Cowpea mosaic virus-based chimaeras. Effects of inserted peptides on the phenotype, host range, and transmissibility of the modified viruses.


:Expression of foreign peptides on the surface of cowpea mosaic virus particles leads to the creation of chimaeras with a variety of phenotypes and yields. Two factors were shown to be particularly significant in determining the properties of a given chimaera: the length of the inserted sequence and its isoelectric point. The deleterious effect of high isoelectric point on the ability of chimeras to produce a systemic infection occurs irrespective of the site of insertion of the peptide. Ultrastructural analysis of tissue infected with chimaeras with different phenotypes showed that all produced particles with a tendency to aggregate, irrespective of the size or isoelectric point of the insert. Host range and transmission studies revealed that the expression of a foreign peptide did not (1) alter the virus host range, (2) increase the rate of transmission by beetles or through seed, or (3) change the insect vector specificity. These findings have implications for both the utility and the biosafety of Cowpea mosaic virus-based chimaeras.






Porta C,Spall VE,Findlay KC,Gergerich RC,Farrance CE,Lomonossoff GP




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2003-05-25 00:00:00
















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  • Phosphoprotein NS of vesicular stomatitis virus: phosphorylated states and transcriptional activities of intracellular and virion forms.

    abstract::The phosphorylation and transcriptional competence of the free cytoplasmic form and the virion form of NS protein of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV-Indiana/Mudd-Summers) were compared. NS protein is known to exist in two distinct phosphorylated states, NS1 and NS2, that are resolvable by gel electrophoresis. In vitro...


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  • Efficient expression of foreign proteins in roots from tobravirus vectors.

    abstract::Viral vectors were constructed from infectious cDNA clones of each of the three tobraviruses, tobacco rattle virus (TRV), pea early-browning virus (PEBV), and pepper ringspot virus (PepRSV). RNA2 of each of the three viruses was modified to carry an additional coat protein subgenomic promoter and was used to express g...


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  • Functional expression of influenza A viral nucleoprotein in cells transformed with cloned DNA.

    abstract::Simian cells permissive for influenza A virus infection were stably transformed with a full-length cloned influenza A nucleoprotein gene under the control of an inducible metallothionein promoter and linked to a dihydrofolate reductase gene to facilitate cell selection. Transformed cells synthesized a virus-specific n...


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