Biodegradable microparticulate system of captopril.


:Albumin microparticles have found many applications in diagnosis and treatment in recent years and more than 100 diagnostic agents and drugs have been incorporated into albumin microparticles. In the present study, bovine serum albumin (BSA) based microparticles bearing captopril were prepared by an emulsification-heat stabilization technique. Four batches of microparticles with varying ratio of drug and polymer were prepared. The prepared microparticles were studied for drug loading, particle size distribution, in vitro release characteristics, in vivo tissue distribution study and stability studies. The microparticles had mean diameter between 2 and 11 microm of which more than 70% were below 5 microm and incorporation efficiency of 41-63% was obtained. In vitro release profile for formulations containing captopril-loaded albumin microparticles with heat stabilizing technique shows slow controlled release up to 24 h. The in vivo result of drug-loaded microparticles showed preferential drug targeting to liver followed by lungs, kidneys and spleen. Stability studies showed that maximum drug content and closest in vitro release to initial data were found in the formulation stored at 4 degrees C. In the present study, captopril-loaded BSA microparticles were prepared and targeted to various organs to a satisfactory level and were found to be stable at 4 degrees C.


Int J Pharm


Dandagi PM,Mastiholimath VS,Patil MB,Gupta MK





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2006-01-03 00:00:00














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  • Design of surface ligands for blood compatible gold nanoparticles: Effect of charge and binding energy.

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