Olfactory-triggered panic attacks among Khmer refugees: a contextual approach.


:One hundred Khmer refugees attending a psychiatric clinic were surveyed to determine the prevalence of olfactory-triggered panic attacks as well as certain characteristics of the episodes, including trigger (i.e. type of odor), frequency, length, somatic symptoms, and the rate of associated flashbacks and catastrophic cognitions. Forty-five of the 100 patients had experienced an olfactory-triggered panic attack in the last month. Trauma associations and catastrophic cognitions (e.g. fears of a 'wind attack', 'weakness', and 'weak heart') were common during events of olfactory panic. Several case examples are presented. A multifactorial model of the generation of olfactory panic is adduced. The therapeutic implications of this model for the treatment of olfactory panic are discussed.


Transcult Psychiatry


Transcultural psychiatry


Hinton D,Pich V,Chhean D,Pollack M




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2004-06-01 00:00:00












  • Non-suicidal self-injury and its association with identity formation in India and Belgium: A cross-cultural case-control study.

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  • Taijin Kyofusho in university students: patterns of fear and predispositions to the offensive variant.

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  • Interdisciplinary case discussions as a training modality to teach cultural formulation in child mental health.

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  • 'Hit by the wind' and temperature-shift panic among Vietnamese refugees.

    abstract::Surveying 60 Vietnamese patients with either current or past post-traumatic stress disorder, this article aims to phenomenologically characterize the syndrome of 'hit by the wind' in a multidimensional manner. This includes determining the patient conceptualization of the disorder, profiling 'hit by the wind' episodes...

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  • The rule of virginity among young women of Maghrebine origin in France.

    abstract::Interviews conducted with young women of Maghrebine origin in France show that norms of virginity represent a central means by which women negotiate Maghrebine-French identity and handle intergenerational relations. From the legacy of the colonial era to the current interethnic context, notions of virginity have playe...

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  • Suicidal ideation among North Korean refugees in South Korea: Exploring the influence of social network characteristics by gender.

    abstract::Rates of death by suicide among North Korean refugees are three times higher than those among their host-country counterparts in South Korea. However, social and cultural factors predicting suicidality among North Korean refugees are not well known. Thus, we explored how social networks affect suicidal ideation in a s...

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