Accelerated bio-methane production rate in thermophilic digestion of cardboard with appropriate biochar: Dose-response kinetic assays, hybrid synergistic mechanism, and microbial networks analysis.


:The effect of biochar on the thermophilic digestion of mono-cardboard was investigated. Compared with control group (T0), the maximum rate of biomethane production was significantly improved after the addition of biochar, especially, it has been improved by 40.6% in T1 (0.77 g/gTS sludge) with the methane production of 89.28 mL/gVS. Also, the addition of biochar improved the efficiency of acidogenesis and acetogenesis. However, adverse effects were observed with the biomethane production decreased by 33.98% and the lag phase extended by 35 h in T5 (3.86 g/gTS sludge). Especially, the results showed that the adsorption of biochar played important roles in digestion. In addition, acetoclastic Methanosaeta which considered to be involved in interspecific electron transfer (IET) was enriched after biochar added and the highest diversity of acetogens was obtained in T1. Oppositely, microbial networks analysis showed that the excessive biochar may destroy the diversity of microorganism drastically.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Li D,Song L,Fang H,Li P,Teng Y,Li YY,Liu R,Niu Q




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    abstract::A novel integrated process with three-dimensional electro-Fenton (3D EF) and biological activated carbon (BAC) was employed in advanced treatment of biologically pretreated Lurgi coal gasification wastewater. SAC-Fe (sludge deserved activated carbon from sewage and iron sludge) and SAC (sludge deserved activated carbo...

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  • Efficient metal removal and neutralization of acid mine drainage by crab-shell chitin under batch and continuous-flow conditions.

    abstract::Crab-shell chitin was evaluated as a multifunctional substrate for treating acid mine drainage (AMD) in both batch-microcosms and continuous-flow column tests. In microcosms, crab-shell chitin was able to treat AMD from three different sites with similar results: pH increased from 3.5 to approximately 7.5 within 2 day...

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