Palliative care in primary health care: scoping review.


OBJECTIVE:to map the available evidence on the main topics investigated in palliative care in primary health care. METHOD:scoping review type study carried out in five databases, including original articles, based on the descriptors palliative care, palliative care at the end of life, terminal care, terminal state, primary health care and their respective acronyms and synonyms, totaling 18 publications. The extraction of data from primary studies was performed using an instrument produced by the authors and which allowed the construction of the categories presented. RESULTS:18 publications were included in this review. Among the most studied themes are the difficulties of the teams regarding the continuity of care in the health network; the importance of in-service education by the multidisciplinary team; professional unpreparedness; bioethics; the validation and application of scales for prognosis and care for some pathologies such as cancer and diabetes; among others. CONCLUSION:it became evident that palliative care in primary health care has been gradually developed, but it is necessary to consider the organization of primary health care and the social policies that support or weaken it, being considered a complex challenge.


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  • [Home care: the experience of a private hospital in the state of São Paulo].

    abstract::Home care is defined as a group of hospital procedures that can be developed at home, encompassing health actions developed by a multiprofessional team. This study aims at disseminating the experience of a home care service offered by São Francisco Hospital, located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, presenting the result...

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    authors: Fabrício SC,Wehbe G,Nassur FB,Andrade JI

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  • Blood pressure measurement: arm circumference and cuff size availability.

    abstract::To avoid inaccurate blood pressure (BP) readings, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends cuff width (CW) encircling 40% of the arm circumference (AC) and cuff length at least 80-100%. This study aimed to identify inpatients AC, the corresponding cuff size and the cuff size availability. In total, 81 AC were m...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Veiga EV,Arcuri EA,Cloutier L,Santos JL

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  • [Nursing care at the intensive care unit (ICU): going beyond objectivity].

    abstract::Nowadays, nursing is sustained by different paradigms, among which we highlight those related to totality and simultaneity, since these embody the main conceptual models and specific theories for nursing practice. This study aims to provide elements that will lead to reflections about the possibility of founding healt...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: do Nascimento ER,Trentini M

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  • Emotional competencies in the process of teaching and learning in nursing, from the perspective of the neurosciences.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to investigate aspects of the interaction which occurs between feeling and learning from the perspective of the neurosciences. METHOD:research with a qualitative approach, of the case study type, undertaken in Brazilian public nursing colleges. The research subjects were lecturers and students. The technique...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Pereira WR,Ribeiro MR,Depes VB,Santos NC

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  • [What do patients with head injuries remember about their time of hospitalization?].

    abstract::Traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients with different trauma severity were analyzed about their recollection concerning the period of hospitalization. The study was carried out in the Head Injury Outpatient Clinic at the Central Institute of the FMUSP Hospital including 45 conscious patients able to sustain an intervi...

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  • Experiencing organ donation: feelings of relatives after consent.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify experiences and feelings on the organ donation process, from the perspective of a relative of an organ donor in a transplant unit. METHOD:this was exploratory research using a qualitative approach, performed with seven family members of different organ donors, selected by a lottery. Sociodemograp...

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    authors: Fernandes ME,Bittencourt ZZ,Boin Ide F

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  • Cross-cultural adaptation and clinical validation of the Neonatal Skin Condition Score to Brazilian Portuguese.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the process of cross-cultural adaptation and clinical validation of the Neonatal Skin Condition Score. METHODS:This methodological cross-cultural adaptation study included five steps: initial translation, synthesis of the initial translation, back translation, review by an Committee of Specialist...

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    authors: Schardosim JM,Ruschel LM,da Motta Gde C,da Cunha ML

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  • [Monitoring of Staphylococcus aureus colonization in students of a course for nurses aides during their professional education].

    abstract::Considering our goal of understanding the colonization by Staphylococcus aureus in students from a nursing auxiliary program, during their professional formation, we collected material from the nasal cavity (N), right (Md) and left (Me) hands from 42 students on different moments of their formation relating the levels...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Santos BM

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  • Diagnosis of compliance of health care product processing in Primary Health Care.

