Evaluation of synergism by a novel three-dimensional model for the combined action of cisplatin and etoposide on the growth of a human small-cell lung-cancer cell line, SBC-3.


:Although the combination of cisplatin and etoposide has been used as standard therapy for small-cell lung cancer, it is difficult to demonstrate combination effects between cisplatin and etoposide in vitro. We therefore adopted a 3-dimensional (3-D) model to analyze the combination effects of anticancer drugs, and compared the results of analysis by the new 3-D model with those obtained from traditional 2-D models for the cisplatin-etoposide combination. In this study, using a human small-cell lung-cancer cell line (SBC-3), 3-D model analysis clearly identified a relationship depending on the concentrations of both drugs, and demonstrated that peak synergy occurred at the higher concentrations of cisplatin and etoposide. Antagonistic interactions were noted with a nadir at low concentrations of etoposide and cisplatin. In contrast, 2-D models such as combination index and isobologam analysis fail to characterize the complex interactions between cisplatin and etoposide, since their joint effects are concentration-dependent. Combination index (CI) plots show that synergy is evident only for molar ratios of cisplatin: etoposide of 2:1 to 1:5. On isobologram analysis, synergy could be detected when great inhibitory effects on cell growth were present (high endpoint), but not with small inhibitory effects (lower endpoints). Thus, either synergy or antagonism may occur, but depend on the selection of variables, such as the molar ratios or the endpoints chosen for the experiments. This could explain the inconsistency in the in vitro combination effects reported to date. The 3-D model, which compensates for the above deficiencies of 2-D models, can facilitate rigorous analysis of drug interactions over the entire clinical dose range, using microcomputers and sophisticated graphics programs. This direct and pragmatic method offers investigators a practical new tool with which to analyze drug combinations for cancer chemotherapy.


Int J Cancer


Kanzawa F,Nishio K,Fukuoka K,Fukuda M,Kunimoto T,Saijo N




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1997-05-02 00:00:00














  • Telomere homolog oligonucleotides induce apoptosis in malignant but not in normal lymphoid cells: mechanism and therapeutic potential.

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  • Genetic polymorphisms in the one-carbon metabolism pathway and breast cancer risk: a population-based case-control study and meta-analyses.

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  • CDKN2A region polymorphism and genetic susceptibility to melanoma in the melim swine model of familial melanoma.

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  • A cross-sectional investigation of breast density and insulin-like growth factor I.

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  • Breast cancer cells induce osteoclast formation by stimulating host IL-11 production and downregulating granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor.

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  • A simple and effective method for cancer immunotherapy by inactivated allogeneic leukocytes infusion.

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  • Socioeconomic status and childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia incidence in São Paulo, Brazil.

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  • Occupation and risk of cancer of the lower urinary tract among men. A case-control study.

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  • Effect of different platelet agonists on intracellular free Ca++ concentrations in human tumor cells: possible role in tumor growth.

    abstract::Modulation of cytoplasmic Ca++ concentration is a mechanism common to signal transduction pathways regulating many cellular phenomena, including the interactions of tumors with the hemostatic system. We have investigated the pro-aggregating and pro-coagulant activities of human tumor cell lines cultured in vitro and t...

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  • Biological response of multicellular EMT6 spheroids to exogenous lactate.

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  • Impact of technology on cytology outcome in cervical cancer screening of young and older women.

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  • Upregulation of galectins-1 and -3 in human colon cancer and their role in regulating cell migration.

    abstract::To probe the potential contribution of beta-galactoside-contributing epitopes and receptor proteins (gal-1 and gal-3) to colon malignancy, we first examined the expression of galectins and binding sites in clinical specimens by lectin and immunohistochemistry. Sixty-seven colonic surgical resections were studied, incl...

