Offense-Related Issues in Forensic Psychiatric Treatment: A Thematic Analysis.


:Characteristics unique to forensic psychiatric treatment include coming to terms with the offenses committed, the long duration of treatment and the assessment of the risk of repeat offending. This study describes the views of both patients and staff on the significance of the patient's offense as a part of forensic psychiatric rehabilitation. Eight forensic psychiatric patients and eight forensic psychiatric nurses from two forensic psychiatric hospitals in Finland participated in this study. Data were gathered by means of thematic interview and analyzed by means of thematic analysis. The findings suggest that patients and professionals alike concur that ascertaining the factors with a bearing on the offense, and working through the offense and the factors leading up to it, constitute an essential aspect of forensic treatment. This, in turn, has a bearing on the planning and administration of a treatment plan consisting of both medical and psychosocial support and interventions intended to enable patients to live independent, fulfilling lives, thus reducing the likelihood of reoffending. The findings of this study can be used as part of the development of international, standardized treatment models for clinical forensic psychiatric practices.


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Frontiers in psychiatry


Askola R,Soininen P,Seppänen A




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  • Fragile X-Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders (FXAND).

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  • Common Marmosets: A Potential Translational Animal Model of Juvenile Depression.

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  • State-Dependent and Trait-Like Characteristics of Dysfunctional Attitudes in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder.

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  • Clozapine-Induced Pneumonitis: A Case Report.

    abstract::Introduction: Clozapine is the most effective antipsychotic used for treatment resistant schizophrenia and recurrent suicidal behavior in schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. However, it has been underutilized due to its adverse reaction profile. Although clozapine is typically associated with neutropenia leadin...

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  • Urinary Amine and Organic Acid Metabolites Evaluated as Markers for Childhood Aggression: The ACTION Biomarker Study.

    abstract::Biomarkers are of interest as potential diagnostic and predictive instruments in personalized medicine. We present the first urinary metabolomics biomarker study of childhood aggression. We aim to examine the association of urinary metabolites and neurotransmitter ratios involved in key metabolic and neurotransmitter ...

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  • The Therapeutic Community: A Unique Social Psychological Approach to the Treatment of Addictions and Related Disorders.

    abstract::The evolution of the contemporary Therapeutic Community (TC) for addictions over the past 50 years may be characterized as a movement from the marginal to the mainstream of substance abuse treatment and human services. TCs currently serve a wide array of clients and their diverse problems; through advances in research...

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  • Effects of Trazodone on Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function in Arteriosclerotic Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Comorbid With Chronic Insomnia.

    abstract:Background:Chronic insomnia is common in patients with arteriosclerotic cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD) and aggravates the cognitive impairment caused by CSVD. Low-dose trazodone is effective in treating insomnia, but it is unclear whether it can also improve cognitive function in CSVD patients. This study was per...

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  • Plasticity and Susceptibility of Brain Morphometry Alterations to Insufficient Sleep.

    abstract::Background: Insufficient sleep is common in daily life and can lead to cognitive impairment. Sleep disturbance also exists in neuropsychiatric diseases. However, whether and how acute and chronic sleep loss affect brain morphology remain largely unknown. Methods: We used voxel-based morphology method to study the brai...

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  • Death Associated With Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection in Individuals With Severe Mental Disorders in Sweden During the Early Months of the Outbreak-An Exploratory Cross-Sectional Analysis of a Population-Based Register Study.

    abstract::Background: Individuals with severe mental disorder (SMD) have a higher risk of somatic comorbidity and mortality than the rest of the population. We set up a population-based study to assess whether individuals with SMD had a higher risk of death associated with a COVID-19 infection (COVID-19 associated death) than i...

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  • A Cross-Sectional Study of the Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation Among the Elderly in Nursing Homes in Hunan Province, China.

    abstract::Our study aims to explore the risk factors for suicidal ideation and their interaction among the elderly in nursing homes in Hunan province, China. A cross-sectional study was conducted among the elderly in nursing homes in Hunan Province. Twenty-four nursing homes were selected by multistage cluster random sampling, ...

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  • Young Adults With Higher Motives and Expectancies of Regular Cannabis Use Show Poorer Psychosocial Functioning.

    abstract::Background: Young adults regularly using cannabis represent a uniquely vulnerable yet heterogeneous cohort. Few studies have examined user profiles using cannabis use motives and expectations. The association between user profiles and psychosocial functioning among only regular users remains unexplored. This explorati...

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  • COX-2 Inhibitors, Aspirin, and Other Potential Anti-Inflammatory Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders.

    abstract::Inflammatory processes associated with persistent (chronic) infection have long been discussed as etiological factors in psychiatric disorders. Studies have found that people with major depression have higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, for example, IL-1, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and C-reactive...

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  • Reducing Risky Alcohol Use via Smartphone App Skills Training Among Adult Internet Help-Seekers: A Randomized Pilot Trial.

    abstract::Alcohol is one of the leading risk factors for global disease burden and overconsumption leads to a wide variety of negative consequences in everyday life. Digital interventions have shown small positive effects in contributing to reductions in problematic use. Specific research on smartphone apps is sparse and the fe...

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  • Increased Serum C3 and Decreased UA in Patients of Bipolar Disorder in Chinese Han Population.

    abstract::The aim of this study is to explore the changes and clinical significance of serum C3, C4, hypersensitive C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and uric acid (UA) in patients of bipolar disorder (BD). In this case-control study, we recruited 141 BD patients from The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, and 151 age ...

