Syndecan-1 facilitates breast cancer metastasis to the brain.


PURPOSE:Although survival rates for patients with localized breast cancer have increased, patients with metastatic breast cancer still have poor prognosis. Understanding key factors involved in promoting breast cancer metastasis is imperative for better treatments. In this study, we investigated the role of syndecan-1 (Sdc1) in breast cancer metastasis. METHODS:To assess the role of Sdc1 in breast cancer metastasis, we silenced Sdc1 expression in the triple-negative breast cancer human MDA-MB-231 cell line and overexpressed it in the mouse mammary carcinoma 4T1 cell line. Intracardiac injections were performed in an experimental mouse metastasis model using both cell lines. In vitro transwell blood-brain barrier (BBB) and brain section adhesion assays were utilized to specifically investigate how Sdc1 facilitates brain metastasis. A cytokine array was performed to evaluate differences in the breast cancer cell secretome when Sdc1 is silenced. RESULTS:Silencing expression of Sdc1 in breast cancer cells significantly reduced metastasis to the brain. Conversely, overexpression of Sdc1 increased metastasis to the brain. We found that silencing of Sdc1 expression had no effect on attachment of breast cancer cells to brain endothelial cells or astrocytes, but migration across the BBB was reduced as well as adhesion to the perivascular regions of the brain. Loss of Sdc1 also led to changes in breast cancer cell-secreted cytokines/chemokines, which may influence the BBB. CONCLUSIONS:Taken together, our study demonstrates a role for Sdc1 in promoting breast cancer metastasis to the brain. These findings suggest that Sdc1 supports breast cancer cell migration across the BBB through regulation of cytokines, which may modulate the BBB. Further elucidating this mechanism will allow for the development of therapeutic strategies to combat brain metastasis.


Sayyad MR,Puchalapalli M,Vergara NG,Wangensteen SM,Moore M,Mu L,Edwards C,Anderson A,Kall S,Sullivan M,Dozmorov M,Singh J,Idowu MO,Koblinski JE




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    更新日期:2008-02-01 00:00:00

  • Secreted frizzled related protein 2 (sFRP2) decreases susceptibility to UV-induced apoptosis in primary culture of canine mammary gland tumors by NF-kappaB activation or JNK suppression.

    abstract::Tumor formation can result from a decrease in cell death, as well as an increase in cell proliferation. In spite of the high incidence of mammary gland tumors (MGTs) in female dogs, the understanding of its etiology is still poor. Consistent with several proto-oncogenes (such as Wnt) for the mammary gland, sFRP2 is ex...

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  • The influence of angiogenesis research on management of patients with breast cancer.

    abstract::The diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast cancer is beginning to be influenced by new ideas and discoveries emerging from the field of angiogenesis research. This field, pursued in the laboratory for more than 20 years, has in the past 5 years generated clinical applications. Some of these applications have ...

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    abstract::Endocrine therapy is an important therapeutic approach for the treatment of oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer. However, a number of these endocrine therapies can fail when the tumour loses its ER expression during treatment. To date, few studies have explored the potential clinical significance of traditi...

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  • Antimetastatic action of the prostacyclin analogue cicaprost in experimental mammary tumors.

    abstract::In breast cancer, the survival rate strongly depends on the number of lymph nodes involved. A drug with a specific inhibitory activity on lymph node and organ metastases would therefore be a candidate for adjuvant therapy after surgery. Prostacyclin and its stable analogues have been shown to interfere with certain st...

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  • Genetic variants in trinucleotide repeat-containing 9 (TNRC9) are associated with risk of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in a Chinese population.

    abstract::Trinucleotide repeat-containing 9 (TNRC9), a high mobility group chromatin-associated protein, has been implicated in breast cancer metastasis to the bone. Recently, several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of TNRC9 were identified as novel breast cancer susceptibility loci by whole genome association studies, e...

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  • Differential gene expression profile in breast cancer-derived stromal fibroblasts.

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