Physicochemical considerations in the iontophoretic delivery of a small peptide: in vitro studies using arginine vasopressin as a model peptide.


:Transdermal iontophoresis (TI) is a physical enhancement technique to facilitate the delivery of primarily charged molecules across the skin. TI of peptides is influenced by a complex interplay of several factors and one of the main issues in optimizing iontophoretic delivery of peptides is to improve the transport efficiency. From this perspective, this study investigates the effect of the physicochemical parameters on the TI of a peptide arginine vasopressin (AVP). The permeation of AVP showed a linear dependence on the concentration of drug in the donor medium. The iontophoretic flux of AVP was strongly influenced by the pH of the donor solution. Increasing the pH from 5.16 to 7.4 resulted in a decrease in the enhancement ratio by 4.5 times. When the ionic strength was increased by varying the amount of NaCl from 0.05 to 0.25 M the flux was found to decrease by 3.2 times. Replacing normal saline in the receptor compartment by HEPES buffer showed a resultant four times increase in drug permeation. The physiochemical parameters of the donor medium play a significant role in the efficiency of drug delivery by iontophoresis for a small peptide like AVP. Though electrorepulsion would be expected to be the main mechanism involved in the movement of charged molecules across the skin by iontophoresis, for peptides in the molecular weight range of AVP, other associated secondary effects like osmosis, electroosmosis and counter ion flow may also play a significant role in transport across the skin.


Pharmacol Res


Pharmacological research


Nair V,Panchagnula R





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