to present ...

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  • An evaluation of a collaborative approach to the assessment of competence among nursing students of three universities in Ireland.

    abstract::This paper describes a collaborative project conducted by the three principal universities in Dublin to implement and evaluate a competence assessment tool for use by nursing students and their assessors while on clinical placements. In the greater Dublin area, students from three universities are required to share cl...

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  • Students together with academics ensures retention and success: The STARS project.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Approximately 23% of Australian undergraduate students who commenced a degree in 2018 will not complete their program of study. Of these students, approximately 25% cite their 'study is too hard' or 'too much' when withdrawing from their degree. Research has identified that the most common group of students ...

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    authors: Ebert L,Watkins S,Dowse E

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  • Understanding the art of feminist pedagogy: facilitating interpersonal skills learning for nurses.

    abstract::The purpose of this study is to explore feminist pedagogy integrated with facilitation skills. A pedagogy project was undertaken with students participating in the BSc (Hons) Nursing programme, whereby a module, "Interpersonal Skills for Nurses" was developed for 72 year 1 students. A feminist pedagogy involves employ...

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    authors: Lamont E

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  • Military veterans and canine assistance for post-traumatic stress disorder: A narrative review of the literature.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are a vulnerable population at high risk for depression, isolation, and suicide. A substantial body of anecdotal evidence exists supporting the use of canines as an effective adjunct treatment for this population. However, a comprehensive review of its use ...

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    authors: Krause-Parello CA,Sarni S,Padden E

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  • Student nurses' experiences and challenges in providing health education in Hong Kong.

    abstract::Despite a call for increased emphasis on health education within the Hong Kong acute healthcare setting, in reality nurses conduct only minimal health education and do not model good educational practice for students. At the baccalaureate level, nursing education programmes aim to provide students with practical exper...

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  • Responsibilities of nursing schools with regard to peer mentoring.

    abstract::This article reports on the postgraduate critical care students' mentoring of the third-year undergraduate nursing students during integrated work-based learning in the critical care units. The purpose of the research was to describe what the nursing school could do to improve this mentoring programme. A qualitative d...

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  • Pride or prejudice--issues in the history of children's nurse education.

    abstract::The history of the education of nurses to care for sick children is notable on two counts. First, that the advent of training for nurses in the care of children pre-dates that of nurses caring for adults. Second, that it is a history fraught with prejudice, threats and misapprehensions. Certain key issues recur throug...

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    authors: Bradley SF

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  • Effectiveness of three-dimensional visualisation on undergraduate nursing and midwifery students' knowledge and achievement in pharmacology: A mixed methods study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Historically nursing and midwifery students have reported difficulty understanding the concept-based science underpinning the interactions between drugs and their targets. This knowledge is crucial for the administration and monitoring of the therapeutic and adverse effects of medications. Immersive three-di...

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    authors: Hanson J,Andersen P,Dunn PK

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  • The professional doctorate for nurses in Australia: findings of a scoping exercise.

    abstract::This paper presents the findings of a scoping exercise to map the professional doctorate for nurses and midwives in three Australian Universities using a modified form of Illuminative Evaluation. The visit was prompted by the increase in the number and range of professional doctorates introduced in the UK over the las...

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    authors: Ellis LB

    更新日期:2006-08-01 00:00:00

  • Student nurses experience of a "fairy garden" healing haven garden for sick children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The concept and philosophy of healing environments in health care is not new and there has been recent research into the experience of nurses and families experience of healing environments producing positive outcomes in relieving stress and improving quality of life. However, there is little in-depth inform...

    journal_title:Nurse education today

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    authors: van der Riet P,Jitsacorn C,Junlapeeya P,Thursby P

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  • Meeting the health and social care needs of pregnant asylum seekers; midwifery students' perspectives: part 3; "the pregnant woman within the global context"; an inclusive model for midwifery education to address the needs of asylum seeking women in the U

    abstract:AIM:to describe the conceptualisation and development of an inclusive educational model. The model is designed to facilitate pre-registration midwifery students' learning around the health and social care needs of pregnant women seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. BACKGROUND:current literature has identified a conce...

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    authors: Haith-Cooper M,Bradshaw G

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  • Establishing a culture for patient safety - the role of education.

    abstract::This paper argues that the process of making significant moves towards a patient safety culture requires changes in healthcare education. Improvements in patient safety are a shared international priority as too many errors and other forms of unnecessary harm are currently occurring in the process of caring for and tr...

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  • Nursing students' perceptions of a video-based serious game's educational value: A pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite an increasing number of serious games (SGs) in nursing education, few evaluation studies specifically address their educational value in terms of face, content, and construct validity. OBJECTIVES:To assess nursing students' perceptions of a video-based SG in terms of face, content, and construct val...

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  • Effects of reflection on clinical decision-making of intensive care unit nurses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nurses are one of the most influential factors in overcoming the main challenges faced by health systems throughout the world. Every health system should, hence, empower nurses in clinical judgment and decision-making skills. OBJECTIVE:This study evaluated the effects of implementing Tanner's reflection met...

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    authors: Razieh S,Somayeh G,Fariba H

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  • The patient as 'teacher': learning in the care of elderly persons with dementia.

    abstract::In 1996 HM Queen Silvia of Sweden started a non-governmental education programme with an integrated day-care unit devoted to elderly persons with dementia. A total of 18 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) from various parts of Sweden took part in the year theoretical and practical education in dementia care. The purpose ...

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    authors: Skog M,Grafström M,Negussie B,Winblad B

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  • Evaluation of how a curriculum change in nurse education was managed through the application of a business change management model: A qualitative case study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Curriculum changes are a regular feature of nurse education, yet little is known about how such changes are managed. Research in this arena is yet to emerge. OBJECTIVE:Evaluation of how a curriculum change in nurse education was managed through the application of a business change management model. METHOD:...

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  • Faking a difference: evidence-based nursing and the illusion of diversity.

    abstract::Whilst it is desirable for the dominant paradigm (discourse) in any discipline to be seen to be encouraging diversity, I will argue in this paper that the result of real diversity is to decentralize power and strengthen the challenges to that discourse. It is therefore in the interests of the dominant discourse (if it...

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    authors: Rolfe G

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  • Undergraduate nursing students' learning styles: a longitudinal study.

    abstract::This paper reports on the main findings of a longitudinal study of the learning styles of one cohort of undergraduate pre-registration nursing students at an Irish university. The Honey and Mumford (2000a) Learning Styles Questionnaire was administered to a sample of students in their first (n=202) and final year of s...

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    authors: Fleming S,McKee G,Huntley-Moore S

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  • A study of attitudes to gender and nursing stereotypes in newly recruited student nurses.

    abstract::This article presents the findings of a study which investigated the attitudes of 100 newly recruited student nurses towards gender and nursing stereotypes. The students were in their second day of the Common Foundation Programme at North Staffordshire College of Nursing and Midwifery. The data were collected using a ...

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    authors: Jinks AM

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