Mindfulness and personal identity in the Western cultural context: A plea for greater cosmopolitanism.


:In the psychological sciences, mindfulness practices are increasingly being used, studied, and theorized, but their indigenous theoretical foundations in Buddhist accounts of the dynamics and psychology of personal identity tend to be overlooked. This situation is mirrored in the discipline of philosophy: here, Buddhist views on personal identity are beginning to draw attention, but almost invariably in a way which entirely blanks out the role of mindfulness practices in cultivating Buddhist insights on selfhood. The aggregate result is a failure, in the West, to reflect upon and seriously consider Buddhist theory and Buddhist practice in an integrated, holistic fashion. In its effort to overcome the compartmentalization of Buddhist theory (in philosophy) versus Buddhist practice (in psychology) and to embrace the challenges this might pose to fundamental Western beliefs about the self, this paper is intended both as a plea for and an exercise in greater, more venturesome cosmopolitanism.


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Transcultural psychiatry


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  • Psychological predictors of loneliness among Palestinian university students in the West Bank.

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  • Cultural factors in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatised migrant patients from Turkey.

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  • When the poetry no longer rhymes: mental health issues among Somali immigrants in the USA.

    abstract::To identify and explore cultural dynamics influencing the psychiatric care of immigrant Somalis in the USA, we reviewed demographic data from Minnesota Departments of Human Services, and interviewed health professionals, exploring community perceptions of medical/psychiatric needs, cultural characteristics, barriers t...

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    abstract::Defined by psychologist Tamaki Saito as a period of social isolation in the absence of any other clear mental health issues for a period of six months or longer, hikikomori (social withdrawal) emerged as a condition among Japanese youth in the late 1980s. Used as both a noun to identify those afflicted, as well as des...

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  • Khat chewing in persons with severe mental illness in Ethiopia: a qualitative study exploring perspectives of patients and caregivers.

    abstract::People with severe mental illness (SMI) in Ethiopia chew khat despite advice from their physicians to desist. We wanted to better understand their reasons for khat chewing, including any benefits that they might gain. A qualitative study was conducted involving patients with SMI and their caregivers in Butajira. Reaso...

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