Adolescent kleptomania treated with naltrexone--a case report.


:Kleptomania, an often secret inability to resist the impulse to steal objects not needed for personal use or their monetary value, is an underrecognized disorder that is unknown to many clinicians. Kleptomania has gone virtually non mentioned in the adolescent literature, despite the fact that kleptomania often has its onset during adolescence. This report presents a case of an adolescent with kleptomania who responded to naltrexone. The clinical features of kleptomania are reviewed, as are available data on the treatment of this distressing and often disabling disorder.


Grant JE,Kim SW





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2002-04-01 00:00:00












  • The risk of psychiatric disorders among Finnish ART and spontaneously conceived children: Finnish population-based register study.

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  • Somatic comorbidity in children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders.

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  • Further evidence for the role of pregnancy-induced hypertension and other early life influences in the development of ADHD: results from the IDEFICS study.

    abstract::The aim of this study is to investigate whether in addition to established early risk factors other, less studied pre-, peri-, and postnatal influences, like gestational hypertension or neonatal respiratory disorders and infections, may increase a child's risk of developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (A...

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  • Child and adolescent psychiatry in The Netherlands: patterns of practice 7 years later.

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  • A genome-wide search strategy for identifying quantitative trait loci involved in reading and spelling disability (developmental dyslexia).

    abstract::Family and twin studies of developmental dyslexia have consistently shown that there is a significant heritable component for this disorder. However, any genetic basis for the trait is likely to be complex, involving reduced penetrance, phenocopy, heterogeneity and oligogenic inheritance. This complexity results in re...

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  • Predictors of depression at eighteen. A 7-year follow-up study in a Spanish nonclinical population.

    abstract::This study prospectively examined predicting factors and depressive antecedents of depression in early adulthood and determined differences by sex. 199 adolescents aged 11-12 from the general community were followed up annually for 4 years and reassessed at 18 years of age. Sociodemographic data, depressive symptomato...

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    abstract::72 child psychiatric and 50 paediatric outpatients were included in a study looking at the Rutter A (2) Scale and the Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL) completed by mothers. Automated administration with recorded voice as well as visual display of written questions was compared to standard administration: pen and paper...

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  • Attenuated neural reactivity to happy faces is associated with rule breaking and social problems in anxious youth.

    abstract::Pediatric anxiety is associated with comorbid externalizing behaviors and social problems, and these associations may be related to altered emotion processing. The late positive potential (LPP), an event-related potential component, is a neural marker of emotion processing, and there is evidence that anxious youth exh...

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  • Suicide in adolescents: findings from the Swiss National cohort.

    abstract::Suicide in adolescents is the second most common cause of death in this age group and an important public health problem. We examined sociodemographic factors associated with suicide in Swiss adolescents and analysed time trends in youth suicide in the Swiss National Cohort (SNC). The SNC is a longitudinal study of th...

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  • Eight-year incidence of psychiatric disorders and service use from adolescence to early adulthood: longitudinal follow-up of the Mexican Adolescent Mental Health Survey.

    abstract::Half of mental disorders have their first onset before adulthood when the presence of a disorder may be particularly disruptive to developmental milestones. Retrospective prevalence estimates have been shown to underestimate the burden of mental illness and scarce data are available on the incidence of disorders throu...

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  • Evaluating the effects of parenting styles dimensions on adolescent drug use: secondary analysis of #Tamojunto randomized controlled trial.

    abstract::The present study examined parenting style dimensions (demandingness and responsiveness) as predictors of adolescent drug use and also evaluated whether parenting styles dimensions moderate the effects of the implemented prevention program. 6.391 students in the 7th and 8th grades at 72 Brazilian public schools partic...

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