A variational framework for integrating segmentation and registration through active contours.


:Traditionally, segmentation and registration have been solved as two independent problems, even though it is often the case that the solution to one impacts the solution to the other. In this paper, we introduce a geometric, variational framework that uses active contours to simultaneously segment and register features from multiple images. The key observation is that multiple images may be segmented by evolving a single contour as well as the mappings of that contour into each image.


Med Image Anal


Medical image analysis


Yezzi A,Zöllei L,Kapur T




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  • Unmixing dynamic PET images with variable specific binding kinetics.

    abstract::To analyze dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) images, various generic multivariate data analysis techniques have been considered in the literature, such as principal component analysis (PCA), independent component analysis (ICA), factor analysis and nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). Nevertheless, these c...

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  • Quantification of the detailed cardiac left ventricular trabecular morphogenesis in the mouse embryo.

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  • Objective and expert-independent validation of retinal image registration algorithms by a projective imaging distortion model.

    abstract::Fundus camera imaging of the retina is widely used to diagnose and manage ophthalmologic disorders including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Retinal images typically have a limited field of view, and multiple images can be joined together using an image registration technique to f...

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  • Exudate detection in color retinal images for mass screening of diabetic retinopathy.

    abstract::The automatic detection of exudates in color eye fundus images is an important task in applications such as diabetic retinopathy screening. The presented work has been undertaken in the framework of the TeleOphta project, whose main objective is to automatically detect normal exams in a tele-ophthalmology network, thu...

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  • Self-similarity weighted mutual information: a new nonrigid image registration metric.

    abstract::Mutual information (MI) has been widely used as a similarity measure for rigid registration of multi-modal and uni-modal medical images. However, robust application of MI to deformable registration is challenging mainly because rich structural information, which are critical cues for successful deformable registration...

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  • Joint optimization of segmentation and shape prior from level-set-based statistical shape model, and its application to the automated segmentation of abdominal organs.

    abstract::The goal of this study is to provide a theoretical framework for accurately optimizing the segmentation energy considering all of the possible shapes generated from the level-set-based statistical shape model (SSM). The proposed algorithm solves the well-known open problem, in which a shape prior may not be optimal in...

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  • IDRiD: Diabetic Retinopathy - Segmentation and Grading Challenge.

    abstract::Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is the most common cause of avoidable vision loss, predominantly affecting the working-age population across the globe. Screening for DR, coupled with timely consultation and treatment, is a globally trusted policy to avoid vision loss. However, implementation of DR screening programs is chal...

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  • Directional wavelet based features for colonic polyp classification.

    abstract::In this work, various wavelet based methods like the discrete wavelet transform, the dual-tree complex wavelet transform, the Gabor wavelet transform, curvelets, contourlets and shearlets are applied for the automated classification of colonic polyps. The methods are tested on 8 HD-endoscopic image databases, where ea...

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  • A novel deformation method for fast simulation of biological tissue formed by fibers and fluid.

    abstract::This paper presents a new approach to the simulation of soft tissues deformation suitable for real time computation, particularly intriguing for medical applications. The approach implements a quasi-static solution for elastic global deformations of objects filled with fluid and fibers, which can be a good approximati...

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  • Ultrasound-fluoroscopy registration for prostate brachytherapy dosimetry.

    abstract::Prostate brachytherapy is a treatment for prostate cancer using radioactive seeds that are permanently implanted in the prostate. The treatment success depends on adequate coverage of the target gland with a therapeutic dose, while sparing the surrounding tissue. Since seed implantation is performed under transrectal ...

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  • A spatiotemporal statistical atlas of motion for the quantification of abnormal myocardial tissue velocities.

    abstract::In this paper, we present a new method for the automatic comparison of myocardial motion patterns and the characterization of their degree of abnormality, based on a statistical atlas of motion built from a reference healthy population. Our main contribution is the computation of atlas-based indexes that quantify the ...

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  • Automated model-based vertebra detection, identification, and segmentation in CT images.

    abstract::For many orthopaedic, neurological, and oncological applications, an exact segmentation of the vertebral column including an identification of each vertebra is essential. However, although bony structures show high contrast in CT images, the segmentation and labelling of individual vertebrae is challenging. In this pa...

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  • Groupwise multi-atlas segmentation of the spinal cord's internal structure.

    abstract::The spinal cord is an essential and vulnerable component of the central nervous system. Differentiating and localizing the spinal cord internal structure (i.e., gray matter vs. white matter) is critical for assessment of therapeutic impacts and determining prognosis of relevant conditions. Fortunately, new magnetic re...

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  • Coupling of fluid and elastic models for biomechanical simulations of brain deformations using FEM.

    abstract::In order to improve the accuracy of image-guided neurosurgery, different biomechanical models have been developed to correct preoperative images with respect to intraoperative changes like brain shift or tumor resection. All existing biomechanical models simulate different anatomical structures by using either appropr...

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  • Suite of meshless algorithms for accurate computation of soft tissue deformation for surgical simulation.

    abstract::The ability to predict patient-specific soft tissue deformations is key for computer-integrated surgery systems and the core enabling technology for a new era of personalized medicine. Element-Free Galerkin (EFG) methods are better suited for solving soft tissue deformation problems than the finite element method (FEM...

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  • Evaluation of algorithms for Multi-Modality Whole Heart Segmentation: An open-access grand challenge.

    abstract::Knowledge of whole heart anatomy is a prerequisite for many clinical applications. Whole heart segmentation (WHS), which delineates substructures of the heart, can be very valuable for modeling and analysis of the anatomy and functions of the heart. However, automating this segmentation can be challenging due to the l...

