Prostanoids and leukotrienes in the pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.


:Lipid mediators, such as prostanoids and leukotrienes (LTs), exert a range of actions through their own receptors on cell surfaces in various pathophysiological conditions. It has been reported that the production of prostanoids and LTs is significantly elevated in the skin lesions of some chronic inflammatory skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis, showing the possible involvement of these lipid mediators in the development of those diseases. Although the actual significance of these lipid mediators in humans is still unclear, the findings from studies in mice suggest diverse roles of the lipid mediators in the progression or regulation of these diseases. For example, in a mouse AD model, prostaglandin D2 inhibits the induction of Th2 cells through DP receptor on Langerhans cells, while it promotes infiltration of Th2 cells through chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on Th2 cells. In a psoriasis model, thromboxane A2-TP signaling promotes psoriatic dermatitis by facilitating IL-17 production from γδ T cells. In this short review, we summarize the current findings on the roles of prostanoids and LTs in AD and psoriasis as revealed by studies in mice, and discuss the potential of these lipid mediators as therapeutic targets in humans.


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  • CD21 and CD62L shedding are both inducible via P2X7Rs.

    abstract::Neutrophils and lymphocytes are recruited to sites of inflammation and require the adhesion molecule L-selectin (CD62L) for adherence to endothelial cells. Nucleotides released from activated or dying cells at sites of inflammation can mediate signaling through purinergic receptor family II, resulting in CD62L sheddin...

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  • A truncated form of mannose-binding lectin-associated serine protease (MASP)-2 expressed by alternative polyadenylation is a component of the lectin complement pathway.

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  • The response of human B cells to Mycobacterium leprae. Identification of target antigens following polyclonal activation in vitro.

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  • HLA-B*0702 transgenic, H-2KbDb double-knockout mice: phenotypical and functional characterization in response to influenza virus.

    abstract::HLA-B*0702 transgenic mice (expressing a chimeric heavy chain with a murine alpha 3 domain: HLA-B7(m alpha 3)) in which the H-2K(b) and H-2D(b) class I-a (Cl I-a(-/-)) genes have been inactivated were compared with H-2K(b)D(b) Cl I-a(+/+) positive controls. Expression of the HLA-B7(m alpha 3) molecules resulted in a 3...

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  • Administration of IL-12 during ongoing immune responses fails to permanently suppress and can even enhance the synthesis of antigen-specific IgE.

    abstract::The synthesis of antibodies of the IgE isotype in mice largely depends on IL-4, a cytokine that is released by T lymphocytes of the Th2 subtype. IL-12 is a cytokine considered to direct Th cell development into a Th1 direction and to suppress Th2 responses including the synthesis of IgE. Here we report about the influ...

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  • Evidence for carbohydrate recognition and homotypic and heterotypic binding by the TIM family.

    abstract::The T cell Ig domain and mucin domain (TIM) proteins form a conserved family of transmembrane cell-surface glycoproteins expressed by a variety of tissues. Each TIM protein contains a single V-type Ig domain, a glycosylated mucin-like domain, a transmembrane domain and a cytoplasmic domain. TIM proteins recognize a di...

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  • Aromatic side-chain interactions as the origin of immunological diversity in the TyrTyrGluGlu and TyrGluTyrGlu epitopes: NMR and fluorescence evidence.

    abstract::Spectroscopic methods have been applied to elucidate conformational differences responsible for the immunological diversity of two synthetic multichain copolymers, Tyr1Tyr2Glu3Glu4-poly-DL-Ala--poly-Lys and Tyr1Glu2Tyr3Glu4-poly-DL-Ala--poly-Lys. Despite their far-reaching structural similarity in the epitope peptide ...

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  • Molecular analysis of TCR junctional variability in individual infiltrated islets of non-obese diabetic mice: evidence for the constitution of largely autonomous T cell foci within the same pancreas.

    abstract::Insulitis develops in non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice as a multicentric and asynchronous process. In an effort to understand how this T cell mediated process expands within each islet and propagates between the islets of the same pancreas, we have analyzed the junctional diversity of TCR V beta 6 and V beta 8.2 transcri...

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  • Recent progress in organoid culture to model intestinal epithelial barrier functions.

    abstract::The intestinal epithelium not only acts as the physical structure that separates the intestinal lumen from the body but also actively participates in intestinal barrier functions. In the past decade, significant progress has been made in the development of culture technologies to maintain intestinal epithelial cells (...

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    authors: Nakamura T

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  • Adjuvant-dependent modulation of Th1 and Th2 responses to immunization with beta-amyloid.

    abstract::The role of adjuvant on the T(h)1 and T(h)2 immune responses to Abeta-immunotherapy (Abeta(42 )peptide) was examined in wild-type mice. Fine epitope analysis with overlapping oligomers of the Abeta(42) sequence identified the 1-15 region as a dominant B cell epitope. The 6-20 peptide was recognized only weakly by anti...