    abstract:Objective:identify the compliance of health care product processing in Primary Health Care and assess possible differences in the compliance among the services characterized as Primary Health Care Service and Family Health Service. Method:quantitative, observational, descriptive and inferential study with the applicat...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Roseira CE,Silva DM,Passos IP,Orlandi FS,Padoveze MC,Figueiredo RM

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  • [Diabetes mellitus educational software for health professionals: stages of design and development].

    abstract::This research aimed at creating a software about Diabetes mellitus in order to stimulate the continuing education of health professionals as well as educative practices. The system was developed using Delphi application, through a data bank utilizing key-words and the Pascal language. The software includes key-words s...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Duran EC,Cocco MI

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  • [Revisiting early weaning through history].

    abstract::The basic action of health requests addressed strategy as taking consciousness to the importance of the breastfeeding. The breastfeeding history shows a hiatus as the people worked with precocious wean. The aim of this study was revisit precocious wean through historical breastfeeding clipping. Bibliographical revisio...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Ichisato SM,Shimo AK

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  • [The nursing process in a burn unit: analysis and reformulation of teaching].

    abstract::The present study aims at elaborating and applying an education plan for nurses in an Unit for Burnt Patients, with the proposal of analysing and reformulating the practice of the nursing process in this service. The framework proposed by Charles MAGUEREZ, was employed as a guideline, which led to the selection and ap...

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  • The health-illness care process and the logic of the nurse's work in the ICU.

    abstract::The present study aims to learn the health production logic in the ICU based on the discourse defended by nurses and on the professional practice that is recognized by the relatives accompanying the hospitalized patients. This is a qualitative and dialectic investigation performed with seven nurses and five relatives ...

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    authors: Barbosa de Pinho L,Azevedo dos Santos SM

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  • Educational settings in the management of patients with heart failure.

    abstract::Congestive heart failure (CHF) presents, besides the magnitude of epidemiological data, relevant characteristics, including frequent hospitalizations caused by severe signs and symptoms, which should be studied to reduce the negative impact of the disease on the public health system. With the advent of several clinica...

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    authors: Aliti GB,Rabelo ER,Domingues FB,Clausell N

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  • [Depositions by nurses from the 1960s: aids for the understanding of current nursing].

    abstract::This study is part of a more extensive project that proposes to recover significant aspects related to the evolution of nursing care from 1950s to 1990s. This report is made through the technique of oral declaration by active and retired registered nurses, in the context of an University-hospital from the interior of ...

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    authors: Vietta EP

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  • Late diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and associated factors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the occurrence of late diagnosis of infection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and its associated factors. METHOD:this is an epidemiological, cross-sectional and analytical study, carried out with 369 people followed-up by Specialized Assistance Services, undergoing anti-retroviral treatment, a...

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    authors: Ribeiro LCS,Freitas MIF,Tupinambás U,Lana FCF

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  • Cost survey of procedure with Unna boot in patients with venous ulcer.

    abstract::Aims was to identify the social-demographic characteristics and the lesions of patients with venous ulcer (VU), as well as to estimate the total direct cost of materials and nursing personnel necessary for the procedure with unna boot, by the average total direct cost (ATDC) and the observed cost (OTDC). The theoretic...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Baptista CM,Castilho V

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  • Changing the perspective on specialized knowledge in nursing: an epistemological debate.

    abstract::This theoretical study results from the observation and problematization of inexperienced nurses' insertion in technological environments, which requires specialized knowledge and practices. We pose the question if the use of this knowledge leads to a fragmented practice. The objective is to discuss the specialized kn...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Silva RC,Ferreira Mde A

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  • [Living with a hospitalized adolescent].

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the experience of parents living with a hospitalized adolescent. Fifteen parents of hospitalized adolescents were interviewed from August to October of 2002. Data were analyzed through Martin Heidegger's phenomenological approach. Four themes were identified: the impact of the illness on...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Armond LC,Boemer MR

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  • [Approach to the reality of life and health at "Recanto de Alegria" community: understanding and defining the strategy of intervention].

    abstract::This article presents a process of investigation that was developed to identify life and health conditions of a community in order to propose changing strategies to the situation. It took place in Distrito do Grajaú (SP)--Brazil. All families were interviewed through the application of a survey in order to find person...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Rodrigues VC,Bertolozzi MR,Marques MC

