Abrogation of tumor-inhibitory MRC-OX8+ (CD8+) effector T-cell generation in rats by selective depletion of neutrophils in vivo using a monoclonal antibody.


:These studies were designed to examine the role of neutrophils in transplantation immunity to syngeneic rat tumors. We have earlier reported that specific transplantation immunity to syngeneic transplanted tumors is abrogated by selective depletion of peripheral-blood neutrophils by administration of a monoclonal antibody (MAb) (RP-3) at the time of immunization with X-irradiated tumor cells. In order to elucidate the mechanisms of this phenomenon, we have now examined whether induction of the sensitized spleen cells that inhibit the growth of tumor cells is inhibited by RP-3 treatment at the time of in vivo priming with tumor-associated antigen (TAA). Neutrophils were required to induce the sensitized T cells responsible for tumor inhibition with Winn's assay. In addition, CD8+ T cells are proved to be effector cells in an assay system of tumor-growth inhibition using a diffusion chamber. Our results indicate that neutrophils are required for priming rats with TAA to induce CD8+ effector T cells in tumor inhibition.


Int J Cancer


Tanaka E,Sendo F




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1993-04-22 00:00:00












  • Tumor production of angiostatin is enhanced after exposure to TNF-alpha.

    abstract::Infection of tumors with an adenoviral vector expressing a chimeric gene composed of the CArG elements of the Egr-1 promoter and a cDNA encoding TNF-alpha (Ad.Egr-TNF) has previously been shown to result in the production of high intratumoral levels of TNF-alpha and thereby tumor regression. The antitumor effects of T...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

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  • Monoclonal antibody against a naturally occurring rat mammary carcinoma.

    abstract::Inbred rats were hyper-immunised against a syngeneic transplanted mammary carcinoma, Sp4, which originally arose spontaneously in a breeding female. Spleen cells from Sp4-immune rats were fused with P3-NSI-Ag4 mouse myeloma cells, and supernatants from the hybrid progeny were screened for antibody reacting with Sp4 ce...

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  • Control of endogenous cell regulators by the second-stage tumor promoter phorbol-12-retinoate 13-acetate.

    abstract::The phorbol esters phorbol 12-retinoate 13-acetate (RPA) and 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol 13-acetate (TPA) were used to investigate the role of tumor promoters in the control of hormone response in normal and leukemic myeloid cells. RPA and TPA inhibited the binding of [20-3H]phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate to the leukemic cel...

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  • Estimating the global cancer incidence and mortality in 2018: GLOBOCAN sources and methods.

    abstract::Estimates of the worldwide incidence and mortality from 36 cancers and for all cancers combined for the year 2018 are now available in the GLOBOCAN 2018 database, compiled and disseminated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). This paper reviews the sources and methods used in compiling the cancer...

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  • Niacin intake and risk of skin cancer in US women and men.

    abstract::A recent clinical trial found a protective role of niacinamide, a derivative of niacin, against skin cancer recurrence. However, there is no epidemiologic study to assess the association between niacin intake and risk of skin cancer [basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma]. We prospecti...

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  • Infectious DNA recovered from avian tumor-virus-producing cells.

    abstract::A single treatment of chick embryo fibroblasts with DNA recovered from chick embryo fibroblasts productively infected and transformed with four different strains of RSV, or productively infected with two different strains of RAV, resulted in virus production and cell transformation (in the case of RSV) two or three p...

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    authors: Vigier P,Montagnier L

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  • Risk of second malignant neoplasms among lymphoma patients with a family history of cancer.

    abstract::Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are known risk factors for second cancers after lymphoma. The role of genetic influences, however, remains largely unknown. We assessed risk of second cancers associated with family history of any cancer in 41,181 patients with Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) (n = 7,476), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)...

