[Occupational trauma of the vertebral column in nursing workers].


:All occupational accidents (CAT) reported at a University hospital, from January 1990 to December 1997, were analyzed and the characteristics of the vertebral column trauma caused by the occupational accidents involving members of the nursing team were investigated. During this period, 531 accidents were reported and 37 (7%) of these were typical vertebral column traumas. These results suggested that the number of accidents reported were below actual estimates and that the nursing auxiliaries were the most affected. The accidents were mainly caused by falls and during the transport or transfer of patients and equipments.


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Parada Ede O,Alexandre NM,Benatti MC



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  • [Intuitive ability in nursing care].

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the intuitive ability of nursing professionals in caring. The study method was qualitative, adopting a descriptive exploratory approach. Sampling involved 87 female nursing professionals, being 31 nurses, 29 nursing technicians and 18 nursing auxiliaries. The result showed different leve...

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  • Cross-cultural adaptation and clinical validation of the Neonatal Skin Condition Score to Brazilian Portuguese.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the process of cross-cultural adaptation and clinical validation of the Neonatal Skin Condition Score. METHODS:This methodological cross-cultural adaptation study included five steps: initial translation, synthesis of the initial translation, back translation, review by an Committee of Specialist...

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  • Attitudes of nursing professionals towards suicidal behavior: influence of emotional intelligence.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess attitudes and the influence of emotional intelligence is the objective of this work. METHOD:Nursing professionals answered a questionnaire that assessed the attitude towards suicide and emotional intelligence. RESULTS:The results show a general adverse attitude towards suicidal behavior. The moral...

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  • Influence of tobacco, alcohol consumption, eating habits and physical activity in nursing students.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to determine the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, eating habits, and physical activity among nursing students and to detect whether being a nursing student is a protective factor against these habits. METHOD:a questionnaire was used to collect information on age, academic year, sex, alcohol and tobacco consu...

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  • Cardiovascular health in Brazilian state capitals 1.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to estimate the prevalence of ideal cardiovascular health indicators in the Brazilian population, according to gender, age, education and region of residence. METHOD:cross-sectional study that used data from 41,134 participants of the Surveillance System of Risk and Protective Factors for Chronic Diseases by...

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    authors: Matozinhos FP,Felisbino-Mendes MS,Gomes CS,Jansen AK,Machado ÍE,Lana FCF,Malta DC,Velaquez-Melendez G

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  • Knowledge about AIDS and drugs among undergraduate students in a higher education institution in the state of Paraná.

    abstract::The main objective of this study was to measure the knowledge of undergraduate nursing students about Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and drugs. The study was carried out in 2007 with a random sample of 289 undergraduate students at a State University in the Northwest of Paraná, Brazil. The students self-app...

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  • Religion and spirituality: the perspective of health professionals.

    abstract::This study examined how health professionals signify the religiosity and faith of patients under cancer treatment and how they themselves experience such phenomena. This is a qualitative-descriptive study, using the phenomenological framework as set out by Stein and Ales Bello, as a way of understanding the human bein...

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  • School as a "protective factor" against drugs: perceptions of adolescents and teachers.

    abstract::This study aims to discover and describe protective factors regarding the use of drugs, according to teachers and students, aged 14 to 15 years, from a Public Secondary School in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. This is a descriptive and exploratory study. Data collection was carried out through semi-structure interview...

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  • Reproducibility of the Brazilian version of the Edmonton Frail Scale for elderly living in the community.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to verify the inter and intra-rater reproducibility of the Brazilian adapted version of the Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) in an elderly group of residents. METHOD:in order to test the inter-rater reproducibility, two assessments were independently conducted by two researchers on the same day but at different ti...

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    authors: Fabrício-Wehbe SC,Cruz IR,Haas VJ,Diniz MA,Dantas RA,Rodrigues RA

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  • Knowledge of users of low-dose oral combined contraceptives about the method.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:to identify the knowledge of users of combined oral contraceptive about correct use, side effects and complications; to verify the correlation between knowledge about the method with age, education, family income and time of use. METHOD:cross-sectional study performed in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, from March...

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  • Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and exposure to violence: parents' opinion.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify the opinion of parents or guardians of adolescents diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) about their children's exposure as perpetrators or victims of violence situations in family life or outside. METHOD:Qualitative study with use of thematic oral history. Nine parents o...

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  • RTOG criteria to evaluate acute skin reaction and its risk factors in patients with breast cancer submitted to radiotherapy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Evaluate and classify skin reactions through the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) criteria and characterize factors that can intervene in these reactions. METHOD:Prospective study, with 86 women submitted to adjuvant breast radiotherapy with a total dose of 5040cGy, in a 6 MeV Linear Accelerator. Person...

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  • Hypothermia control in elderly surgical patients in the intraoperative period: evaluation of two nursing interventions.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the efficacy of two different nursing interventions regarding control of body heat loss, using blankets during the intraoperative period of elderly patients. METHODS:This was an experimental, comparative, applied, longitudinal prospective study with a quantitative approach. Eighty-one elderly pa...

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  • [Assessment of nursing activities in the program of control of Hansen's disease in the state of Sao Paulo].

    abstract::The present study assesses nursing actions in the Leprosy Control Program in the state of São Paulo. Nursing care, education, epidemiological control and administrative actions are primitive. Revision of practices being developed in the new model of health care are necessary. ...

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    authors: Pedrazzani ES

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  • [The concept of communicative action: a contribution to nursing consultation].

    abstract::Nurses often adopt a mechanist view, perceiving the individual from a biological standpoint and giving little attention to psychological, historical and cultural aspects. This evidences the need for a more humane approach, in which the communication between nurses and health service users can be achieved with more com...

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    authors: Machado MM,Leitão Gda C,de Holanda FU

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  • [Health profile of workers at a teaching health center].

