Effects of prolonged exercise to exhaustion on left-ventricular function and pulmonary gas exchange.


:The purpose of this study was to simultaneously examine left-ventricular (LV) function and pulmonary gas exchange during prolonged constant-rate cycling in an attempt to explain the exercise-induced impairment in gas exchange. Eleven competitive cyclists rode their racing bicycles on a computerized cycle trainer at 25 W below the lactate threshold until exhaustion (exercise time = 2.51 +/- 0.86 h). LV systolic function was evaluated with two-dimensional echocardiography while arterial blood gases were used to assess pulmonary gas exchange. All variables were assessed concurrently before, during, and after exercise. LV function and cardiac output increased at the onset of exercise and were maintained until exhaustion. The alveolar-arterial P(O(2)) difference (A-a D(O(2))) increased within 15 min of the onset of exercise, was unchanged through to exhaustion, and returned to baseline 5 min post-exercise. Gas exchange was not related to cardiovascular function at the onset, or at end exercise. The results indicate that the widening A-aD(O(2)) during exercise is due to a readily reversible change in gas exchange function.


Stickland MK,Anderson WD,Haykowsky MJ,Welsh RC,Petersen SR,Jones RL





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  • Overview: the neurochemistry of respiratory control.

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  • Aerobic exercise training without weight loss reduces dyspnea on exertion in obese women.

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  • Prolonged partial obstruction during sleep is a NREM phenomenon.

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  • Volume feedback during cough in anesthetized cats, effects of occlusions and modulation summary.

    abstract::The study investigates the effects of 6 occlusion conditions on the mechanically induced cough reflex in 15 anesthetized (pentobarbital) spontaneously breathing cats (14♂, 1♀). Esophageal pressure and integrated EMG activities of inspiratory (I) diaphragm and expiratory (E) abdominal muscles were recorded and analyzed...

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  • Six-week inspiratory resistance training ameliorates endurance performance but does not affect obesity-related metabolic biomarkers in obese adults: A randomized controlled trial.

    abstract::This investigation examined the effects of a six-week inspiratory resistance training (IRT) on metabolic health biomarkers, pulmonary function, and endurance in obese individuals. Twenty-eight obese adults (BMI > 27 kg/m2 Taiwan obesity criteria) were randomly assigned to either IRT (IRT; N = 16) or sham control (PLA;...

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  • Interaction of tobacco smoke exposure and ovalbumin-sensitization promotes goblet cell and submucosal gland metaplasia in guinea pigs.

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  • Arrest of 5HT neuron differentiation delays respiratory maturation and impairs neonatal homeostatic responses to environmental challenges.

    abstract::Serotonin (5HT) is a powerful modulator of respiratory circuitry in vitro but its role in the development of breathing behavior in vivo is poorly understood. Here we show, using 5HT neuron-deficient Pet-1 (Pet-1(-/-)) neonates, that serotonergic function is required for the normal timing of postnatal respiratory matur...

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  • Autophagy inhibition protects from alveolar barrier dysfunction in LPS-induced ALI mice by targeting alveolar epithelial cells.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to investigate whether autophagy is enhanced in alveolar epithelial cells as well as its role in alveolar barrier function of in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced ALI mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Autophagy inhibitors, including 3-methyladenine (3-MA) and chloroquine (CLQ), and LPS wer...

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  • Inter-individual differences in control of alveolar capillary blood volume in exercise and hypoxia.

    abstract::We compared by non-invasive technique the adaptive response of alveolar capillary network to edemagenic conditions (exercise and high altitude [HA, PIO2 107mmHg] in subjects with different resting sea level (SL) capillary blood volume (normalized to alveolar volume, Vc/Va): Group 1 (N=10, Vc/Va=16.1±6.8ml/L- mean±SD) ...

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  • TrkB is necessary for the normal development of the lung.

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  • Respiratory inductive plethysmography to assess respiratory variability and complexity in humans.

    abstract::Human ventilation is aperiodic, exhibiting a breath-by-breath variability and a complexity of which the characteristics may be interesting physiologically and clinically. In the present study, we tested the ability of respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) to describe these properties. Indeed, RIP does not have t...

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  • Bronchial responsiveness in an elastase-induced mouse model of emphysema.

    abstract::Bronchial responsiveness during methacholine (MCh) challenge was analysed in an elastase-induced mouse model of emphysema to explore the magnitude of the response in this model. Swiss mice were intratracheally instilled with saline or elastase (0.3 or 0.6 U). Twenty days afterward, mechanical ventilation data were col...

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  • Respiratory dynamics in phonation and breathing-A real-time MRI study.

    abstract::The respiratory system is a central part of voice production, but for phonation neither the underlying functional relations between diaphragm (DPH) and rib cage (RC), nor differences to normal breathing are yet understood. This study aims to compare respiratory dynamics in phonation and breathing via dynamic MRI of th...

