Plasticity of peripheral mechanisms of cough.


:The cough reflex pathway is characterized by a remarkable plasticity often resulting in a persistent and uncontrollable urge to cough during airway inflammation. In many instances cough becomes up regulated to the extent that ceases to fulfill its defensive role in protecting the airways. The exact mechanisms underlying this plasticity are unknown and likely involves a variety of factors influencing the function of the peripheral and central nervous system. This review outlines the evidence of increased cough sensitivity during airway disease. This is followed by a discussion of the peripheral mechanisms involved including the potential role of inflammatory mediators, neutrophins and changes in the airway mucosal structure. A greater understanding of the mechanisms leading to enhanced cough should lead to the development of more effective therapeutic strategies.


Carr MJ,Lee LY





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  • Effect of oxygen in obstructive sleep apnea: role of loop gain.

    abstract::We compared the effect of oxygen on the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) in six obstructive sleep apnea patients with a relatively high loop gain (LG) and six with a low LG. LG is a measure of ventilatory control stability. In the high LG group (unstable ventilatory control system), oxygen reduced the LG from 0.69+/-0.18 to...

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  • K-complex morphological features in male obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome patients.

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  • The crossed phrenic phenomenon and recovery of function following spinal cord injury.

    abstract::This review will focus on neural plasticity and recovery of respiratory function after spinal cord injury and feature the "crossed phrenic phenomenon" (CPP) as a model for demonstrating such plasticity and recovery. A very brief summary of the earlier literature on the CPP will be followed by a more detailed review of...

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  • Long-term exposure to cigarette smoke impairs lung function and increases HMGB-1 expression in mice.

    abstract::Cigarette smoke (CS)-induced emphysema is caused by a continuous inflammatory response in the lower respiratory tract. The development of the condition is believed to be mediated by oxidant-antioxidant imbalance. This paper describes the effects of long-term CS exposure on alveolar cell recruitment, antioxidant defens...

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  • Is the probable spillage of the lung surfactant dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine the ultimate source of diabetes type 1?

    abstract::The lung surfactant dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) most probably leaks into the blood, settling on the luminal aspect of blood vessels to create active hydrophobic spots (AHS). Nanobubbles are formed at these spots from dissolved gas. We hypothesized that when a large molecule in the blood comes into contact wi...

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  • Medullary serotonin neurons and central CO2 chemoreception.

    abstract::Serotonergic (5-HT) neurons are putative central respiratory chemoreceptors, aiding in the brain's ability to detect arterial changes in PCO2 and implement appropriate ventilatory responses to maintain blood homeostasis. These neurons are in close proximity to large medullary arteries and are intrinsically chemosensit...

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  • A theoretical analysis of the carotid body chemoreceptor response to O2 and CO2 pressure changes.

    abstract::A simple mathematical model of the carotid body chemoreceptor response is presented. The model assumes that the static chemoreceptor characteristic depends on oxygen saturation in the arterial blood and on CO2 arterial concentration. The values of O2 saturation and of CO2 concentration are computed, from pressure, usi...

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  • Electric synapses in the carotid body-nerve complex.

    abstract::Slices of rat carotid bodies, or cultured glomus cells, were used to study intercellular coupling. This phenomenon occurs because gap junctions allow passage of currents and dyes from one cell to another. There is a two-way resistive coupling between glomus cells (GC/GC coupling), which is accompanied by activity of i...

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  • Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output: evaluation of new infrared absorption spectrometer.

    abstract::The mass spectrometer (MS) traditionally has been the instrument of choice for measuring cardiac output (Q (T)) non-invasively using the foreign gas uptake method. However, the size and cost of the MS has hampered widespread adoption of this technique outside of the laboratory. Here, we present results, from six norma...

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  • Maternal cigarette smoke exposure disturbs glutamate/GABA balance in pFRG of neonatal rats.

    abstract::We previously found that maternal cigarette smoke (CS) exposure resulted in impairment of central chemoreception and oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction of parafacial respiratory group (pFRG, a critical site for mammalian central chemoreception) in neonatal rats. The present work was carried out to identify...