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  • Mutant allele-specific imbalance modulates prognostic impact of KRAS mutations in colorectal adenocarcinoma and is associated with worse overall survival.

    abstract::The prognostic impact of distinct KRAS mutations in colorectal carcinomas is not fully characterized. We hypothesized that the prognostic impact of KRAS mutations is modulated by KRAS mutant allele-specific imbalance (MASI). KRAS MASI was assessed by sequencing electropherograms in KRAS-mutated colorectal carcinomas (...

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  • Differences in lung cancer risk from smoking among Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian women in Hawaii.

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    abstract::DNA isolated from blood or bone-marrow samples from 18 patients with acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (ANLL) and 14 patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) was analyzed for the presence of mutations in the N-ras gene. Using synthetic oligonucleotide probes we detected mutations in 5 cases of ANLL; 4 GGT----GAT tr...

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  • Efficacy of dendrimer-mediated angiostatin and TIMP-2 gene delivery on inhibition of tumor growth and angiogenesis: in vitro and in vivo studies.

    abstract::Gene transfer is an attractive approach to fight cancer by targeting cancer cells or their vasculature. Our study reports the inhibition of tumor growth and angiogenesis by a nonviral method using dendrimers associated with 36-mer anionic oligomers (ON36) for delivering angiostatin (Kringle 1-3) and tissue inhibitor o...

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  • Marine omega-3 fatty acid intake and survival of stage III colon cancer according to tumor molecular markers in NCCTG Phase III trial N0147 (Alliance).

    abstract::Marine omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (MO3PUFAs) have anticancer properties and may improve colon cancer survival. However, it remains unknown whether the benefit differs by tumor molecular subtype. We examined data from a phase III randomized trial of FOLFOX or FOLFOX + cetuximab among 1,735 stage III colon canc...

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  • Curcumin induces cell-arrest and apoptosis in association with the inhibition of constitutively active NF-kappaB and STAT3 pathways in Hodgkin's lymphoma cells.

    abstract::Although treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) with a multi-drug approach has been very successful, its toxicity becomes evident after several years as secondary malignancies and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the current goal in HL treatment is to find new therapies that specifically target the deregulated signali...

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  • Multisite analysis of high-grade serous epithelial ovarian cancers identifies genomic regions of focal and recurrent copy number alteration in 3q26.2 and 8q24.3.

    abstract::High-grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer (HGS-EOC) is a systemic disease, with marked intra and interpatient tumor heterogeneity. The issue of spatial and temporal heterogeneity has long been overlooked, hampering the possibility to identify those genomic alterations that persist, before and after therapy, in the g...

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    authors: Ballabio S,Craparotta I,Paracchini L,Mannarino L,Corso S,Pezzotta MG,Vescio M,Fruscio R,Romualdi C,Dainese E,Ceppi L,Calura E,Pileggi S,Siravegna G,Pattini L,Martini P,Delle Marchette M,Mangioni C,Ardizzoia A,Pelleg

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  • Screening of human brain tumors for SV40-related T antigen.

    abstract::A series of 39 human brain tumors has been screened for the presence or absence of SV40-related T antigen by the direct and indirect immunoperoxidase methods. Two tumors of ependymal origin (malignant ependymoma, choroid plexus papilloma) revealed markedly positive nuclear staining for T antigen both in vivo and in vi...

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  • No excess risk of follicular lymphoma in kidney transplant and HIV-related immunodeficiency.

    abstract::Subtype-specific incidence patterns in populations at high risk of lymphoma offer insight into lymphomagenesis. The incidence profiles for the 2 most common non-Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes were compared for 2 immunodeficient populations, adults receiving a kidney transplant 1982-2003 (n = 7,730) or diagnosed with human ...

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  • Developing new targeting strategy for androgen receptor variants in castration resistant prostate cancer.

    abstract::The presence of androgen receptor variant 7 (AR-V7) variants becomes a significant hallmark of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) relapsed from hormonal therapy and is associated with poor survival of CRPC patients because of lacking a ligand-binding domain. Currently, it still lacks an effective agent to tar...

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