Cancer cell aggregate hypoxia visualized in vitro via biocompatible fiber sensors.


:To fully understand biological behavior in vitro often dictates that oxygen be reported at either a local or a cellular level. Oxygen sensors based on the luminescent quenching of a specific form of electrospun fiber were developed for measurement of both gaseous and dissolved oxygen concentrations. Electrospinning was used to fabricate "core-shell" fiber configurations in which oxygen-sensitive transition-metal porphyrin complexes are embedded in an optically clear, gas permeable polycarbonate polymer 'core' while polycaprolactone provided a protective yet biocompatible 'shell'. By taking advantage of the resulting high sensitivity and fast response of electrospun core-shell fiber sensors, we were able to locate and image hypoxic regions in contact with aggregates of glioblastoma cells. Nanoscale, biomimetic sensors containing oxygen-sensitive porphyrins are particularly well suited to biological applications. These 'smart' nanofiber based sensors do not consume oxygen, their mechanical and chemical characteristics can be finely tuned allowing tailoring of biocompatibility and microstructure. Core-shell nanofiber oxygen sensing fibers could provide real-time assessments of tumor cell response to pharmacological innovations designed to target hypoxic regions driving new knowledge and technological advancement.






Xue R,Nelson MT,Teixeira SA,Viapiano MS,Lannutti JJ




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2016-01-01 00:00:00












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