Synergistic effect of resveratrol and HSV-TK/GCV therapy on murine hepatoma cells.


:Despite its low transfer efficiency, suicide gene therapy with HSV-TK is known for its bystander killing effect. The connexin-based gap junction is believed to mediate the bystander effect. Recently, we found that resveratrol, a polyphenol compound, increased the expression of Cx26 and Cx43, which are connexins and important constituents of gap junctions, in murine hepatoma cells. Hypothetically, the resveratrol-induced upregulation of gap junctions may improve the bystander effect that HSV-TK/GCV has on hepatoma cells. Our present investigation revealed that resveratrol could enhance intercellular communication at the gap junctions in CBRH7919 hepatoma cells and thereby enhance the bystander killing effect of GCV on CBRH7919TK cells. However, inhibition of gap junction using its long-term inhibitor alpha-glycyrrhetinic acid had a negative influence on the bystander effect of gene therapy with HSV-TK/GCV. In addition, combined resveratrol and GCV treatment in tumor-bearing mice with CBRH7919TK and CBRH7919WT cells at a ratio of 2:3 resulted in a significant decrease in the volume and weight of the tumor in comparison to GCV or only resveratrol. The present results demonstrate that resveratrol can enhance the bystander effect exerted by the HSV-TK/GCV system by enhancing connexin-mediated gap junctional communication.


Cancer Biol Ther


Cancer biology & therapy


Xiao J,Wang X,Wu Y,Zhao Q,Liu X,Zhang G,Zhao Z,Ning Y,Wang K,Tan Y,Du B




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  • Molecular functions of BRCA1 in the DNA damage response.

    abstract::Ten years ago, a concerted effort from several labs resulted in the cloning of BRCA1, the first of two major hereditary breast/ovarian cancer predisposition genes. Since that time, BRCA1 has been linked to several key nuclear functions connected with the prevention of genomic instability. In particular, BRCA1 function...

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  • Targeting c-Met in melanoma: mechanism of resistance and efficacy of novel combinatorial inhibitor therapy.

    abstract::Numerous tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) targeting c-Met are currently in clinical trials for several cancers. Their efficacy is limited due to the development of resistance. The present study aims to elucidate this mechanism of c-Met TKI resistance by investigating key mTOR and Wnt signaling proteins in melanoma ce...

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  • FBXO4 loss facilitates carcinogen induced papilloma development in mice.

    abstract::Cyclin D1 is frequently overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and is considered a key driver of this disease. Mutations in FBXO4, F-box specificity factor that directs SCF-mediated ubiquitylation of cyclin D1, occur in ESCC with concurrent overexpression of cyclin D1 suggesting a potential tumor s...

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