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    authors: Cribbs DH,Ghochikyan A,Vasilevko V,Tran M,Petrushina I,Sadzikava N,Babikyan D,Kesslak P,Kieber-Emmons T,Cotman CW,Agadjanyan MG

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  • Modulation of T cell homeostasis and alloreactivity under continuous FTY720 exposure.

    abstract::The immunomodulator FTY720 inhibits lymph node (LN) and thymic egress, thereby constraining T cell circulation and reducing peripheral T cell numbers. Here, we analyzed in mouse models the as yet scarcely characterized impact of long-term (up to 6 months) FTY720 exposure on T cell homeostasis and possible consequences...

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  • Mechanisms of acute inflammatory lung injury induced by abdominal sepsis.

    abstract::Sequestration of neutrophils and release of histotoxic mediators are considered important for the development of pathologic alterations of the lung defined as adult respiratory distress syndrome. Mechanisms of inflammatory lung injury caused by abdominal sepsis were investigated using the colon ascendens stent periton...

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  • The interface between innate and acquired immunity: glycolipid antigen presentation by CD1d-expressing dendritic cells to NKT cells induces the differentiation of antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

    abstract::In vivo administration of NKT cell ligand, alpha-galactosylceramide (alpha-GalCer), caused the activation of NKT cells to induce a strong NK activity and cytokine production by CD1d-restricted mechanisms. Surprisingly, we also found that alpha-GalCer induced the activation of immunoregulatory cells involved in acquire...

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  • IL-7 receptor alpha+ CD3(-) cells in the embryonic intestine induces the organizing center of Peyer's patches.

    abstract::Peyer's patch (PP) organogenesis proceeds through three histologically distinct steps: formation of organizing centers expressing VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 in segregated regions of the intestine at 15.5 days post-coitus (d.p.c.) (step I), accumulation of blood cells expressing different sets of surface markers to this region ...

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  • Immune checkpoint inhibition in ovarian cancer.

    abstract::Recent studies have shown that tumor cells acquire escape mechanisms to evade host immunity in the tumor microenvironment. Two key immune checkpoint pathways mediated by immunosuppressive co-signaling, the first via programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) and PD-1 ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) and the second via CTLA-4 and B7 (CTLA-4/...

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  • Linomide, an immunomodulator that inhibits Th1 cytokine gene expression.

    abstract::Linomide (LS-2616, quinoline-3-carboxamide) has strong immunomodulating effects in animal models, inhibiting toxic shock, progressive autoimmune disease and cancer. In humans, linomide strongly reduced the appearance of new lesions in multiple sclerosis yet enhanced immune responses after bone marrow transplantation. ...

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    authors: Arad G,Katzenellenbogen M,Levy R,Slavin S,Kaempfer R

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  • Mouse B-1 cell-derived mononuclear phagocyte, a novel cellular component of acute non-specific inflammatory exudate.

    abstract::At least three B cell subsets, B-1a, B-1b and B-2, or conventional B cells are present in the mouse periphery. Here we demonstrate that B-1 cells spontaneously proliferate in stationary cultures of normal adherent mouse peritoneal cells. B-1 cells were characterized by morphology, immunohistochemistry and flow cytomet...

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    authors: Almeida SR,Aroeira LS,Frymuller E,Dias MA,Bogsan CS,Lopes JD,Mariano M

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  • Ly-49 antigen defines an alpha beta TCR population in i-IEL with an extrathymic maturation.

    abstract::In this paper we describe a monoclonal antibody, JR9-318, which was obtained from a wild-derived mouse immunized with the M14T cell line (CD3+CD4-CD8-) in order to describe antigenic molecules expressed during T cell differentiation. This mAb precipitated a protein from the M14T cell line or subclones that migrates li...

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  • Potentiation of NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity in human lung adenocarcinoma: role of NKG2D-dependent pathway.

    abstract::Natural cytotoxicity receptors and NKG2D correspond to major activating receptors involved in triggering of tumor cell lysis by human NK cells. In this report, we investigated the expression of NKG2D ligands (NKG2DLs), MHC class I-related chain (MIC) A, MICB and UL16-binding proteins 1, 2 and 3, on a panel of human no...

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    authors: Le Maux Chansac B,Missé D,Richon C,Vergnon I,Kubin M,Soria JC,Moretta A,Chouaib S,Mami-Chouaib F

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  • The role of B7-CD28 co-stimulation in tumor rejection.

    abstract::The role of B7 co-stimulatory signaling in in vivo tumor rejection remains incompletely characterized. In particular, the relative competence of B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86) to provide effective co-stimulus is not well defined, and the identification of the T cell co-stimulatory receptor that mediates B7 co-stimulation...

