Injectable biodegradation-visual self-healing citrate hydrogel with high tissue penetration for microenvironment-responsive degradation and local tumor therapy.


:Local tumor therapy through injectable biodegradable hydrogels with controlled drug release has attracted much attention recently, due to their easy operation, low side effect and efficiency. However, most of the reported therapeutic hydrogel system showed a lack of biodegradation tracking and tumor environment-responsive degradation/therapy. Herein, we developed a multifunctional injectable biodegradation-visual citric acid-based self-healing scaffolds with microenvironment-responsive degradation and drug release for safe and efficient skin tumor therapy (FPRC hydrogel). FPRC scaffolds possess multifunctional properties including thermosensitive, injectable, self-healing, photoluminescent and pH-responsive degradation/drug release. The FPRC scaffolds with strong red fluorescence which has good photostability, tissue penetration and biocompatibility can be tracked and monitored to evaluate the degradation of the scaffolds in vivo. Moreover, the FPRC scaffolds showed pH-responsive doxorubicin (DOX) release, efficiently killed the A375 cancer cell in vitro and suppressed the tumor growth in vivo. Compared to the free drug (DOX), the FPRC@DOX scaffolds displayed a significantly high therapeutic effect and less biotoxicity. This work provides an alternative strategy to design smart visual scaffolds for tumor therapy and regenerative medicine.






Wang M,Chen M,Niu W,Winston DD,Cheng W,Lei B




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2020-12-01 00:00:00












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