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  • Prenatal exposure of mice to the human liver carcinogen aflatoxin B1 reveals a critical window of susceptibility to genetic change.

    abstract::It has become axiomatic that critical windows of susceptibility to genotoxins exist and that genetic damage in utero may be a trigger for later life cancers. Data supporting this critical window hypothesis are remarkably few. This study provides a quantitative bridge between DNA damage by the liver carcinogen aflatoxi...

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  • Early aberrant insulin-like growth factor signaling in the progression to endometrial carcinoma is augmented by tamoxifen.

    abstract::Tamoxifen is an important selective estrogen receptor (ER) modulator for treatment of steroid hormone positive breast cancer. In addition to the beneficial effect, tamoxifen is one risk factor for endometrial carcinoma (EnCa) development. We hypothesized that, (1) dysregulation of gene expression and protein phosphory...

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    authors: Strissel PL,Ellmann S,Loprich E,Thiel F,Fasching PA,Stiegler E,Hartmann A,Beckmann MW,Strick R

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  • Role of multileaf collimator in replacing shielding blocks in radiation therapy.

    abstract::To facilitate the use of multileaf collimator (MLC) in field shaping, we tested the hypothesis that the changes in the penumbra due to MLC replacing a Cerrobend block can be related to a change in the margin of the block. We also investigated if it is possible to estimate the effect of MLC replacing a block in terms o...

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  • Enhancement of thermal killing by polyamines. I. Survival of Chinese hamster cells.

    abstract::Exposure of Chinese hamster cells to polyamines at an elevated temperature (42 degrees C) results in synergistic cell killing. The effectiveness of polyamines in potentiating thermal killing decreases in the following order: spermine greater than spermidine greater than cadaverine greater than putrescine. The magnitud...

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  • Pre-diagnostic derivatives of reactive oxygen metabolites and the occurrence of lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer: An individual participant data meta-analysis of two large population-based studies.

    abstract::Oxidative stress may be involved in carcinogenesis and biomarkers of oxidative stress like derivatives of reactive oxygen metabolites (d-ROM) may be useful for cancer prediction. However, no previous study assessed the association of pre-diagnostic d-ROM measurements with cancer incidence. We measured serum d-ROM leve...

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    authors: Gào X,Wilsgaard T,Jansen EH,Holleczek B,Zhang Y,Xuan Y,Anusruti A,Brenner H,Schöttker B

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  • Evaluation of the hybrid capture 2 assay for detecting anal high-grade dysplasia.

    abstract::Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA Test® is FDA approved and is a proven aid in detecting HPV infections of the cervix and as an aid in diagnosing, with cytology, cervical disease. A prospective feasibility study was conducted to determine if HC2 testing has utility when screening for high-grade ana...

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    authors: Goldstone SE,Lowe B,Rothmann T,Nazarenko I

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  • Genes and molecular pathways related to radioresistance of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells.

    abstract::To identify genes associated with radioresistant oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), we compared gene expression signatures between OSCC cell lines exhibiting radioresistance and cells with radiosensitivity after X-ray irradiation in a dose-dependent manner using Affymetrix GeneChip analysis with Human Genome-U133 pl...

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    authors: Ishigami T,Uzawa K,Higo M,Nomura H,Saito K,Kato Y,Nakashima D,Shiiba M,Bukawa H,Yokoe H,Kawata T,Ito H,Tanzawa H

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  • Lung cancer risks in relation to vegetable and fruit consumption and smoking.

    abstract::In a case-control study on lung cancer, risk was analysed in relation to smoking habits and frequency of vegetable and fruit consumption. Lung cancer cases in West Sweden and population controls were interviewed using a questionnaire where the frequency of consumption of dietary items and smoking habits were assessed....

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  • Androgenic regulation of growth factor and growth factor receptor expression in the CWR22 model of prostatic adenocarcinoma.

    abstract::The effects of androgen manipulation on epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor, p185erbB-2 and transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha) levels were examined in prostatic adenocarcinoma. Male nude mice were inoculated with the CWR22 androgen-dependent human prostatic tumor or an androgen-independent (CWR22R) deriva...

