[Implementation of the Internet-Based Self-Management Program "moodgym" in Patients with Depressive Disorders in Inpatient Clinical Settings - Patient and Expert Perspectives].


OBJECTIVE:The study aims to assess the acceptance, chances and barriers of an online self-management program (moodgym) for depression from the perspective of experts and patients in inpatient psychiatric settings. METHODS:Paper-pencil interviews were conducted with n = 181 depressed inpatients (n = 181, pre-post-assessment after 8 weeks) and n = 31 medical experts. Two regression models were carried out to investigate factors associated with the uptake and the user acceptance of moodgym. Chances and barriers were analysed qualitatively. RESULTS:Experts and patients reported moderate to high user acceptance. 59 % (n = 107) of the patients logged in to moodgym. Factors associated with the uptake were the educational level and treatment preferences. The user acceptance was influenced by the patients' self-rated health and the frequency of using moodgym. Relevant barriers anticipated by experts were limited computer skills, difficulties in concentration and a severe course of depression. Patients highlighted the ease of use, the moodgym characters and the flexible availability. CONCLUSIONS:moodgym may represent a complementary treatment option for depressive disorders in an inpatient setting. ZIEL DER STUDIE:Erfassung der Nutzungsakzeptanz, Zugangsmöglichkeiten und -barrieren eines Online-Selbstmanagementprogramms (moodgym) für Depressionen. METHODIK:Schriftliche Befragungen von n = 181 stationär behandelten Patienten (Prä-Post-Messung, 8 Wochen) und n = 31 Experten. ERGEBNISSE:Moderate bis hohe Nutzungsakzeptanz. Relevante Zugangsbarrieren waren geringe PC-Erfahrungen, Konzentrationsschwierigkeiten und schwere Krankheitsverläufe. SCHLUSSFOLGERUNG:Erstmals konnte gezeigt werden, dass Interventionen wie moodgym einen komplementären Behandlungsbaustein in der stationären Versorgung bilden könnten.


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Psychiatrische Praxis


Dorow M,Stein J,Förster F,Löbner M,Franz M,Günther R,Schröder R,Sommer D,Möller D,Dekoj MC,Becker T,Riedel-Heller SG




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