Mechanism underlying insulin uptake in alveolar epithelial cell line RLE-6TN.


:For the development of efficient pulmonary delivery systems for protein and peptide drugs, it is important to understand their transport mechanisms in alveolar epithelial cells. In this study, the uptake mechanism for FITC-insulin in cultured alveolar epithelial cell line RLE-6TN was elucidated. FITC-insulin uptake by RLE-6TN cells was time-dependent, temperature-sensitive, and concentration-dependent. The uptake was inhibited by metabolic inhibitors, cytochalasin D, clathrin-mediated endocytosis inhibitors, and dynasore, an inhibitor of dynamin GTPase. On the other hand, no inhibitory effect was observed with caveolae-mediated endocytosis inhibitors and a macropinocytosis inhibitor. Intracellular FITC-insulin was found to be partly transported to the basal side of the epithelial cell monolayers. In addition, colocalization of FITC-insulin and LysoTracker Red was observed on confocal laser scanning microscopy, indicating that FITC-insulin was partly targeted to lysosomes. In accordance with these findings, SDS-PAGE/fluoroimage analysis showed that intact FITC-insulin in the cells was eliminated with time. The possible receptor involved in FITC-insulin uptake by RLE-6TN cells was examined by using siRNA. Transfection of the cells with megalin or insulin receptor siRNA successfully reduced the corresponding mRNA expression. FITC-insulin uptake decreased on the transfection with insulin receptor siRNA, but not that with megalin siRNA. These results suggest that insulin is taken up through endocytosis in RLE-6TN cells, and after the endocytosis, the intracellular insulin is partly degraded in lysosomes and partly transported to the basal side. Insulin receptor, but not megalin, may be involved at least partly in insulin endocytosis in RLE-6TN cells.


Eur J Pharmacol


Oda K,Yumoto R,Nagai J,Katayama H,Takano M




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2011-12-15 00:00:00














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    abstract::In the Brattleboro rat with diabetes insipidus vasopressin V2 receptor mRNA and the mRNA of various adenylyl cyclase (AC) isoforms are moderately reduced compared with those of normal rats. In the present study renal vasopressin V2 receptor mRNA was modestly higher (by 34%), as was expression of AC 5, 6 and 9 mRNAs (u...

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    abstract::Nicotine acts as an agonist of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors play a role in the modulation of neurotransmitter release in both the central and the peripheral nervous system. Moderate reactive oxygen species levels modulate the regulation of physiological functions e.g. neurotrans...

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  • The effect of adrenergic compounds on neurogenic dural vasodilatation.

    abstract::The pharmacology of neurogenic trigeminovascular vasodilator responses in the dura mater is of interest for understanding the pathophysiology of migraine and to develop new therapies for this disabling common condition. Aminergic mechanisms have been implicated in migraine through direct study of amines in patients, a...

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  • Post-nephrectomy changes in adrenal angiotensin II receptors in the rat; influence of exogenous angiotensin and a competitive inhibitor.

    abstract::3H-angiotensin binding sites have been studied in a particulate fraction prepared from rat adrenal glands. This binding is rapid and reversible, of high affinity (KD29 degrees C = 3-5 X 10(-9) M) and with demonstrable specificity for the angiotensin II octapeptide. The number of binding sites varies with endogenous an...

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    abstract::The antinociceptive effect of intraplantar ( ICI 204448 ((R,S)-N-[2-(N-methyl-3,4-dichloro-phenylacetamido)-2-(3-carbox yph enyl)- ethyl]pyrrolidine hydrochloride)) (20, 30, 40 and 50 micrograms), a kappa-opioid receptor agonist which has limited access to the central nervous system, was studied in a well-establ...

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