Initial evaluation of the first year of the Foundation Assessment Programme.


OBJECTIVES:This study represents an initial evaluation of the first year (F1) of the Foundation Assessment Programme (FAP), in line with Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) assessment principles. METHODS:Descriptive analyses were undertaken for total number of encounters, assessors and trainees, mean number of assessments per trainee, mean number of assessments per assessor, time taken for the assessments, mean score and standard deviation for each method. Reliability was estimated using generalisability coefficients. Pearson correlations were used to explore relationships between instruments. The study sample included 3640 F1 trainees from 10 English deaneries. RESULTS:A total of 2929 trainees submitted at least one of all four methods. A mean of 16.6 case-focused assessments were submitted per F1 trainee. Based on a return per trainee of six of each of the case-focused assessments, and eight assessors for multi-source feedback, 95% confidence intervals (CIs) ranged between 0.4 and 0.48. The estimated time required for this is 9 hours per trainee per year. Scores increased over time for all instruments and correlations between methods were in keeping with their intended focus of assessment, providing evidence of validity. CONCLUSIONS:The FAP is feasible and achieves acceptable reliability. There is some evidence to support its validity. Collated assessment data should form part of the evidence considered for selection and career progression decisions although work is needed to further develop the FAP. It is in any case of critical importance for the profession's accountability to the public.


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  • Interactive logbooks for medical students: are they useful?

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    abstract::A new computerized system for the allocation of pre-registration house-officer appointments to medical graduates at the Welsh National School of Medicine is described. The need to withdraw an earlier system, used through much of the 1970s, is explained, and the advantages possessed by the new system are discussed. ...

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  • A test of medical problem-solving scored by nurses and doctors: the handicap of expertise.

    abstract::There is evidence that nurses fulfil the requirements of objective judgement better than doctors. Simulation of Initial Medical Problem-Solving (SIMP), a paper-and-pencil test for the assessment of medical problem-solving, consists of case histories, followed by an open-ended question. The scoring of open-ended questi...

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  • The value of student-made models as learning aids in physiology.

    abstract::In a new educational scheme introduced in Malta in 1978, university students spend half of the academic year studying and the other half as workers in various departments. During their work phase, students designed and made working models as teaching aids for the study of physiology. The value of these models was asse...

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  • Teaching medical students alcohol intervention skills: results of a controlled trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the relative effectiveness of videotape feedback and lecture methods for teaching alcohol brief intervention skills. DESIGN:In a controlled trial, two student blocks received a manual, lecture and demonstration about the principles and practice of brief alcohol intervention. In addition, experiment...

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  • Medical communication: the views of simulated patients.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Simulated patients (SPs) are extensively used in the teaching of medical communication, both for students and doctors. They occupy a unique middle ground between patients and physicians: although free from the prejudices that medical training brings, they work closely with clinical tutors to promote the princip...

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    abstract:AIMS:This paper describes the process of validating the Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale (RIPLS) for use with postgraduate health care professionals. CONTEXT:The RIPLS questionnaire has proved useful in the undergraduate context, enabling tutors to assess the readiness of students to engage in interprofe...

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  • 'I will never ever go back': patients' written narratives of health care communication.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Although communication with patients is essential to health care, education designed to develop patient-centred communication often ignores patients' voices. Patient stories may offer a means to explore patient experiences to inform patient-centred communication skills education design. OBJECTIVES:Our research...

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  • Changing the attitudes of 'tomorrow's doctors' towards mental illness and psychiatry: a comparison of two teaching methods.

    abstract::The General Medical Council's document 'Tomorrow's Doctors' (1993, GMC, London) recommended major changes in the undergraduate curricula of UK medical schools. In Nottingham, the fourth-year psychiatric attachment became shorter in duration, and interactive, problem-oriented, workshop-based learning replaced lectures....

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  • 'Science', 'critical thinking' and 'competence' for tomorrow's doctors. A review of terms and concepts.

    abstract:CONTEXT:The recommendations of the General Medical Council in Tomorrow's Doctors renewed efforts to define core knowledge in undergraduate medical education. They also encouraged better use of the medical knowledge base in nurturing clinical judgement, critical thinking, and reflective practice. What then does the medi...

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