Mechanopharmacology of Rho-kinase antagonism in airway smooth muscle and potential new therapy for asthma.


:The principle of mechanopharmacology of airway smooth muscle (ASM) is based on the premise that physical agitation, such as pressure oscillation applied to an airway, is able to induce bronchodilation by reducing contractility and softening the cytoskeleton of ASM. Although the underlying mechanism is not entirely clear, there is evidence to suggest that large-amplitude stretches are able to disrupt the actomyosin interaction in the crossbridge cycle and weaken the cytoskeleton in ASM cells. Rho-kinase is known to enhance force generation and strengthen structural integrity of the cytoskeleton during smooth muscle activation and plays a key role in the maintenance of force during prolonged muscle contractions. Synergy in relaxation has been observed when the muscle is subject to oscillatory length change while Rho-kinase is pharmacologically inhibited. In this review, inhibition of Rho-kinase coupled to therapeutic pressure oscillation applied to the airways is explored as a combination treatment for asthma.


Pharmacol Res


Pharmacological research


Wang L,Chitano P,Seow CY




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    abstract::Boron analogues of phosphonoacetates proved to be potent hypolipidaemic agents in rodents, lowering both serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (C2H5O)3PBH2COOCH3 proved to be the most effective agent in mice, lowering serum cholesterol 46% and serum triglycerides 54% after 16 days. (C2H5O)3PBH2COOH and Na+H+(C2H5...

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  • Implication of STARD5 and cholesterol homeostasis disturbance in the endoplasmic reticulum stress-related response induced by pro-apoptotic aminosteroid RM-133.

    abstract::The aminosteroid derivative RM-133 is an effective anticancer molecule for which proof of concept has been achieved in several mouse xenograph models (HL-60, MCF-7, PANC-1 and OVCAR-3). To promote this new family of molecules toward a clinical phase 1 trial, the mechanism of action governing the anticancer properties ...

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  • Gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of resin from Protium heptaphyllum in mice and rats.

    abstract::The natural resin collected from the trunk wood of Protium heptaphyllum is used in folk medicine to treat inflammatory conditions and to hasten wound repair. In the search of new potential anti-inflammatory agents with gastroprotective property, the present study evaluated its effects in experimental models of gastric...

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  • Carbon nanomaterials and amyloid-beta interactions: potentials for the detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease?

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