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  • Sleep-disordered breathing and oxidative stress in preclinical chronic mountain sickness (excessive erythrocytosis).

    abstract::Chronic mountain sickness (CMS) is considered to be a loss of ventilatory acclimatization to high altitude (>2500m) resulting in marked arterial hypoxemia and polycythemia. This case-control study explores the possibility that sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and associated oxidative stress contribute to the etiology ...

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  • Effect of heavy-intensity 'priming' exercise on oxygen uptake and muscle deoxygenation kinetics during moderate-intensity step-transitions initiated from an elevated work rate.

    abstract::We examined the effect of heavy-intensity 'priming' exercise on the rate of adjustment of pulmonary O2 uptake (τV˙O2p) initiated from elevated intensities. Fourteen men (separated into two groups: τV˙O2p≤25s [Fast] or τV˙O2p>25s [Slow]) completed step-transitions from 20W to 45% lactate threshold (LT; lower-step, LS) ...

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  • Developmental trajectories, critical windows and phenotypic alteration during cardio-respiratory development.

    abstract::Embryo-environment interactions affecting cardio-respiratory development in vertebrates have been extensively studied, but an equally extensive conceptual framework for interpreting and interrelating these developmental events has lagged behind. In this review, we consider the conceptual constructs of "developmental p...

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  • Effects of dietary inorganic nitrate on static and dynamic breath-holding in humans.

    abstract::Inorganic nitrate has been shown to reduce oxygen cost during exercise. Since the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway is facilitated during hypoxia, we investigated the effects of dietary nitrate on oxygen consumption and cardiovascular responses during apnea. These variables were measured in two randomized, double-blind, plac...

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  • Mice-to-men comparison of inhaled drug-aerosol deposition and clearance.

    abstract::Part of the effective prediction of the pharmacokinetics of drugs (or toxic particles) requires extrapolation of experimental data sets from animal studies to humans. As the respiratory tracts of rodents and humans are anatomically very different, there is a need to study airflow and drug-aerosol deposition patterns i...

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  • Fasudil reversed MCT-induced and chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension by attenuating oxidative stress and inhibiting the expression of Trx1 and HIF-1α.

    abstract::Antioxidant therapy attenuates pulmonary hypertension (PH). In the present study, we tested the antioxidant effects of fasudil against PH in rats. Monocrotaline (MCT)-induced and chronic hypoxia-induced PH models of rats were established, and the haemodynamic and pathomorphologic results of three different doses of fa...

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  • Hypocapnia is associated with increased upper airway expiratory resistance during sleep.

    abstract::We hypothesized that hypocapnia is responsible for increased expiratory resistance during NREM sleep. Hypocapnia was induced by hypoxic hyperventilation in 21 subjects (aged 29.4 ± 7.8 yrs, 10 women, BMI 24.4 ± 4.3 kg/m(2)). Isocapnic hypoxia was induced in 12 subjects of whom, 6 underwent hypocapnic hypoxia in the sa...

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  • Maximal O(2) consumption: Effects of gravity withdrawal and resumption.

    abstract::Maximal O(2) consumption (V(O)(2) max) is an index of integrated cardiopulmonary function. After having defined it, discussed its limitation, and described its measurement, we present data during and after space flight and simulation. During gravity withdrawal, V(O)(2) max stays unchanged. It suddenly drops when the s...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Ferretti G,Capelli C

    更新日期:2009-10-01 00:00:00

  • Salbutamol improves markers of epithelial function in mice with chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation.

    abstract::We investigated the effects of salbutamol on the markers of epithelial function in a murine model of chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation by recording the ciliary beat frequency (CBF) and the transepithelial potential difference (PD) in vivo. Mice were sensitized and received four challenges of ovalbumin (OVA group...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Toledo AC,Arantes-Costa FM,Macchione M,Saldiva PH,Negri EM,Lorenzi-Filho G,Martins MA

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  • Trophic factor expression in phrenic motor neurons.

    abstract::The function of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates (i.e., a motor unit) determines neuromotor output. Unlike other skeletal muscles, respiratory muscles (e.g., the diaphragm, DIAm) must function from birth onwards in sustaining ventilation. DIAm motor units are capable of both ventilatory and non-venti...

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    authors: Mantilla CB,Sieck GC

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  • A critical postnatal period of heightened vulnerability to lipopolysaccharide.

    abstract::Evidence of respiratory abnormalities and vulnerability to infection during a critical period of development have been implicated in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Here we investigated whether the acute hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) exhibits a heightened vulnerability to the endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LP...

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  • Neural drive to respiratory muscles in the spontaneously breathing rat pup.

    abstract::The neonatal rodent serves as useful and appropriate model within which to study respiratory system development. Despite an extensive literature that documents respiratory control in vitro, in vivo studies have relied upon whole body plethysmography to determine measures of respiratory frequency and tidal volume. Howe...

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