Development of an embedded multimodality imaging platform for onco-pharmacology using a smart anticancer prodrug as an example.


:Increasingly, in vivo imaging holds a strategic position in bio-pharmaceutical innovation. We will present the implementation of an integrated multimodal imaging setup enabling the assessment of multiple, complementary parameters. The system allows the fusion of information provided by: Near infrared fluorescent biomarkers, bioluminescence (for tumor proliferation status), Photoacoustic and Ultrasound imaging. We will study representative applications to the development of a smart prodrug, delivering a highly cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent to cancer tumors. The results realized the ability of this embedded, multimodality imaging platform to firstly detect bioluminescent and fluorescent signals, and secondly, record ultrasound and photoacoustic data from the same animal. This study demonstrated that the prodrug was effective in three different models of hypoxia in human cancers compared to the parental cytotoxic agent and the vehicle groups. Monitoring by photoacoustic imaging during the treatments revealed that the prodrug exhibits an intrinsic capability to prevent the progression of tumor hypoxia. It is essential for onco-pharmacology studies to precisely document the hypoxic status of tumors both before and during the time course of treatments. This approach opens new perspectives for exploitation of preclinical mouse models of cancer, especially when considering associations between hypoxia, neoangiogenesis and antitumor activity.


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Raes F,Badiane SM,Renoux B,Papot S,Lerondel S,Le Pape A




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2020-02-14 00:00:00












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    abstract::A correction to this article has been published and is linked from the HTML version of this paper. The error has been fixed in the paper. ...

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  • Tetrameric structure of the restriction DNA glycosylase R.PabI in complex with nonspecific double-stranded DNA.

    abstract::R.PabI is a type II restriction enzyme that recognizes the 5'-GTAC-3' sequence and belongs to the HALFPIPE superfamily. Although most restriction enzymes cleave phosphodiester bonds at specific sites by hydrolysis, R.PabI flips the guanine and adenine bases of the recognition sequence out of the DNA helix and hydrolyz...

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    abstract::Urate transporter 1 (URAT1/SLC22A12), a urate transporter gene, is a causative gene for renal hypouricemia type 1. Among several reported nonsynonymous URAT1 variants, R90H (rs121907896) and W258X (rs121907892) are frequent causative mutations for renal hypouricemia. However, no case-control study has evaluated the re...

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