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  • Progesterone increases hypoxic ventilatory response and reduces apneas in newborn rats.

    abstract::We hypothesized that progesterone may enhance the hypoxic ventilatory response and reduce the occurrence of apneas in newborn male rats. We studied 10-day-old rats chronically exposed to progesterone (Prog) or vehicle through the milk of lactating mothers. Respiratory and metabolic recordings were performed using whol...

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  • Serotonin transporter null male mouse pups have lower ventilation in air and 5% CO2 at postnatal ages P15 and P25.

    abstract::In Wild Type (WT) and serotonin transporter (5HTT) null mice, we studied oxygen consumption, ventilation and heart rate in air and 5% CO(2) at postnatal (P) days P5, P15, and P25 using either a head-out (younger mice) or whole body plethysmograph (older mice). Body weight and temperature did not differ between the gro...

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  • M(1)/M(3) and M(2)/M(4) muscarinic receptor double-knockout mice present distinct respiratory phenotypes.

    abstract::We investigated the role of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the control of breathing. Baseline breathing at rest and ventilatory responses to brief exposures to hypoxia (10% O(2)) and hypercapnia (3% and 5% CO(2)), measured by whole-body plethysmography in partially restrained animals, were compared in mice lack...

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  • The blood transfer conductance for nitric oxide: Infinite vs. finite θNO.

    abstract::Whether the specific blood transfer conductance for nitric oxide (NO) with hemoglobin (θNO) is finite or infinite is controversial but important in the calculation of alveolar capillary membrane conductance (DmCO) and pulmonary capillary blood volume (VC) from values of lung diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLC...

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  • Respiratory pathology in the Optn-/- mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

    abstract::Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder that results in death due to respiratory failure. Many genetic defects are associated with ALS; one such defect is a mutation in the gene encoding optineurin (OPTN). Using an optineurin null mouse (Optn-/-), we sought to characterize the i...

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  • A critical postnatal period of heightened vulnerability to lipopolysaccharide.

    abstract::Evidence of respiratory abnormalities and vulnerability to infection during a critical period of development have been implicated in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Here we investigated whether the acute hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) exhibits a heightened vulnerability to the endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LP...

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  • Brainstem-mediated sniffing and respiratory modulation during odor stimulation.

    abstract::The trigeminal and olfactory systems interact during sensory processing of odor. Here, we investigate odor-evoked modulations of brainstem respiratory networks in a decerebrated perfused brainstem preparation of rat with intact olfactory bulbs. Intranasal application of non-trigeminal odors (rose) did not evoke respir...

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  • The role of aquaporin-1 (AQP1) expression in a murine model of lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury.

    abstract::A murine model of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced acute lung injury (ALI) was used to evaluate whether aquaporin-1 (AQP1) is involved in lung inflammation and lung edema formation. Swiss strain mice (n = 122) had LPS (5 mg/kg) instilled intratracheally (IT), and were then treated with either 0.9 % saline or dexametha...

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  • Importance of mitochondrial P(O2) in maximal O2 transport and utilization: a theoretical analysis.

    abstract::In previous calculations of how the O2 transport system limits .VO2(max), it was reasonably assumed that mitochondrial P(O2) (Pm(O2)) could be neglected (set to zero). However, in reality, Pm(O2) must exceed zero and the red cell to mitochondrion diffusion gradient may therefore be reduced, impairing diffusive transpo...

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    authors: Cano I,Mickael M,Gomez-Cabrero D,Tegnér J,Roca J,Wagner PD

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  • Supine changes in lung function correlate with chronic respiratory failure in myotonic dystrophy patients.

    abstract::Quality of life and prognosis of patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 (MD1) often depend on the degree of lung function impairment. This study was designed to assess the respective prevalence of ventilatory restriction, hypoxaemia and hypercapnia in MD1 patients and to determine whether postural changes in lung fun...

