Negative feedback mechanism suppresses interleukin-12 production by antigen-presenting cells interacting with T helper 2 cells.


:Interleukin-12 (IL-12) has been shown to be produced by monocytes by the ligation of CD40. In the present experiments, IL-12 is shown to be produced by murine spleen antigen-presenting cells (APC) by interaction with T helper 1 (Th1) clones through CD40-CD40 ligand (CD40L) interaction, but not with Th2 clones. The IL-12 production induced by the Th1 clone interaction was inhibited by the addition of exogenous IL-10. Th2 clones were shown to produce a sufficient amount of IL-10 to inhibit the IL-12 production induced by Th1 clones. In the presence of anti-IL-10 monoclonal antibodies splenic APC interacting with Th2 clones produced IL-12. These results indicate that IL-10 produced by Th2 cells stimulated with antigen suppress IL-12 production of APC interacting with Th2 cells. IL-12 is composed of two subunits, p35 and p40. In our experiments, p40 mRNA accumulation was shown to be affected by IL-10 more severely than the accumulation of p35 mRNA, indicating that IL-10 regulates IL-12 production by APC mainly by affecting p40 mRNA accumulation.


Eur J Immunol


Hino A,Nariuchi H




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1996-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Identification and characterization of Xenopus CD8+ T cells expressing an NK cell-associated molecule.

    abstract::Growing evidence suggests that some immune responses are mediated not only by conventional and distinct NK cells and CTL, but also by T cell subsets expressing NK receptors and NK cell-associated molecules. Consistent with our previously published finding that the mAb 1F8 identifies non-T/non-B cells in Xenopus that e...

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  • Isolation of the intact white pulp. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the cellular composition of the splenic compartments.

    abstract::The spleen is anatomically and functionally divided into two compartments: the red pulp, where particles are effectively removed from the blood, and the white pulp, where specific immune responses are generated. Here the isolation of white pulp from red pulp is described, allowing a detailed analysis of the cellular c...

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  • Systemic immunization induces protective CD4+ and CD8+ T cell-mediated immune responses in murine Listeria monocytogenes meningoencephalitis.

    abstract::The immune mechanisms underlying immunization-induced protection of mice from lethal central nervous system (CNS) listeriosis were evaluated by immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry of leukocytes isolated from the brain, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analysis of intracerebral (i.c.) tumor-necrosis fac...

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  • Neuronal interferon-gamma immunoreactive molecule: bioactivities and purification.

    abstract::An interferon (IFN)-gamma immunoreactive molecule, localized to small neurons in peripheral sensory ganglia (N-IFN-gamma), has been detected with two mouse monoclonal antibodies (DB1 and DB16) directed against different epitopes of rat IFN-gamma. To define N-IFN-gamma with regard to its protein characteristics and bio...

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  • TWEAK can induce cell death via endogenous TNF and TNF receptor 1.

    abstract::TWEAK is a recently cloned novel member of the TNF ligand family. Here we show that soluble TWEAK is sufficient to induce apoptosis in Kym-1 cells within 18 h. TWEAK-induced apoptosis is indirect and is mediated by the interaction of endogenous TNF and TNF receptor (TNFR)1, as each TNFR1-Fc, neutralizing TNF-specific ...

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