[Incidence of coercive measures as an indicator of quality in psychiatric hospitals. Problems of data recording and processing, preliminary results of a benchmarking study].


OBJECTIVE:The clinical practice concerning the use of coercive measures in psychiatry should be compared. METHOD:A common documentation of physical restraint, seclusion, and medication by coercion was introduced among 10 hospitals. RESULTS:8.4 % of cases treated within the first 6 months of 2004 were exposed to coercive measures with the highest percentage among patients with psychoorganic disorders (32.1 %). The incidence of coercive measures varied highly between different diagnostic groups and hospitals. DISCUSSION:The processing of the large multi-site data sets yields considerable technical problems. Data interpretation should consider confounding factors such as case mix and hospital structure characteristics.


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Martin V,Kuster W,Baur M,Bohnet U,Hermelink G,Knopp M,Kronstorfer R,Martinez-Funk B,Roser M,Voigtländer W,Brandecker R,Steinert T




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  • [Acute water intoxication as a complication of therapy refractory schizophrenia].

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    abstract::Basing on a review of the literature and on own research, the authors examine the incidence rate of convulsions under neuroleptic treatment. In addition, the authors go into the neurophysiological and neuropharmacological mechanisms of the convulsive action of neuroleptics. An attempt is made to present information on...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess and compare the validity of the German 15-item version and shortened versions of the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) for early detection of depression in nursing home residents with mild to moderate cognitive impairment (MMSE ≥ 15). METHODS:Data from 92 patients were analysed. The Structural Clini...

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  • [Psychopathological syndromes according to the AMDP-system as the foundation for clinical case grouping in psychiatry].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Diagnoses-related clinical case grouping for an estimation of resource consumption for psychiatric inpatients analogue to the somatic medicine till now did not lead to sufficient prediction of costs. However, this is required when regarding increasing health costs from the economic perspective. METHOD:We inv...

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  • [Changes in the provision of psychiatric services at a psychiatric district hospital].

    abstract::Changes in the provision of psychiatric services within the last decennials are probably best understood if the impact of national socialism on clinical psychiatry is regarded. Many psychiatrists took part in the "Aktion T4" the organised killing of their patients, at least they did not resist campaigns directed to ki...

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  • [Treatment of delirium tremens--a comparison between clomethiazole and clorazepate with reference to effectiveness and rate of side effects].

    abstract::In an open clinical trial patients with full-developed delirium tremens were treated either by controlled infusion of clomethiazol (n = 21) or by intravenous injections of clorazepate (n = 20). Acute symptomatic quickly decreased after a few days and medication could be reduced. By adding haloperidol a further stabili...

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  • [The expanded suicide attempt in depressive patients and its sequelae. The forensic and therapeutic considerations in 3 case reports].

    abstract::Despite of the frequency of depressive disorders among the population, forensic aspects of depression are rare and usually focussed on suicidal behaviour, especially the so-called homicide-suicide (homicide followed by suicide). Today therapeutic strategies are seen in the first stage of dealing with depressed homicid...

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