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    authors: Poussel M,Kaminsky P,Renaud P,Laroppe J,Pruna L,Chenuel B

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  • Nasal highflow eliminates CO2 from lower airways.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Nasal highflow (NHF) has a growing evidence in treatment of hypoxemic respiratory failure. There are preliminary data available about use in acute and chronic type-II-respiratory failure. Unfortunately underlying mechanisms of NHF are not well understood. Increase in airway pressure seems too small to expl...

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  • Modulation-demodulation hypothesis of periodic breathing in human respiration.

    abstract::Periodic breathing (PB) is a diseased condition of the cardiorespiratory system, and mathematically it is modelled as an oscillation. Modeling approaches replicate periodic oscillation in the minute ventilation due to a higher than normal gain of the feedback signals from the chemoreceptors coupled with a longer than ...

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  • DLNO/DLCO ratio evolution under targeted therapy in patients with pulmonary hypertension.

    abstract::The ratio of the diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) and for nitric oxide (DLNO) measured simultaneously is modified in patients with precapillary pulmonary hypertension (PH). The potential impact of targeted therapy on the DLCO/DLNO ratio is unknown. Simultaneous measurements of DLNO and DLCO we...

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  • Effects of bi-level positive airway pressure on ventilatory and perceptual responses to exercise in comorbid heart failure-COPD.

    abstract::This study tested the hypothesis that, by increasing the volume available for tidal expansion (inspiratory capacity, IC), bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP™) would lead to greater beneficial effects on dyspnea and exercise intolerance in comorbid heart failure (HF)-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) t...

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  • Asthmatic cough and airway oxidative stress.

    abstract::The mechanisms of cough in asthma are unclear. Asthma is associated with an oxidative stress. Many reactive oxygen species sensitize or activate sensory C-fibers which are capable to induce cough. It was hypothesized that oxidative stress in the airways might contribute to the cough severity in asthma. Exhaled breath ...

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  • Hypoxia-induced ventilatory responses in conscious mice: gender differences in ventilatory roll-off and facilitation.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to compare the ventilatory responses of C57BL6 female and male mice during a 15 min exposure to a hypoxic-hypercapnic (H-H) or a hypoxic (10% O(2), 90% N(2)) challenge and subsequent return to room air. The ventilatory responses to H-H were similar in males and females whereas there were pron...

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  • Sleep-disordered breathing: effects on brain structure and function.

    abstract::Sleep-disordered breathing is accompanied by neural injury that affects a wide range of physiological systems which include processes for sensing chemoreception and airflow, driving respiratory musculature, timing circuitry for coordination of breathing patterning, and integration of blood pressure mechanisms with res...

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    authors: Harper RM,Kumar R,Ogren JA,Macey PM

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  • Influence of dietary nitrate supplementation on physiological and cognitive responses to incremental cycle exercise.

    abstract::Dietary inorganic nitrate supplementation causes physiological effects which may enhance exercise tolerance. However it is not known whether nitrate might alter cognitive function during exercise. In a double-blind, cross-over study, sixteen subjects ingested either nitrate-rich beetroot juice or a placebo and complet...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Thompson KG,Turner L,Prichard J,Dodd F,Kennedy DO,Haskell C,Blackwell JR,Jones AM

    更新日期:2014-03-01 00:00:00

  • Effect of chronic heart failure in older rats on respiratory muscle and hindlimb blood flow during submaximal exercise.

    abstract::Submaximal exercise diaphragm blood flow (BF) is elevated in young chronic heart failure (CHF) rats, while it is unknown if this occurs in older animals. Respiratory and hindlimb muscle BFs (radiolabeled microspheres) were measured at rest and during submaximal exercise (20m/min, 5% grade) in older healthy (n=7) and C...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Smith JR,Hageman KS,Harms CA,Poole DC,Musch TI

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  • Premature birth, homeostatic plasticity and respiratory consequences of inflammation.

    abstract::Infants who are born premature can have persistent apnea beyond term gestation, reemergence of apnea associated with inflammation during infancy, increased risk of sudden unexplained death, and sleep disorder breathing during infancy and childhood. The autonomic nervous system, particularly the central neural networks...

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    authors: Gauda EB,McLemore GL

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