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  • The roles of Fas and perforin in LAK T-cell/bispecific antibody-mediated killing of the murine B-lymphoma cells, BCL1.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to construct bispecific F(ab')2 [anti-CD3 x anti-BCL1 idiotype (Id)] Abs (BsAbs) which would enable lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) T cells to kill Id+ mouse BCL1 lymphoma cells, and to determine the mechanism(s) underlying cell death. Using 4-day activated LAK T cells from either perforin-...

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    authors: Armstrong JM,Vitetta ES

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  • The role of mucin in colon-cancer metastasis.

    abstract::Mucinous colorectal cancer often presents at an advanced stage. We have previously observed that mucin production by human colon-cancer cells correlates with their ability to colonize the liver in experimental animal models. The present study was undertaken in order to further elucidate the mechanisms by which product...

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    authors: Schwartz B,Bresalier RS,Kim YS

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  • Lymphocyte stimulation by autologous tumor cells in the presence of serum from the same patient or from healthy donors.

    abstract::Lymphocyte blastogenesis induced by autologous tumor biopsy cells, by allogeneic lymphocytes and by PHA, was performed in the presence of autologous or allogeneic serum collected from normal blood donors. In 13 of the 15 cases lymphocyte stimulation by autologous tumor cells was inhibited in the presence of autologous...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

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    authors: Vánky F,Klein E,Stjernswärd J,Trempe G

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  • Unique microRNA-profiles in EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinomas.

    abstract::The findings of mutations and the development of targeted therapies have improved lung cancer management. Still, the prognosis remains poor, and we need to know more about the genetic and epigenetic alterations in lung cancer. MicroRNAs are involved in crucial biological processes like carcinogenesis by regulating gen...

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    authors: Bjaanaes MM,Halvorsen AR,Solberg S,Jørgensen L,Dragani TA,Galvan A,Colombo F,Anderlini M,Pastorino U,Kure E,Børresen-Dale AL,Brustugun OT,Helland A

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  • A cluster randomized controlled trial of visual, cytology and human papillomavirus screening for cancer of the cervix in rural India.

    abstract::The impact of screening by visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), cytology or HPV testing on cervical cancer incidence and mortality is investigated in a cluster randomized controlled trial in India. We report findings after the screening phase, when 52 clusters, with a total of 142,701 women aged 30-59 years in Os...

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    authors: Sankaranarayanan R,Nene BM,Dinshaw KA,Mahe C,Jayant K,Shastri SS,Malvi SG,Chinoy R,Kelkar R,Budukh AM,Keskar V,Rajeshwarker R,Muwonge R,Kane S,Parkin DM,Chauhan MK,Desai S,Fontaniere B,Frappart L,Kothari A,Lucas E

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  • Cutaneous malignant melanoma in Swedish children and teenagers 1973-1992: a clinico-pathological study of 130 cases.

    abstract::To assess whether there has been a change in histological features and prognostic factors of primary cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) in young individuals in Sweden, an unselected, population-based study was undertaken; 177 cases of primary CMM in persons below 20 years of age were reported to the Swedish National C...

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    authors: Sander B,Karlsson P,Rosdahl I,Westermark P,Boeryd B

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  • Premature chromosome condensation: evidence for in vivo cell fusion in human malignant tumours.

    abstract::Premature chromosome condensation (PCC) was studied in direct preparations of tissues from patients with haematological diseases and carcinomas of various histological types. PCC was found in 6 out of 166 malignancies (128 haematological cases, 35 carcinomas and 3 malignant effusions) analysed with the GTG-technique. ...

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    authors: Kovacs G

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  • Characteristics and prognostic significance of profiling the peripheral blood T-cell receptor repertoire in patients with advanced lung cancer.

    abstract::Lung cancer is one of the greatest threats to human health, and is initially detected and attacked by the immune system through tumor-reactive T cells. The aim of this study was to determine the basic characteristics and clinical significance of the peripheral blood T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire in patients with ad...