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    authors: Zhuang X,Li L,Payer C,Štern D,Urschler M,Heinrich MP,Oster J,Wang C,Smedby Ö,Bian C,Yang X,Heng PA,Mortazi A,Bagci U,Yang G,Sun C,Galisot G,Ramel JY,Brouard T,Tong Q,Si W,Liao X,Zeng G,Shi Z,Zheng G,Wang

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  • Bayesian principal geodesic analysis for estimating intrinsic diffeomorphic image variability.

    abstract::In this paper, we present a generative Bayesian approach for estimating the low-dimensional latent space of diffeomorphic shape variability in a population of images. We develop a latent variable model for principal geodesic analysis (PGA) that provides a probabilistic framework for factor analysis in the space of dif...

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    authors: Zhang M,Fletcher PT

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  • Nonlinear multiscale regularisation in MR elastography: Towards fine feature mapping.

    abstract::Fine-featured elastograms may provide additional information of radiological interest in the context of in vivo elastography. Here a new image processing pipeline called ESP (Elastography Software Pipeline) is developed to create Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) maps of viscoelastic parameters (complex modulus ma...

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    authors: Barnhill E,Hollis L,Sack I,Braun J,Hoskins PR,Pankaj P,Brown C,van Beek EJR,Roberts N

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  • Involuntary eye motion correction in retinal optical coherence tomography: Hardware or software solution?

    abstract::In this paper, we review state-of-the-art techniques to correct eye motion artifacts in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging. The methods for eye motion artifact reduction can be categorized into two major classes: (1) hardware-based techniques and (2) software-based techniques. In the first class, additional ha...

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    authors: Baghaie A,Yu Z,D'Souza RM

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  • Symmetric positive semi-definite Cartesian Tensor fiber orientation distributions (CT-FOD).

    abstract::A novel method for estimating a field of fiber orientation distribution (FOD) based on signal de-convolution from a given set of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance (DW-MR) images is presented. We model the FOD by higher order Cartesian tensor basis using a parametrization that explicitly enforces the positive semi-...

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  • Computer technology in detection and staging of prostate carcinoma: a review.

    abstract::After two decades of increasing interest and research activity, computer-assisted diagnostic approaches are reaching the stage where more routine deployment in clinical practice is becoming a possibility [Kruppinski, E.A., 2004. Computer-aided detection in clinical environment: Benefits and challenges for radiologists...

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  • Longitudinal segmentation of age-related white matter hyperintensities.

    abstract::Although white matter hyperintensities evolve in the course of ageing, few solutions exist to consider the lesion segmentation problem longitudinally. Based on an existing automatic lesion segmentation algorithm, a longitudinal extension is proposed. For evaluation purposes, a longitudinal lesion simulator is created ...

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    authors: Sudre CH,Cardoso MJ,Ourselin S,Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.

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  • Dynamic MRI reconstruction with end-to-end motion-guided network.

    abstract::Temporal correlation in dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), such as cardiac MRI, is informative and important to understand motion mechanisms of body regions. Modeling such information into the MRI reconstruction process produces temporally coherent image sequence and reduces imaging artifacts and blurring. Howe...

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  • Luminosity and contrast normalization in retinal images.

    abstract::Retinal images are routinely acquired and assessed to provide diagnostic evidence for many important diseases, e.g. diabetes or hypertension. Because of the acquisition process, very often these images are non-uniformly illuminated and exhibit local luminosity and contrast variability. This problem may seriously affec...

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  • Clavicle segmentation in chest radiographs.

    abstract::Automated delineation of anatomical structures in chest radiographs is difficult due to superimposition of multiple structures. In this work an automated technique to segment the clavicles in posterior-anterior chest radiographs is presented in which three methods are combined. Pixel classification is applied in two s...

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  • An automated pipeline for cortical sulcal fundi extraction.

    abstract::In this paper, we propose a novel automated pipeline for extraction of sulcal fundi from triangulated cortical surfaces. This method consists of four consecutive steps. Firstly, we adopt a finite difference method to estimate principal curvatures, principal directions and curvature derivatives, along the principal dir...

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    authors: Li G,Guo L,Nie J,Liu T

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  • Recovering from missing data in population imaging - Cardiac MR image imputation via conditional generative adversarial nets.

    abstract::Accurate ventricular volume measurements are the primary indicators of normal/abnor- mal cardiac function and are dependent on the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) volumes being complete. However, missing or unusable slices owing to the presence of image artefacts such as respiratory or motion ghosting, aliasing, ring...

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    authors: Xia Y,Zhang L,Ravikumar N,Attar R,Piechnik SK,Neubauer S,Petersen SE,Frangi AF

    更新日期:2021-01-01 00:00:00

  • Cardiac function estimation from MRI using a heart model and data assimilation: advances and difficulties.

    abstract::In this paper, we present a framework to estimate local ventricular myocardium contractility using clinical MRI, a heart model and data assimilation. First, we build a generic anatomical model of the ventricles including muscle fibre orientations and anatomical subdivisions. Then, this model is deformed to fit a clini...

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    authors: Sermesant M,Moireau P,Camara O,Sainte-Marie J,Andriantsimiavona R,Cimrman R,Hill DL,Chapelle D,Razavi R

    更新日期:2006-08-01 00:00:00

  • Quantitative analysis of multi-spectral fundus images.

    abstract::We have developed a new technique for extracting histological parameters from multi-spectral images of the ocular fundus. The new method uses a Monte Carlo simulation of the reflectance of the fundus to model how the spectral reflectance of the tissue varies with differing tissue histology. The model is parameterised ...

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    authors: Styles IB,Calcagni A,Claridge E,Orihuela-Espina F,Gibson JM

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