[Acute phase of Chagas disease in the Brazilian Amazon region: study of 233 cases from Pará, Amapá and Maranhão observed between 1988 and 2005].


:Two hundred and thirty-three cases of the acute phase of Chagas disease, from Pará, Amapá and Maranhão, were observed between 1988 and 2005. One hundred and sixty were studied retrospectively from 1988 to 2002 and seventy-three were prospectively followed up from 2003 to 2005. Among the cases studied, 78.5% (183/233) formed part of outbreaks, probably due to oral transmission (affecting a mean of 4 individuals), and 21.5% (50/233) were isolated cases. Cases were taken to be acute if they presented positive direct parasitological tests (fresh blood, thick drop or Quantitative Buffy Coat, QBC) and/or positive anti Trypanosoma cruzi IgM. Xenodiagnosis was also performed on 224 patients and blood culturing on 213. All the patients had clinical and epidemiological evaluations. The most frequent clinical manifestations were fever (100%), headache (92.3%), myalgia (84.1%), pallor (67%), dyspnea (58.4%), swelling of the legs (57.9%), facial edema (57.5%), abdominal pain (44.3%), myocarditis (39.9%) and exanthema (27%). The electrocardiogram showed abnormalities of ventricular repolarization in 38.5%, low QRS voltage in 15.4%, left-axis deviation in 11.5%, ventricular ectopic beats in 5.8%, bradycardia in 5.8%, tachycardia in 5.8%, right branch block in 4.8% and atrial fibrillation in 4.8%. The most frequently observed abnormality on the echocardiogram was pericardial effusion, in 46.2% of the cases. Thirteen (5.6%) patients died: ten (76.9%) of them due to cardiovascular involvement, two due to digestive complications and one due to indeterminate causes.


Rev Soc Bras Med Trop


Pinto AY,Valente SA,Valente Vda C,Ferreira Junior AG,Coura JR




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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:This study aimed to identify airborne fungi in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil, to determine the prevalent genera and to correlate these genera with the area and season. METHODS:In total, 1,510 colony-forming units (CFUs) of airborne fungi were isolated from the north, south, east and west sides and from the c...

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  • [Leishmania (Leishmania) chagasi infection in children from an endemic area of visceral leishmaniasis in the São Luís Island-MA, Brazil].

    abstract::A prospective study was undertaken in 648 children with less than 6 years of age in the municipality of Raposa, Maranhão, Brazil, from June 1997 to June 1998, to evaluate the characteristics of the infection by L.(L.)chagasi and verify if there is an association between malnutrition and asymptomatic infection. A stand...

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  • Immunodiagnosis of chronic Chagas' disease using the Tc 46 and Tc 58 antigens.

    abstract::The polypeptides of 46 and 58 kDa were recognized in different T. cruzi strains (Y, WSL and Colombiana) by serum of all chagasic patients studied. These polypeptides were isolated from T. cruzi Y strain and used in ELISA. The sensitivity and specificity were 97.6% [CI 95%: 86-100%] and 100% [CI 95%: 89.3-100%], respec...

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