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    authors: Liu YY,Yang QF,Yang JS,Cao RB,Liang JY,Liu YT,Zeng YL,Chen S,Xia XF,Zhang K,Liu L

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  • Time trends in cancer mortality in Estonia, 1965-1989.

    abstract::Mortality rates for cancer of all sites combined and for 12 selected sites or site groups in Estonia from 1965 to 1989 were studied to assess overall progress in controlling cancer. Between 1965-1969 and 1985-1989, age-standardized mortality (world population) increased by 12.0% among males and decreased by 5.1% among...

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    authors: Leinsalu M,Rahu M

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  • Plasma microRNA-based signatures to predict 3-year postoperative recurrence risk for stage II and III gastric cancer.

    abstract::Our aim was to identify plasma microRNA (miRNA)-based signatures to predict 3-year postoperative recurrence risk for patients with stage II and III gastric cancer (GC), so as to provide insights for individualized adjuvant therapy. Plasma miRNA expression was investigated in three phases, involving 407 patients recrui...

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    authors: Liu X,Zhang X,Zhang Z,Chang J,Wang Z,Wu Z,Wang C,Sun Z,Ge X,Geng R,Tang W,Dai C,Lin Y,Lin F,Sun M,Jia W,Xue W,Ji J,Hu Y,Qin G,Li J

    更新日期:2017-11-15 00:00:00

  • Association of HPV35 with cervical carcinogenesis among women of African ancestry: Evidence of viral-host interaction with implications for disease intervention.

    abstract::HPV35 has been found in only ∼2% of invasive cervical cancers (ICC) worldwide but up to 10% in Sub-Saharan Africa, warranting further investigation and consideration of impact on preventive strategies. We studied HPV35 and ethnicity, in relation to the known steps in cervical carcinogenesis, using multiple large epide...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Pinheiro M,Gage JC,Clifford GM,Demarco M,Cheung LC,Chen Z,Yeager M,Cullen M,Boland JF,Chen X,Raine-Bennett T,Steinberg M,Bass S,Befano B,Xiao Y,Tenet V,Walker J,Zuna R,Poitras NE,Gold MA,Dunn T,Yu K,Zhu B,Bu

    更新日期:2020-11-15 00:00:00

  • Cross-reactions between tumor cells and allogeneic normal tissues. Inhibition of a syngeneic lymphoma outgrowth in H-2 and non-H-2 alloimmune BALB/c mice.

    abstract::To test whether alloimmunization with H-2 or/and non-H-2 different normal tissues may increase the immunity to syngeneic tumors, groups of BALB/c (H-2d) mice were immunized with a series of allogeneic lymphoid cells and then challenged i.p. with syngeneic lymphoma cells. The outgrowth of otherwise lethal doses of the ...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

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    authors: Parmiani G,Sensi ML,Carbone G,Colombo M,Pierotti M,Ballinari D,Hilgers J,Hilkens J

    更新日期:1982-03-15 00:00:00

  • Production of T-cell lines with inhibitory or stimulatory activity against syngeneic tumors in vivo. A preliminary report.

    abstract::We obtained Thy-I-positive cells directly from growing methylcholanthrene-induced (MCA-1510) sarcomas using fluorescence-activated cell sorting, then cultured these lymphocytes in medium containing Interleukin-2 and tested their activity in vivo against various MCA-sarcoma lines with the Winn assay. We found that cult...

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    authors: Mulé JJ,Forstrom JW,George E,Hellström I,Hellström KE

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  • Biological response of multicellular EMT6 spheroids to exogenous lactate.

    abstract::The influence of elevated lactate concentrations, as found in tumor microregions, on cellular growth, viability, and metabolic state was studied employing the multicellular spheroid model. Spheroids of EMT6/Ro cells were cultured at 37 degrees C in 5% or 20% (v/v) oxygen, using stirred media with various concentration...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

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    authors: Bourrat-Floeck B,Groebe K,Mueller-Klieser W

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