Synthesis and properties of novel block copolymers containing poly(lactic-glycolic acid) and poly(ethyleneglycol) segments.


:A synthetic process for obtaining high-molecular-weight block copolymers containing poly(lactic-glycolic acid) and poly(ethylene glycol) segments has been established. This process involves the reaction of poly(ethylene glycols) with phosgene, followed by polycondensation of the resulting alpha, omega-bis(chloroformates) with poly(lactic-glycolic acid) oligomers. The copolymers have been characterized for their molecular weight, solubility properties, water absorption and preliminarily thermal behaviour. All evidence points to the conclusion that the process described is a general one, enabling biodegradable polymers to be obtained tailor-made according to specific requirements.






Ferruti P,Penco M,D'Addato P,Ranucci E,Deghenghi R




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1995-12-01 00:00:00














  • Synthetic high-density lipoprotein-like nanoparticles potently inhibit cell signaling and production of inflammatory mediators induced by lipopolysaccharide binding Toll-like receptor 4.

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  • Cell growth on cordierite: an approach to the identification of reliable supports for continuous-flow solid-bed reactors.

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  • Targeting dendritic cells in lymph node with an antigen peptide-based nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy.

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  • Prodrug-embedded angiogenic vessel-targeting nanoparticle: A positive feedback amplifier in hypoxia-induced chemo-photo therapy.

    abstract::Photodynamic therapy (PDT) induced hypoxia can significantly upregulate the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) at the tumor-stromal interface, resulting in a promoted angiogenesis. Thus, an angiogenesis vessel-targeting nanoparticle (AVT-NP) consisting of photosensitizer, angiogenic vessel-targeti...


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  • Upregulation of bone cell differentiation through immobilization within a synthetic extracellular matrix.

    abstract::There is a need for new therapeutic strategies to treat bone defects caused by trauma, disease or tissue loss. Injectable systems for cell transplantation have the advantage of allowing the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures, and thus for less discomfort to patients. In the present study, it is hypothesized...


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  • Biocompatibility of the Vascugraft: evaluation of a novel polyester urethane vascular substitute by an organotypic culture technique.

    abstract::To evaluate the biocompatibility of chemically and structurally modified polyurethane elastomers for use as blood vessel replacements, small squares of vascular prostheses were cultured in direct contact with endothelium from chick embryo aorta using an organotypic culture assay. The polyurethane materials tested were...


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  • Predicting the therapeutic efficacy of MSC in bone tissue engineering using the molecular marker CADM1.

    abstract::Mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs) are advancing into the clinic but the therapeutic efficacy of hMSCs faces the problem of donor variability. In bone tissue engineering, no reliable markers have been identified which are able to predict the bone-forming capacity of hMSCs prior to implantation. To this end, we isolated...


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  • Effect of resin hydrophilicity and temperature on water sorption of dental adhesive resins.

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  • Antibacterial activity of bactericide-immobilized filler for resin-based restoratives.

    abstract::This study examined the antibacterial activity of prepolymerized resin filler, in which the bactericide quaternary ammonium was immobilized. The experimental filler was prepared by grinding prepolymerized resin blocks of methacrylate monomers, silica particles, and the antibacterial monomer methacryloyloxydodecylpyrid...


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  • Biomechanical and histomorphometric study on the bone-screw interface of bioactive ceramic-coated titanium screws.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to compare the osseointegration of 4 different kinds of bioactive ceramic-coated screws with uncoated screws by biomechanical and histomorphometric analysis. Calcium pyrophosphate (CPP), apatite-wollastonite 1:3 glass ceramic (W3G), apatite-wollastonite 1:1 glass ceramic (WAG) and bioacti...


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  • Electroporation-mediated transfer of Runx2 and Osterix genes to enhance osteogenesis of adipose stem cells.

    abstract::In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that electroporation-mediated transfer of Runx2, Osterix, or both genes enhances the in vitro and in vivo osteogenesis from adipose stem cells (ASCs). ASCs were transfected with Runx2, Osterix, or both genes using electroporation, and further cultured in monolayer or in P...


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  • A biomimetic cascade nanoreactor for tumor targeted starvation therapy-amplified chemotherapy.

    abstract::Targeted drug delivery with precisely controlled drug release and activation is highly demanding and challenging for tumor precision therapy. Herein, a biomimetic cascade nanoreactor (designated as Mem@GOx@ZIF-8@BDOX) is constructed for tumor targeted starvation therapy-amplified chemotherapy by assembling tumor cell ...


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  • A novel soft tissue model for biomaterial-associated infection and inflammation - bacteriological, morphological and molecular observations.

    abstract::Infection constitutes a major risk for implant failure, but the reasons why biomaterial sites are more vulnerable than normal tissue are not fully elucidated. In this study, a soft tissue infection model was developed, allowing the analysis of cellular and molecular responses in each of the sub-compartments of the imp...


