Consensus Guideline Based Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) in Psychiatry and Neurology.


:Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is a valuable tool for tailoring the dosage of the prescribed medication(s) to the individual pharmacokinetic characteristics of a patient. In psychiatry and neurology, however, proven evidence that TDM should be used for treatment with the multiple neuropsychiatric medications is restricted to few compounds. Well-designed clinical trials on medical and economic benefits of TDM are rare. The use of TDM is limited in most countries to few antiepileptics, especially carbamazepine, phenobarbital and phenytoin, some mood stabilizers, especially lithium and valproic acid, some antidepressants, especially tricyclic antidepressants and some antipsychotics, primarily clozapine because these drugs have a narrow therapeutic index. On the other hand, specific indications and distinct problems can make TDM most useful for individualized pharmacotherapy with almost any neuropsychiatric drug. Potential benefits of TDM can, however, only be reaped if the method is adequately integrated into the clinical treatment process. The TDM expert group of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Neuropsychopharmakologie und Pharmakopsychiatrie (AGNP) issued consensus guidelines for the best practice of TDM in psychiatry and neurology. A first version was published in 2004. These guidelines were extended in 2011 and are actually updated (see: Exemplified by single cases it is shown here how to use TDM consensus guidelines for problem solving in psychiatry and neurology. Studies on depressed patients give evidence for tricyclic antidepressants, venlafaxine and citalopram that TDM could become a standard of care in psychiatry and neurology. There is potential to accelerate improvement. Reducing phases of suffering will not only have medical benefits for the patients but also an impact on costs for the health system which needs to be clarified by controlled studies.


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  • Optimization of Performance Variables of Exemestane Nanosuspension Using Box-Behnken Design to Improve Dissolution and Oral Bioavailability.

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  • Physicochemical Characterization and Skin Permeation of Cationic Transfersomes Containing the Synthetic Peptide PnPP-19.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:PnPP-19 is a 19-amino-acid synthetic peptide previously described as a novel drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. OBJECTIVE:The aim of this work was to evaluate the physicochemical properties of cationic transfersomes containing PnPP-19 and the skin permeation of free PnPP-19 and PnPP-19-loaded t...

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  • Influence of drug incorporation, temperature and storage time on the pH, textural and rheological properties of different poloxamer hydrogels.

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  • The Use of cyclodextrin or its complexes as a potential treatment against the 2019 novel coronavirus. A mini-review.

    abstract::Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 has spread rapidly since its discovery in December 2019 in the Chinese province of Hubei, reaching this day, all the continents. This scourge is, unfortunately, in lineage with various dangerous outbreaks such as Ebola, Cholera, Spanish flu, American seasonal flu. Until ...

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  • Solid Dispersion of Hesperetin Co-crystals Synergistically Attenuates Hepatic Toxicity of Carbon Tetrachloride Oxidative Stress in Rats.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hesperetin (HSP) is a low water-soluble flavanone aglycone with low bioavailability. OBJECTIVES:This study aimed at enhancing the hepatoprotective effects of HSP by a combinatory technique based on solid dispersions of co-crystals of HSP. METHODS:Co-crystals were prepared using citric acid, tartaric acid, ...

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  • Chitosan and gelatin based prototype delivery systems for the treatment of oral mucositis: from material to performance in vitro.

    abstract::In this study we developed and evaluated a prototype of an effective occlusive mucoadhesive system for prophylaxis and/or treatment of oral mucositis based on chitosan and gelatine models together with nystatin as a prophylactic agent incorporated into the formulation and investigated drug release in-vitro. Results of...

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  • ADMET-Multi-Output Cheminformatics Models for Drug Delivery, Interactomics, and Nanotoxicology.

    abstract::ADMET Chemoinformatics multi-output models are useful for a parallel prediction of multiple experimental parameters related the absorption (A), distribution (D), metabolism (M), excretion (E), and toxicity (T) process of drugs, pollutants, and NPs with a single QSPR model. Here we present one state-of-art review about...

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  • Preparation and characterization of methylene blue nanoparticles for Alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies.

    abstract::Methylene blue (MB) has been shown to slow down the progression of the Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other tauopathies; however distribution of MB into the brain is limited due its high hydrophilicity. In this study, we aimed to prepare novel hydrophobic glutathione coated PLGA nanoparticles to improve bioavailability ...

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