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  • [Interdisciplinary home hospitalization program of Marília-SP: material resource costs].

    abstract::This study estimated the mean total direct cost of some production factors (material resources), including consumption materials, diets, medication and solutions used by two patient groups during hospitalization in the Interdisciplinary Home Hospitalization Program (PROIID) of Marília-SP, Brazil. The sample consisted ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Mesquita SR,Anselmi ML,Santos CB,Hayashida M

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  • Attitudes of nursing professionals towards suicidal behavior: influence of emotional intelligence.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess attitudes and the influence of emotional intelligence is the objective of this work. METHOD:Nursing professionals answered a questionnaire that assessed the attitude towards suicide and emotional intelligence. RESULTS:The results show a general adverse attitude towards suicidal behavior. The moral...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Carmona-Navarro MC,Pichardo-Martínez MC

    更新日期:2012-11-01 00:00:00

  • [Study of work accidents related to human body fluids exposure among health workers at a university hospital].

    abstract::This descriptive and exploratory study from a quantitative approach aimed to characterize workers who were victims of work accidents related to human body fluids exposure and to evaluate the accident victim care protocol. The population consisted of 48 workers who were victims of work accidents involving exposure to h...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Balsamo AC,Felli VE

    更新日期:2006-05-01 00:00:00

  • Mobile educational follow-up application for patients with peripheral arterial disease.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to describe the development of a prototype mobile educational application for nursing follow-up aimed at patients diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease. METHOD:a prototype-based technological production study. The construction followed the contextualized instructional design model using two steps: analy...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Mendez CB,Salum NC,Junkes C,Amante LN,Mendez CML

    更新日期:2019-01-17 00:00:00

  • Professional roles of a health team: a view of its components.

    abstract::Based on the Theory of Roles, this study aimed to examine health team professionals' views on the role played by their colleagues. We interviewed 39 health professionals: 01 nutritionist, 02 psychologists, 02 nurses, 03 physiotherapists, 04 pharmacists, 10 dentists and 17 physicians. The results showed that the partic...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: da Costa Saar SR,Trevizan MA

    更新日期:2007-01-01 00:00:00

  • Iatrogenesis in intensive care units: dramatization of contemporary bio/ethical problems.

    abstract::This qualitative investigation, based in Foucauldian analysis with approximations to the post-structuralism theoretical framework, explores iatrogenesis as one of the tensions in the nursing to do/to know which can be discursively articulated to bioethics and to technobiomedicine. The documentary sources and intensive...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: de Oliveira Vargas MA,Ramos FR

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  • The experience of thalassemic adults with their treatment.

    abstract::This study, based on medical anthropology and oral reports, analyzes the meanings attributed by thalassemic adults to their experiences with the treatment. Interviews were used to collect data, which were analyzed through inductive thematic analysis. Eleven young adults, six of whom were men, at different ages, with d...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Ganzella M,Zago MM

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  • [Adjustment of the theory of self-care deficit in home care in the light of Barnum's model].

    abstract::The study aimed at analyzing the Self-Care Deficit Theory adjustment, focusing on the atmosphere and the home care provider. Authors adopted the Barnum's model that suggests questions on the use of its concepts, seeking for its interrelations and scope. The answers to those questions were based on the Self-Care Defici...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Fialho AV,Pagliuca LM,Soares E

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  • [Touch: its actual use by nurses].

    abstract::This study aims to verify the use of the touch by nurses according to LE MAY'S proposal (1986), as well as to verify when and why he uses it, according to his own perception. Thirty-seven nurses (20 teachers, 16 assistants and 01 who was attending a specialization course) were interviewed in September 1995 in the capi...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Dell'Acqua MC,de Araujo VA,da Silva MJ

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  • [Profile of undergraduate nursing students' attitudes towards mental disease, before the influence of specific academic education].

    abstract::Students starting the Nursing Course bring with them stereotypes and prejudice in relation to mentally-ill people, thus showing lack of knowledge as to their possibilities of recovery and social living. This study aimed at elaborating a profile of the attitudes presented by these students in relation to such people an...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Pedrão LJ,Avanci Rde C,Malaguti SE

    更新日期:2002-11-01 00:00:00