Initial evaluation of the first year of the Foundation Assessment Programme.


OBJECTIVES:This study represents an initial evaluation of the first year (F1) of the Foundation Assessment Programme (FAP), in line with Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) assessment principles. METHODS:Descriptive analyses were undertaken for total number of encounters, assessors and trainees, mean number of assessments per trainee, mean number of assessments per assessor, time taken for the assessments, mean score and standard deviation for each method. Reliability was estimated using generalisability coefficients. Pearson correlations were used to explore relationships between instruments. The study sample included 3640 F1 trainees from 10 English deaneries. RESULTS:A total of 2929 trainees submitted at least one of all four methods. A mean of 16.6 case-focused assessments were submitted per F1 trainee. Based on a return per trainee of six of each of the case-focused assessments, and eight assessors for multi-source feedback, 95% confidence intervals (CIs) ranged between 0.4 and 0.48. The estimated time required for this is 9 hours per trainee per year. Scores increased over time for all instruments and correlations between methods were in keeping with their intended focus of assessment, providing evidence of validity. CONCLUSIONS:The FAP is feasible and achieves acceptable reliability. There is some evidence to support its validity. Collated assessment data should form part of the evidence considered for selection and career progression decisions although work is needed to further develop the FAP. It is in any case of critical importance for the profession's accountability to the public.


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Davies H,Archer J,Southgate L,Norcini J




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  • A communication skills course for preclinical students: evaluation of general practice based teaching using group methods.

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  • Library use and academic achievement among medical students.

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  • Training the ideal hospital doctor: the specialist registrars' perspective.

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  • Medical faculty as humanistic physicians and teachers: the perceptions of students at innovative and traditional medical schools.

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  • 'Do as I say and not as I do'? An audit of clinical management in teaching compared with service work.

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  • When I Say…Self-Conscious Emotions.

    abstract::Imagine you are an intern intubating a patient when you are suddenly interrupted by the blaring sirens and flashing lights of the hospital's fire alarm. How would this make you feel? You would likely experience surprise, fear, and panic, all of which are basic emotions intended to generate a "fight-or-flight" response...

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  • Illuminating an address: a guide for speakers at medical meetings.

    abstract::Most people who attend professional meetings would appreciate the use by speakers of more illustrative material with their lectures. This may be presented on a writing surface such as a black- or whiteboard, as projected pictures or by sound recordings. Suitable equipment is available in most halls and suggestions are...

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  • Problem-based learning in distance education: a first exploration in continuing medical education.

    abstract::The Wellcome Tropical Institute has assisted countries in the tropics to establish viable systems of continuing medical education, particularly for young doctors practising in rural areas. As part of this strategy the Institute has developed material for use in distance learning. The first attempt to apply the problem...

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  • Avoidable breaches of confidentiality: a study among students of medicine and of law.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Avoidable breaches of patient confidentiality due to inadvertence or ignorance occur frequently. The aim of this study was to explore whether participants were able to identify violations of confidentiality and how serious these violations were. DESIGN:After a 2-hour theoretical education session, participa...

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  • Management of somatic presentations of psychiatric illness in general medical settings: evaluation of a new training course for general practitioners.

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  • Professional behaviour of medical school graduates: an analysis.

    abstract::Recent graduates (1989-1990) of a traditional school of Chinese medicine were assessed by observers using a 10-item scale for professional behaviour in the non-cognitive realm. Overall, 10.7% of the graduates had low ratings on this scale. Of those who scored in the top two quartiles on this scale, 71.4% reported that...

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  • First step: report on a pilot course for personal and professional development.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe a pilot course in personal and professional development, entitled 'Becoming a doctor: the first step' and our suggestions for what might be incorporated into future courses. SETTING AND CONTEXT:Leeds Medical School begins a new curriculum in September 1999 with a proportion of the first 3 years b...

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  • Teaching medical students about family planning: experiences from a primary health care course in Lagos, Nigeria.

    abstract::In 1979, the College of Medicine, Lagos, Nigeria embarked on a new curriculum, which places more emphasis on primary health care in line with the needs of the country. This paper discusses one aspect of the primary health care course, family planning, which involves teaching a practical subject to a large number of st...

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  • Can general internal medicine be taught in general practice? An evaluation of the University College London model.

    abstract::There is national and international interest in increasing the community-based component of undergraduate medical education, but more research is needed on its potential, practicability and effectiveness. The objective of the study was to examine the feasibility and efficacy of general practitioners teaching basic cli...

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  • Teaching primary health care: some lessons from Zimbabwe.

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  • Student population changes and progress in Belgian medical schools.

    abstract::The present study was designed to analyse the evolution of student populations--undergraduates and graduates--in the 11 Belgian medical schools from 1969 to 1982. During this period, an overall 44% drop in the number of entrants was observed, while the number of medical graduates continued to rise until 1977, when it ...

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  • Preparedness is not enough: understanding transitions as critically intensive learning periods.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Doctors make many transitions whilst they are training and throughout their ensuing careers. Despite studies showing that transitions in other high-risk professions such as aviation have been linked to increased risk in the form of adverse outcomes, the effects of changes on doctors' performance and conseque...

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  • Supporting the problem-based learning process in the clinical years: evaluation of an online Clinical Reasoning Guide.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Implementing problem-based learning (PBL) in the clinical years of a medical degree presents particular challenges. This study investigated the effectiveness of using an online Clinical Reasoning Guide to assist integration of PBL in the clinical setting and promote further development of students' clinical rea...

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