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to describe the health profile of the 184 workers employed in a Teaching Health Center in the city of Ribeirão Preto from the viewpoint of Health Promotion, using Blum's Epidemiological Model and the risk factors related to chronic-degenerative diseases. A descriptive study was carried ou...

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    authors: Nascimento LC,Mendes IJ

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  • Primary Health Care Evaluation: the view of clients and professionals about the Family Health Strategy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to evaluate the attributes of primary health care as for access; longitudinality; comprehensiveness; coordination; family counseling and community counseling in the Family Health Strategy, triangulating and comparing the views of stakeholders involved in the care process. METHOD:evaluative research with a qu...

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    authors: da Silva SA,Baitelo TC,Fracolli LA

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  • [Social representations associated with tube feeding among adult hospitalized patients].

    abstract::This study aimed to identify and understand adult patients' representations on tube feeding. Data were collected through interviews with sixteen patients who were using feeding tubes, which were analyzed through discourse analysis and Social Representation Theory. We identified a sequence in which representations are ...

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    authors: Barbosa JA,Freitas MI

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  • Evaluation of the identification protocol for newborns in a private hospital.

    abstract::This exploratory-descriptive quantitative study aimed to evaluate the protocol for identifying newborns admitted to the Neonatal Intensive and Semi-intensive Therapy Unit of a private hospital. The case series was made up of 540 observation opportunities, selected by simple random probability sampling. The data was co...

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    authors: Quadrado ER,Tronchin DM

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  • [Nursing care at the intensive care unit (ICU): going beyond objectivity].

    abstract::Nowadays, nursing is sustained by different paradigms, among which we highlight those related to totality and simultaneity, since these embody the main conceptual models and specific theories for nursing practice. This study aims to provide elements that will lead to reflections about the possibility of founding healt...

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    authors: do Nascimento ER,Trentini M

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  • [Disinfection of medical and surgical equipment: efficacy of chemical disinfectants and water and soap].

    abstract::In this experimental study we compared the previous descontamination efficacy of the medical surgical materials by the use of chemical disinfectants and the mechanical cleaning with water and soap, as well as verified the organic material interference in these procedures. To carry out this study, we used surgical pinc...

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    authors: Silva e Souza AC,Pereira MS,Rodrigues MA

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  • [The nursing process in a burn unit: analysis and reformulation of teaching].

    abstract::The present study aims at elaborating and applying an education plan for nurses in an Unit for Burnt Patients, with the proposal of analysing and reformulating the practice of the nursing process in this service. The framework proposed by Charles MAGUEREZ, was employed as a guideline, which led to the selection and ap...

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    authors: Rossi LA,Trevizan MA

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  • Predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children. METHODS:Cross-sectional cohort study conducted with 335 children in a pediatric ward of a university hospital after approval of the ethics committee. The Wald Chi-squared, Prevalence Ratio (PR) and backward procedure (p...

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    authors: de Negri DC,Avelar AF,Andreoni S,Pedreira Mda L

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  • [Depositions by nurses from the 1960s: aids for the understanding of current nursing].

    abstract::This study is part of a more extensive project that proposes to recover significant aspects related to the evolution of nursing care from 1950s to 1990s. This report is made through the technique of oral declaration by active and retired registered nurses, in the context of an University-hospital from the interior of ...

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    authors: Vietta EP

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  • Laser acupuncture protocol for essential systemic arterial hypertension: randomized clinical trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:to evaluate the efficacy of a laser acupuncture protocol developed and applied by nurses in arterial hypertension patients. METHOD:randomized, multicenter, triple-blind and two-armed clinical trial. The sample consisted of 102 participants, 51 per arm, both sexes, aged between 30 and 75 years, undergoing dr...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究,随机对照试验


    authors: Pereira RDM,Alvim NAT,Pereira CD,Gomes Junior SCDS

    更新日期:2018-07-16 00:00:00

  • [Humanized birth according to obstetric nurses involved in birth care].

    abstract::This qualitative study aimed at identifying how obstetrical nurses perceive the humanization of delivery care, as well as evidencing, based on their discourse, the actions they develop during the birth process and factors that complicate the implementation of this care. Study participants were 16 nurses from a materni...

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    authors: Castro JC,Clapis MJ

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  • Care in a new age: the work of caregivers with psychiatric patients in houses.

    abstract::The research aims to analyze the caregivers' work developed with psychiatric patients in assisted living facilities. The research used the ethnographic method and is theoretically based on Interpretative Anthropology for the analysis of the meanings of practices related to the caregiver's work in these residential dev...

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    authors: Sprioli N,Costa MC

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  • The legacy of care as reflexive learning.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze whether the tutor's use of reflexive strategies encourages the students to reflect. The goal is to discover what type of strategies can help to achieve this and how tutors and students behave in the practical context. METHOD:a qualitative and ethnographic focus was adopted. Twenty-seven students a...

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    authors: García MR,Moya JL

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  • Intrafamily violence and justice.

    abstract::This study aimed to analyze the structural, developmental and functional dimensions of families in situations of violence, under judicial intervention in the city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. The theoretical reference utilized was centered on the perspective of the ecological context of human development. A qualitative m...

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    authors: Roque EM,Ferriani Md,Silva MA

    更新日期:2008-09-01 00:00:00

  • [Quality of life at work among nursing professionals at surgical wards from the perspective of satisfaction].

    abstract::This transversal and descriptive study aimed at evaluating the life quality of nursing professionals working at a surgical ward, using the Index of Work Satisfaction. Study participants were 105 workers; most of them women (82.9%), with an average age of 38. In this group, 69.5% were nursing auxiliaries and 11.4% were...

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    authors: Schmidt DR,Dantas RA

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