Rotational diffusion of the α(2a) adrenergic receptor revealed by FlAsH labeling in living cells.


:The fluorescein arsenical hairpin binder (FlAsH) shows much promise to determine the relative orientations of protein regions and structures even in living cells and in the plasma membrane. In this study, we characterized FlAsH's photophysical properties by steady-state anisotropy and time-resolved single photon counting for further applications with G-protein coupled receptors. We find that FlAsH has a relatively high initial anisotropy of 0.31 ± 0.01 and a three-component fluorescence lifetime with an average of 4.1 ± 0.1 ns. We characterized the FlAsH fluorophore orientation in the α(2A) adrenergic receptor revealing rigid orientations of FlAsH in the membrane plane for rotational correlation times of ∼50 ns in living cells. To elucidate the fluorophore-membrane orientation and rotational correlation time, an anisotropy treatment similar to that of another researcher (Axelrod, D. 1979. Biophys. J. 26:557-573) was developed. The rotational correlation times were observed to increase by up to 16 ns after agonist addition. The rotational correlation time also allowed for a comparison to the theoretical relationship between translational and rotational diffusion (originally proposed by Saffman, P. G., and M. Delbrück. 1975. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 72:3111-3113) and revealed a discrepancy of a factor between 10 and 100.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Spille JH,Zürn A,Hoffmann C,Lohse MJ,Harms GS




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  • Sorting of lipids and transmembrane peptides between detergent-soluble bilayers and detergent-resistant rafts.

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  • Concerted gating mechanism underlying KATP channel inhibition by ATP.

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  • Effects of conformational peptide probe DP4 on bidirectional signaling between DHPR and RyR1 calcium channels in voltage-clamped skeletal muscle fibers.

    abstract::In skeletal muscle, excitation-contraction coupling involves the activation of dihydropyridine receptors (DHPR) and type-1 ryanodine receptors (RyR1) to produce depolarization-dependent sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca²⁺ release via orthograde signaling. Another form of DHPR-RyR1 communication is retrograde signaling, in whi...

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  • The Affinity of Sterols for Different Phospholipid Classes and Its Impact on Lateral Segregation.

    abstract::Cholesterol is an essential molecule in the membranes of mammalian cells. It is known to be distributed heterogeneously within the cells, between the bilayer leaflets, as well as between lateral domains within the bilayer. However, we do not know exactly how cholesterol is distributed and what forces drive this sortin...

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  • Tissue-specific mathematical models of slow wave entrainment in wild-type and 5-HT(2B) knockout mice with altered interstitial cells of Cajal networks.

    abstract::Gastrointestinal slow waves are generated within networks of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs). In the intact tissue, slow waves are entrained to neighboring ICCs with higher intrinsic frequencies, leading to active propagation of slow waves. Degradation of ICC networks in humans is associated with motility disorders...

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  • Testing of aggregation measurement techniques for intramembranous particles.

    abstract::Under various physiological and nonphysiological conditions, the intramembranous particles, as seen by freeze-fracture electron microscopy, may be in various degrees of aggregation. To compare various schemes for the measurement of the degree of aggregation, a computer program has been used to generate simulated aggre...

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    abstract::Formation of the inverted hexagonal (H(II)) phase from the lamellar (L(alpha)) phase of bovine brain-extracted phosphatidylcholine (BBPC) and phosphatidylethanolamine (BBPE) was investigated using 31P-NMR with or without cholesterol. When the ratio of BBPC to BBPE was 1:1, the H(II) formation was observed in the prese...

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  • A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the energetics of basepair opening pathways in DNA.

    abstract::The opening of basepairs plays a key role in DNA replication and transcription, and in the action of DNA repair and modification enzymes. In this article, we have used proton exchange to define the energetics of the pathways for basepair opening in two DNA 17-mer duplexes. The rates of exchange of imino protons with s...

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  • Deuterium-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Histidine pKa Determination in a pH-Responsive Hydrogel.

    abstract::We report here a method for the determination of the pKa of histidine in complex or heterogeneous systems amenable to neither solid-state nor solution NMR spectroscopy. Careful synthesis of a fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl- and trityl-protected, C2-deuterated histidine produces a vibrational-probe-equipped amino acid that...

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  • The Berg-Purcell limit revisited.

    abstract::Biological systems often have to measure extremely low concentrations of chemicals with high precision. When dealing with such small numbers of molecules, the inevitable randomness of physical transport processes and binding reactions will limit the precision with which measurements can be made. An important question ...

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