Multifunctional alginate-based hydrogel with reversible crosslinking for controlled therapeutics delivery.


:Glycan-based alginate hydrogels have great potential in creating new vehicles with responsive behavior and tunable properties for biomedicine. However, precise control and tunability in properties present major barrier for clinical translation of these materials. Here, we report the synthesis of pH responsive anthracene modified glycan-based hydrogels for selective release of therapeutic molecules. Hydrogels were crosslinked through simultaneous photopolymerization of vinyl groups and photodimerization of anthracene. Incorporation of anthracene into these gels leads to reversible control on crosslinking and transition between gel/sol states through dimerization/dedimerization of anthracene groups. Chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin-loaded hydrogels were then tested in a cancer mimetic microenvironment where 85% of the drug was released from anthracene-conjugated hydrogels at pH 2 for 6 days. Control on gelation with anthracene incorporation was observed through alterations in modulus, where storage modulus was increased two-fold with anthracene conjugation during photopolymerization and photodimerization. Furthermore, cell survival analysis revealed that anthracene conjugation could selectively compromise cancer cell viability without inducing significant toxicity on healthy fibroblasts. This study combines light-induced control of crosslink density due to anthracene and pH-triggered therapeutics delivery with alginate. The approach would be applicable for systems where multiple control is required with high precision.


Int J Biol Macromol


Batool SR,Nazeer MA,Ekinci D,Sahin A,Kizilel S




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2020-05-01 00:00:00












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