Candida antarctica lipase B chemically immobilized on epoxy-activated micro- and nanobeads: catalysts for polyester synthesis.


:Candida antarctica Lipase B (CALB) was covalently immobilized onto epoxy-activated macroporous poly(methyl methacrylate) Amberzyme beads (235 microm particle size, 220 A pore size) and nanoparticles (nanoPSG, diameter 68 nm) with a poly(glycidyl methacrylate) outer region. Amberzyme beads allowed CALB loading up to 0.16 g of enzyme per gram of support. IR microspectroscopy generated images of Amberzyme-CALB beads showed CALB is localized within a 50 microm thick loading front. IR microspectroscopy images, recorded prior to and after treatment of Amberzyme-CALB with DMSO/aqueous Triton X-100, are similar, confirming that CALB is largely chemically linked to Amberzyme. The activity of CALB immobilized on Amberzyme, Lewatit (i.e., Novozym 435 catalyst), and nanoPSG was assessed for lactone ring-opening and step-condensation polymerizations. For example, the percent conversion of -caprolactone using the same amount of enzyme catalyzed by Amberzym-CALB, Novozym 435, and nanoPSG-CALB for 20 min was 7.0, 16, and 65%, respectively. Differences in CALB reactivity were discussed based on resin physical parameters and availability of active sites determined by active site titrations. Regardless of the matrix used and chemical versus physical immobilization, -CL ring-opening polymerizations occur by a chain growth mechanism without chain termination. To test Amberzyme-CALB stability, the catalyst was reused over three reaction cycles for -CL ring-opening polymerization (70 degrees C, 70 min reactions) and glycerol/1,8-octanediol/adipic acid polycondensation reactions (90 degrees C, 64 h). Amberzyme-CALB was found to have far better stability for reuse relative to Novozym 435 for the polycondensation reaction.






Chen B,Hu J,Miller EM,Xie W,Cai M,Gross RA




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2008-02-01 00:00:00












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  • Polygalactose containing nanocages: the RAFT process for the synthesis of hollow sugar balls.

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    abstract::Double-network (DN) hydrogels are fabricated from poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) (PEOXA)-peptide conjugates, which can be enzymatically crosslinked in the presence of Sortase A (SA), and physical networks of alginate (Alg), yielding matrices with improved mechanical properties with respect to the corresponding PEOXA and Al...


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