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  • Mothering, Substance Use Disorders and Intergenerational Trauma Transmission: An Attachment-Based Perspective.

    abstract::Background: A growing body of research underlines that interpersonal trauma in childhood leads to heightened susceptibility for substance use disorders (SUDs) in later life. Little research has been conducted on parenting experiences of mothers in recovery from substance use, taking into account their own upbringing a...

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  • Antecedents of Public Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mediation of Pandemic-Related Knowledge and Self-Efficacy and Moderation of Risk Level.

    abstract::Background: COVID-19 affects not only patients' physical health but also their mental health. For the general public, although their physical health may not be directly affected, their mental health may be affected by stress, anxiety, and social panic caused by COVID-19. Controlling the pandemic should focus on not on...

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  • Negative Mood Induction Increases Choice of Heroin Versus Food Pictures in Opiate-Dependent Individuals: Correlation With Self-Medication Coping Motives and Subjective Reactivity.

    abstract::Acute growth in negative affect is thought to play a major role in triggering relapse in opiate-dependent individuals. Consistent with this view, three lab studies have demonstrated that negative mood induction increases opiate craving in opiate-dependent individuals. The current study sought to confirm these effects ...

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  • COVID-19 Outbreak Can Change the Job Burnout in Health Care Professionals.

    abstract::Background: The outbreak of COVID-19 in China was a sudden bio-disaster, which may bring a negative impact on the job burnout of health care professionals (HCPs). Objective: We aim to find out the association factors, especially those closely related to this outbreak, of job burnout in Chinese HCPs. Method: The cross-...

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  • Depression Preceding Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

    abstract::This paper focuses on depression that precedes an onset of manifest bipolar disorder as early stage bipolar disorder. First, we review how to pragmatically identify the clinical characteristics of patients presenting with an episode of depression who subsequently go on to develop episodes of mania or hypomania. The ex...

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  • Efficacy of Ketamine in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review.

    abstract::Background: Despite advances in behavioral and pharmacotherapy interventions, substance use disorders (SUDs) are frequently refractory to treatment. Glutamatergic dysregulation has received increasing attention as one common neuropathology across multiple substances of abuse. Ketamine is a potent N-methyl-D-aspartate ...

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  • Housing Orientations and Needs of Above-Average Length of Stay Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients.

    abstract::A small number of severely and persistently mentally ill in-patients awaiting residential or long-stay facilities represent an obstacle to the efficient utilization of acute care beds. These facilities are costly and currently reputed to be contrary to recovery principles. In 2013, all acute psychiatric care wards in ...

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  • Reduction of Involuntary Admissions in Patients With Severe Psychotic Disorders Treated in the ACCESS Integrated Care Model Including Therapeutic Assertive Community Treatment.

    abstract::Objective: The ACCESS treatment model offers assertive community treatment (ACT) embedded in an integrated care program to patients with severe psychotic disorders. Compared to standard care, it proved to be more effective in terms of service disengagement and other outcomes in patients with psychotic disorders over 1...

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    authors: Schöttle D,Ruppelt F,Schimmelmann BG,Karow A,Bussopulos A,Gallinat J,Wiedemann K,Luedecke D,Rohenkohl AC,Huber CG,Bock T,Lambert M

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  • Molecular Neurobiology of Depression: PET Findings on the Elusive Correlation with Symptom Severity.

    abstract::Molecular mechanisms in the brain are assumed to cause the symptoms and severity of neuropsychiatric disorders. This review concerns the elusive nature of relationships between the severity of depressive disorders and neuromolecular processes studied by positron emission tomography (PET). Recent PET studies of human d...

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    authors: Smith DF,Jakobsen S

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  • Memory Systems and the Addicted Brain.

    abstract::The view that anatomically distinct memory systems differentially contribute to the development of drug addiction and relapse has received extensive support. The present brief review revisits this hypothesis as it was originally proposed 20 years ago (1) and highlights several recent developments. Extensive research e...

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    authors: Goodman J,Packard MG

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  • A Novel Network Pharmacology Strategy to Decode Metabolic Biomarkers and Targets Interactions for Depression.

    abstract::Depression is one of the most prevalent and serious mental disorders with a worldwide significant health burden. Metabolic abnormalities and disorders in patients with depression have attracted great research attention. Thirty-six metabolic biomarkers of clinical plasma metabolomics were detected by platform technolog...

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    authors: Gao Y,Xu T,Zhao YX,Ling-Hu T,Liu SB,Tian JS,Qin XM

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  • Mitragynine Attenuates Morphine Withdrawal Effects in Rats-A Comparison With Methadone and Buprenorphine.

    abstract:Background:Opiate addiction is a major health problem in many countries. A crucial component of the medical treatment is the management of highly aversive opiate withdrawal signs, which may otherwise lead to resumption of drug taking. In a medication-assisted treatment (MAT), methadone and buprenorphine have been imple...

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  • Classical Conditioning as a Distinct Mechanism of Placebo Effects.

    abstract::Classical conditioning was suggested as a mechanism of placebo effects in the 1950s. It was then challenged by response expectancy theory, which proposed that classical conditioning is just one of the means by which expectancies are acquired and changed. According to that account, placebo effects induced by classical ...

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