Assessment of the Efficacy and Safety of a Novel, Low-Cost, Junctional Tourniquet in a Porcine Model of Hemorrhagic Shock.


INTRODUCTION:Commercially available junctional tourniquets (JTQs) have several drawbacks. We developed a low-cost, compact, easy to apply JTQ. The aim of this study was to assess the tourniquets' safety and efficacy in a swine model of controlled hemorrhage. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Five pigs were subjected to controlled bleeding of 35% of their blood volume. Subsequently, the JTQ was applied to the inguinal area for 180 minutes. Afterwards, the tourniquet was removed for additional 60 minutes of follow up. During the study, blood flow to both hind limbs and blood samples for tissue damage markers were repeatedly assessed. Following sacrifice, injury to both inguinal areas was evaluated microscopically and macroscopically. RESULTS:Angiography demonstrated complete occlusion of femoral artery flow, which was restored following removal of the tourniquet. No gross signs of tissue damage were noticed. Histological analysis revealed mild necrosis and infiltration of inflammatory cells. Blood tests showed a mild increase in potassium and lactic acid levels throughout the protocol. CONCLUSIONS:The tourniquet achieved effective arterial occlusion with minimal tissue damage, similar to reports of other JTQs. Subjected to further human trials, the tourniquet might be a suitable candidate for widespread frontline deployment because of its versatility, compactness, and affordable design.


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Military medicine


Nachman D,Dulce D,Wagnert-Avraham L,Gavish L,Mark N,Gerrasi R,Gertz SD,Eisenkraft A




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2020-01-07 00:00:00




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