Hyperkalaemia and selective hypoaldosteronism in myotonic dystrophy.


:Myotonic dystrophy (MyD) is a common genetic neuromuscular disorder in which chromosome 19 gives rise to an abnormal expansion of CTG-trinucleotide repeats. MyD is a highly variable multisystem disorder with muscular and nonmuscular abnormalities. Increasingly, endocrine abnormalities, such as gonadal, pancreatic, and adrenal dysfunction are being uncovered. Herein we present three unrelated cases with MyD with abnormally elevated serum potassium; 2 of the 3 cases presented clinically with cardiac dysrhythmias. Hyperkalaemic conditions such as renal failure, cortisol deficiency, pseudohyperkalaemia, and hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis were excluded. Further endocrine evaluation revealed baseline hypoaldosteronism associated with elevated renin activity. Perturbation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system resulted in appropriately enhanced renin activity but with a subnormal aldosterone response, which appeared to be due to adrenal hyporesponsiveness. The treatment of all cases with fludrocortisone was without effect. Whether the apparent mineralocorticoid abnormality in MyD is due to associated hormonal perturbations (i.e. excessive ACTH responsiveness. elevated cytokines, elevated atrial natriuretic hormone, etc.), adrenal atrophy, and/or a manifestation of the underlying kinase dysfunction is uncertain, but merits further evaluation in view of the clinical consequence of hyperkalaemia.


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Misra D,DeSilva S,Fellerman H,Dufour DR,Streeten DH,Nylen ES





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    abstract::The response of serum calcium, PTH, CT and gastrin to an infusion of secretin (3 CU/kg/h) over a period of 90 min was studied in ten healthy males and two female patients with hypoparathyroidism. In the healthy males serum calcium, after a transient fall, significantly increased at 45 min after the onset of the infusi...

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  • The effect of propylthiouracil on subsequent radioactive iodine therapy in Graves' disease.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Antithyroidal drugs (ATD) are used in the management of Graves' disease either as primary therapy for several months while awaiting remission of the disease or as pretreatment for several weeks prior to definitive radioactive iodine therapy (RAI). We have reported previously that pretreatment with propylthiou...

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  • Growth hormone pretreatment in man blocks the response to growth hormone-releasing hormone; evidence for a direct effect of growth hormone.

    abstract::The effect of pretreatment with biosynthetic methionyl human GH (hGH) on the GH response to GHRH has been studied in normal subjects. Eight volunteers were given either 4 IU hGH or placebo s.c. 12-hourly for 72 h before a GHRH test, or a single s.c. dose of 4 IU hGH 12 h before a GHRH test. Somatomedin-C (Sm-C) levels...

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  • Effects of exercise training on maternal hormonal changes in pregnancy.

    abstract:CONTEXT & OBJECTIVE:A recent paper by our group reported that regular aerobic exercise during pregnancy led to lower foetal IGF-I and IGF-II concentrations and a modest reduction in offspring birth weight when compared with the offspring of nontraining control participants. Maternal hormonal alterations in response to ...

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  • ACTH-independent Cushing's syndrome in pregnancy with spontaneous resolution after delivery: control of the hypercortisolism with metyrapone.

    abstract::A 25-year-old primigravid woman presented with Cushing's syndrome at 23 weeks gestation; serum cortisol was 1090 nmol/l at 0900 h, 1230 nmol/l at 2200 h; basal urinary free cortisol excretion was 3680 nmol/24 h, and 8830 nmol/24 h after dexamethasone 8 mg daily for 48 hours; plasma ACTH was < 1.1 pmol/l. CT scan of th...

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