Voices of Temporary Sobriety - A Diary Study of an Alcohol-Free Month in Hungary.


:Background: Temporary abstinence from alcohol as a challenge could support self-knowledge, self-care, and health consciousness in several ways. Objectives: The present study explored Dry November participants' personal experiences and coping strategies during a one-month abstinence period. The research is embedded in the Hungarian context of drinking habits, culture, society, and alcohol policy. Methods: This qualitative study comprised the thematic analysis of 23 participants' diaries, reported twice a week for 30 days (in November 2017), to identify and understand the common experiences of temporary sobriety. Results: Three main themes emerged from the analysis: challenge, community, and relationship toward alcohol and abstinence. Results showed that there are no categorical differences between successful and non-successful participants. Conclusions: The present research demonstrated that during the challenge, rather than simply saying 'no' to alcohol, participants utilized other refusal strategies to avoid social confrontation.


Subst Use Misuse


Substance use & misuse


Pados E,Kovács A,Kiss D,Kassai S,Kapitány-Fövény M,Dávid F,Karsai S,Terebessy A,Demetrovics Z,Griffiths MD,Rácz J




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