Motivations for studying dentistry among first-year dental students.


:Reasons for choosing dentistry as a profession were analysed among first-year dental students at the University of Toronto. The motivations of various sub-groups were also examined. It was found that an extrinsic motivation, financial rewards, was the most widespread, although the other widely chosen motivations referred mainly to intrinsic aspects of the profession such as working with and for people, stimulating work, and being autonomous. Cross-tabulation analysis and mutli-variate analysis of the motivations of various socio-demographic sub-groups were carried out. Three sub-groups showed more extrinsic orientations than the class as a whole: those of "other" religious preference; students feeling different from their classmates; and those from medium-sized towns. The most intrinsically oriented groups were: older students; those high in SES; and Jewish students.


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  • The acceptability of 360-degree judgements as a method of assessing undergraduate medical students' personal and professional behaviours.

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  • Perceptions of how well graduates are prepared for the role of pre-registration house officer: a comparison of outcomes from a traditional and an integrated PBL curriculum.

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  • Pre-registration in historical perspective.

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  • The Art of Medicine through the Humanities: an overview of a one-month humanities elective for fourth year students.

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  • Simulation-based education for novices: complex learning tasks promote reflective practice.

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  • The clinical reasoning process.

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  • Brief problem-solving questions in medical school examinations: is it necessary for students to explain their answers?

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  • Maturational differences in undergraduate medical students' perceptions about feedback.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Although medical students receive varied feedback throughout their training programmes, research demonstrates that they frequently perceive it as insufficient. However, supervisors tend to perceive that it is adequate. Students' responses to, and use of, feedback are not clearly understood. The purposes of this...

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  • Outcomes of longitudinal integrated clinical placements for students, clinicians and society.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Longitudinal integrated clerkships (LICs) have been widely implemented in both rural and urban contexts, as is now evident in the wealth of studies published internationally. This narrative literature review aims to summarise current evidence regarding the outcomes of LICs for student, clinician and community s...

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  • The impact of three years' ethics teaching, in an integrated medical curriculum, on students' proposed behaviour on meeting ethical dilemmas.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the impact of 3 years' ethics teaching (30 hours mainly small group teaching in year 1, 14 hours mainly lecture-type teaching in years 2 and 3) on students' proposed behaviour on encountering ethical dilemmas. DESIGN:Cohort design. SETTING:University of Glasgow Medical School. SUBJECTS:A cohort...

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  • Entry to medical school: an audit of traditional selection requirements.

    abstract::The major focus in the selection of entrants for medical school has traditionally been on academic achievement in school-leaving examinations in which certain science subjects are a requirement. A longitudinal study of 413 successful applicants was undertaken to determine the relationship of these admission criteria t...

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  • Techniques for measuring clinical competence: objective structured clinical examinations.

    abstract::The traditional clinical examination has been shown to have serious limitations in terms of its validity and reliability. The OSCE provides some answers to these limitations and has become very popular. Many variants on the original OSCE format now exist and much research has been done on various aspects of their use....

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  • Comparison of medical and non-medical student attitudes to social issues in medicine.

    abstract::A 63-item questionnaire on attitudes to psychosocial issues in medicine was administered to final-year students in the Faculties of Medicine (n = 104), Pharmacy (n = 57) and Arts and Social Sciences (n = 75) of the University of Benin. The responses given were analysed by the summation and Cornell scalogram techniques...

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  • Thinking critically about critical thinking: ability, disposition or both?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The objectives of this study were to determine the extent to which clinician-educators agree on definitions of critical thinking and to determine whether their descriptions of critical thinking in clinical practice are consistent with these definitions. METHODS:Ninety-seven medical educators at five medical...

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  • Observational analysis of near-peer and faculty tutoring in problem-based learning groups.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Near-peer and faculty staff tutors may facilitate problem-based learning (PBL) through different means. Near-peer tutors are thought to compensate for their lack of subject matter expertise with greater adeptness at group facilitation and a better understanding of their learners. However, theoretical explanatio...

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  • Project work in the medical curriculum.

    abstract::This paper outlines one component, the project, which in 4 years became an integral part of the Human Ecology course at the Department of Community Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Although it is to be retained in some form, it would seem that the full potential of the device for medical undergraduates has not b...

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  • A systematic review of assessment and intervention strategies for effective clinical communication in culturally and linguistically diverse students.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) students often experience difficulties with the clinical communication skills that are essential for successful interactions in the workplace. However, there is little evidence on the effectiveness of assessment and intervention strategies for this population. The ...

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  • Understanding paediatric resident-continuity preceptor relationships through the lens of apprenticeship learning.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Apprenticeship learning is common in medical education, but is often situated in theoretical frameworks which highlight its cognitive but not its social dimension. METHODS:We conducted an ethnographic case study of paediatric residents' learning relationships with their preceptors in a community-based paediatr...

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  • Psychological size and distance: emphasising the interpersonal relationship as a pathway to optimal teaching and learning conditions.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Positive interpersonal relationships between teachers and learners increase the quality of learning. The purpose of this study was to investigate psychological size (perceived status) and psychological distance (perceived emotional connectedness) in medical teaching interactions and their impact on the teach...

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  • Activating prior knowledge using multiple-choice question distractors.

    abstract:CONTEXT:A student's academic success in graduate and professional school may depend on prior knowledge. However, these students may not see important and necessary material for extended periods of time between their pre-requisites and their new course work. As such, they are more prone to being unable to access availab...

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  • Influence of new educational technology on problem-based learning at Harvard Medical School.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Computers with 50-inch, wall-mounted plasma screens and broadband Internet access were installed in all small group tutorial rooms at Harvard Medical School. This study examines how the introduction of this educational technology impacted on the problem-based learning tutorials. METHOD:A total of 37 tutorial g...

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