Computer modelling of glycolipids at membrane surfaces.


:Interactions of membrane anchored molecules such as glycolipids with a membrane surface are important in determining headgroup conformation. It is therefore essential to represent these membrane surface interactions in molecular modeling studies of glycolipids and other membrane bound molecules. We introduce here an energy term that represents the interaction of molecules with a membrane bilayer. This membrane interaction energy term has been added to the potential energy function of a molecular dynamics and mechanics program and has been parameterized using partition coefficients between an aqueous solution and a vesicular membrane for two model glycolipids.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Ram P,Kim E,Thomson DS,Howard KP,Prestegard JH




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1992-12-01 00:00:00














  • Calcium transients in cerebellar granule cell presynaptic terminals.

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  • Voltage and temperature dependence of single K+ channels isolated from canine cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum.

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  • Reassessment of the Basis of Cell Size Control Based on Analysis of Cell-to-Cell Variability.

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  • The effect of salt on self-assembled actin-lysozyme complexes.

    abstract::We present a combined experimental and computational study of the bundling of F-actin filaments induced by lysozyme proteins. Synchrotron small-angle x-ray scattering results show that these bundles consist of close-packed columnar complexes in which the actin is held together by incommensurate, one-dimensional arrays...

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  • Cholesterol-sphingomyelin interactions: a molecular dynamics simulation study.

    abstract::Stearoylsphingomyelin (SSM) bilayers containing 0, 22, and 50 mol % cholesterol (Chol) and a pentadecanoyl-stearoylphosphatidylcholine (15SPC) bilayer containing 22 mol % Chol were molecular dynamics simulated at two temperatures (37 degrees C and 60 degrees C). 15SPC is the best PC equivalent of SSM. The Chol effect ...

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  • Does the use of DM-nitrophen, nitr-5, or diazo-2 interfere with the measurement of indo-1 fluorescence?

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  • Bacteriorhodopsin/amphipol complexes: structural and functional properties.

    abstract::The membrane protein bacteriorhodopsin (BR) can be kept soluble in its native state for months in the absence of detergent by amphipol (APol) A8-35, an amphiphilic polymer. After an actinic flash, A8-35-complexed BR undergoes a complete photocycle, with kinetics intermediate between that in detergent solution and that...

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  • Copper-based pulsed dipolar ESR spectroscopy as a probe of protein conformation linked to disease states.

    abstract::We demonstrate the ability of pulsed dipolar electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy (PDS) to report on the conformation of Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1) through the sensitive measurement of dipolar interactions between inherent Cu(2+) ions. Although the extent and the anisotropy of the Cu ESR spectrum provides...

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  • Intermediates and kinetics of membrane fusion.

    abstract::Recently, it has become clear that the influenza virus fusion protein, hemagglutinin (HA), produces membrane destabilization and fusion by a multistep process, which involves the aggregation of the HAs to form a fusion site. While the details of this process are under debate, it is important to recognize that proposin...

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    abstract::We have worked out a procedure for covalent binding of native biomacromolecules on flat gold surfaces for scanning probe microscopy in aqueous buffer solutions and for other nanotechnological applications, such as the direct measurement of interaction forces between immobilized macromolecules, of their elastomechanica...

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  • Recoil after severing reveals stress fiber contraction mechanisms.

    abstract::Stress fibers are cellular contractile actomyosin machines central to wound healing, shear stress response, and other processes. Contraction mechanisms have been difficult to establish because stress fibers in cultured cells typically exert isometric tension and present little kinetic activity. In a recent study, livi...

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  • Subsecond proton-hole propagation in bacteriorhodopsin.

    abstract::The dynamics of proton transfer between the surface of purple membrane and the aqueous bulk have recently been investigated by the Laser Induced Proton Pulse Method. Following a Delta-function release of protons to the bulk, the system was seen to regain its state of equilibrium within a few hundreds of microseconds. ...

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  • Glycosphingolipid fatty acid arrangement in phospholipid bilayers: cholesterol effects.

    abstract::Deuterium wide line NMR spectroscopy was used to study cholesterol effects on the ceramide portions of two glycosphingolipids (GSLs) distributed as minor components in fluid membranes. The common existence of very long fatty acids on GSLs was taken into account by including one glycolipid species with fatty acid chain...

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  • Intrinsic cytosolic calcium buffering properties of single rat cardiac myocytes.

    abstract::Intracellular passive Ca2+, buffering was measured in voltage-clamped rat ventricular myocytes. Cells were loaded with indo-1 (K+ salt) to an estimated cytosolic concentration of 44 +/- 5 microM (Mean +/- SEM, n = 5), and accessible cell volume was estimated to be 24.5 +/- 3.6 pl. Ca2+ transport by the sarcoplasmic re...

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  • Determination of cellular strains by combined atomic force microscopy and finite element modeling.

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  • The bound states of amphipathic drugs in lipid bilayers: study of curcumin.

    abstract::Drug-membrane interactions are well known but poorly understood. Here we describe dual measurements of membrane thickness change and membrane area change due to the binding of the amphipathic drug curcumin. The combined results allowed us to analyze the binding states of a drug to lipid bilayers, one on the water-memb...

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  • Molecular dynamics free energy calculations to assess the possibility of water existence in protein nonpolar cavities.

    abstract::Are protein nonpolar cavities filled with water molecules? Although many experimental and theoretical investigations have been done, particularly for the nonpolar cavity of IL-1 beta, the results are still conflicting. To study this problem from the thermodynamic point of view, we calculated hydration free energies of...

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  • The nature of sources of bioelectric and biomagnetic fields.

    abstract::The goal of this paper is to examine the origins and relative importance of primary and secondary sources of electric and magnetic fields for excitable tissue. It is shown that for axonal and cardiac tissue a comparison of the relative field strength from both primary and secondary sources shows only the latter to be ...

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