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  • Surface properties and biocompatibility of solvent-cast poly[-caprolactone] films.

    abstract::Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) was dissolved in four solvent systems, chloroform, tetrahydrofuran, acetone and ethyl acetate, and cast onto glass Petri dishes. The surface properties of the resulting films were investigated. The extent to which their properties were determined by the solvent used in each case was qu...


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  • Modulation of biological processes in the nucleus by delivery of DNA oligonucleotides conjugated with gold nanoparticles.

    abstract::The development of a method that can efficiently deliver nucleic acids into the nucleus of living systems remains one of the key challenges for experimental and therapeutic use of nonbiological gene delivery agents. In the current study, we demonstrate a functionalized gold nanoparticle (AuNP) that can serve as a univ...


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  • Development and applications of injectable poly(ortho esters) for pain control and periodontal treatment.

    abstract::Poly(ortho esters) with a low glass transition temperature are semi-solid materials so that therapeutic agents can be incorporated at room temperature, without the use of solvents, by a simple mixing procedure. When molecular weights are limited to < 5 kDa, such materials are directly injectable using a needle size no...


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    authors: Helle J,Barr J,Ng SY,Shen HR,Schwach-Abdellaoui K,Gurny R,Vivien-Castioni N,Loup PJ,Baehni P,Mombelli A

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  • Water-soluble superparamagnetic manganese ferrite nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::We report here a thermal decomposition approach to the synthesis of water-soluble superparamagnetic manganese ferrite (MnFe(2)O(4)) nanoparticles (NPs) for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging applications. In this approach, tetraethylene glycol was utilized as a coordination and stabilization agent, rendering the NPs wate...


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  • Engineered magnetic hybrid nanoparticles with enhanced relaxivity for tumor imaging.

    abstract::Clinically used contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suffer by the lack of specificity; short circulation time; and insufficient relaxivity. Here, a one-step combinatorial approach is described for the synthesis of magnetic lipid-polymer (hybrid) nanoparticles (MHNPs) encapsulating 5 nm ultra-small sup...


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  • Stability of some soluble alginate solutions.

    abstract::The stability of some water alginates against bacterial degradation was studied. The study was based on viscosity and pH measurements of some typical alginate solutions, containing suitable additives during an extended time period (222 days). ...


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    authors: Polyzois GL,Andreopoulos AG

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  • DNA image cytometry and Ag-NORs-staining application in biocompatibility studies on human osteoblast cells in vitro.

    abstract::We report here the study of the biocompatibility of a bone graft material, the Pyrost, using a previously established in vitro model of human osteoblasts. The effect of this material on cell proliferation was evaluated by the MTS assay. Results indicated the absolute absence of cytotoxic or cytostatic effect of Pyrost...


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  • Biodegradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels based on a self-elimination degradation mechanism.

    abstract::Two vinyl sulfone functionalized crosslinkers were developed for the purpose of preparing degradable poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) hydrogels (EMXL and GABA-EMXL hydrogels). A self-elimination degradation mechanism in which an N-terminal residue of a glutamine is converted to pyroglutamic acid with subsequent release of ...


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  • Simultaneous in vivo tracking of dendritic cells and priming of an antigen-specific immune response.

    abstract::We report the fabrication of a one-pot antigen system that delivers antigen to dendritic cells (DCs) and tracks their in vivo migration after injection. Multifunctional polymer nanoparticles containing ovalbumin protein, magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents (iron oxide nanoparticles), and near-infrared fluoropho...


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  • Tolerance induction by surface immobilization of Jagged-1 for immunoprotection of pancreatic islets.

    abstract::Although transplantation of pancreatic islets is a promising approach for treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus, the engraftment efficiency of these islets is limited by host immune responses. Extensive efforts have been made to immunoisolate these islets by introducing barriers on the islet surface. To date, these ba...


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    更新日期:2018-11-01 00:00:00

  • Antibody and cytokine-associated immune responses to S. equi antigens entrapped in PLA nanospheres.

    abstract::Strangles is an infectious disease caused by Streptococcus equi subspecies equi that affects the upper respiratory tract of the Equidae. The control of this disease seems to be dependent on its earlier detection and prevention, but prolonged animal protection without development of strong and severe side effects has n...


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    authors: Florindo HF,Pandit S,Gonçalves LM,Videira M,Alpar O,Almeida AJ

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  • Wound treatment with Sorbsan--an alginate fibre dressing.

    abstract::This highly absorbent, biodegradable dressing derived from seaweed can be successfully applied to cleanse a wide variety of secreting lesions. The high absorption of exudate is achieved via strong hydrophilic gel formation and this serves to control wound secretion levels and to minimize bacterial contamination. Algin...


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