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    authors: Yu X,Abe R,Hodes RJ

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  • Gamma 2b provides only some of the signals normally given via mu in B cell development.

    abstract::B cell development is a complex process involving interactions between B cell precursors, stroma, and known and unknown ligands and cytokines. In order to more fully understand the requirements for Ig in that development we have created transgenic mice that carry a gamma 2b transgene and express it early in B cell dev...

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    authors: Kurtz BS,Witte PL,Storb U

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  • Differential role of MyD88 signaling in Streptococcus suis serotype 2-induced systemic and central nervous system diseases.

    abstract::Streptococcus suis serotype 2 is an important porcine bacterial pathogen and a zoonotic agent responsible for sudden death, septic shock and meningitis, with exacerbated inflammation being a hallmark of the systemic and central nervous system (CNS) infections. However, S. suis serotype 2 strains are genetically and ph...

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  • IL-18-independent cytotoxic T lymphocyte activation and IFN-gamma production during experimental acute graft-versus-host disease.

    abstract::Acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a serious complication after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Donor-derived T cells infiltrate recipient target organs and cause severe tissue damage, often leading to death of the affected patient. Tissue destruction is a direct result of donor CD8+ T cell activation a...

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    authors: Arnold D,Wasem C,Juillard P,Graber P,Cima I,Frutschi C,Herren S,Jakob S,Alouani S,Mueller C,Chvatchko Y,Brunner T

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  • Integrity of immunoglobulin variable regions is supported by GANP during AID-induced somatic hypermutation in germinal center B cells.

    abstract::Immunoglobulin affinity maturation depends on somatic hypermutation (SHM) in immunoglobulin variable (IgV) regions initiated by activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID). AID induces transition mutations by C→U deamination on both strands, causing C:G→T:A. Error-prone repairs of U by base excision and mismatch repai...

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    authors: Eid MMA,Shimoda M,Singh SK,Almofty SA,Pham P,Goodman MF,Maeda K,Sakaguchi N

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  • Cloning of follistatin-related protein as a novel autoantigen in systemic rheumatic diseases.

    abstract::In an attempt to identify autoantigens of synovium in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), we constructed lambda phage expression cDNA libraries from synovium and screened them by IgG purified from synovial fluids, both of which were derived from RA patients. As a result of this unique combination of the libraries and probes, w...

    journal_title:International immunology

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    authors: Tanaka M,Ozaki S,Osakada F,Mori K,Okubo M,Nakao K

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  • HIV envelope-directed signaling aberrancies and cell death of CD4+ T cells in the absence of TCR co-stimulation.

    abstract::HIV-1 infection in CD4(+) T cells initiates a viral cytopathic effect (CPE) that is dependent on the activation of intracellular protein tyrosine kinases (PTK). PTK in T cells are also activated during the course of TCR or CD4 receptor engagement and the manner of receptor engagement may generate signals leading eithe...

    journal_title:International immunology

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    authors: Tian H,Lempicki R,King L,Donoghue E,Samelson LE,Cohen DI

    更新日期:1996-01-01 00:00:00

  • Human CD8 co-receptor is strictly involved in MHC-peptide tetramer-TCR binding and T cell activation.

    abstract::Although there has been extensive analysis on the capacity of MHC-peptide tetramers to bind antigen-specific TCR, there have been comparatively few studies regarding the role of the CD4 and CD8 co-receptors in binding and activation by these multimeric molecules. Here, we start from the observation that different anti...

    journal_title:International immunology

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    authors: Campanelli R,Palermo B,Garbelli S,Mantovani S,Lucchi P,Necker A,Lantelme E,Giachino C

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  • CD40 signalling in ileal Peyer's patch B cells: implications for T cell-dependent antigen selection.

    abstract::The ileal Peyer's patch (PP) plays a central role in B cell development in young sheep and it is hypothesized that this B cell development occurs independent of extrinsic antigen and T cells. Therefore, it was of interest to examine ileal PP follicular (iPf) B cell responses to CD40 ligand, a molecule integral to T ce...

    journal_title:International immunology

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    authors: Griebel P,Ferrari G

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  • Longitudinal analysis of T cells responding to tetanus toxoid in healthy subjects as well as in pediatric patients after bone marrow transplantation: the identification of identical TCR-CDR3 regions in time suggests long-term stability of at least part of

    abstract::To understand the nature of long-term Th immune responses, we investigated in the present study the TCRBV gene repertoire of CD4(+) T cells specific for the recall antigen tetanus toxoid (TT) in recipients of an allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (allo-BMT) at several time points after transplantation and in their...

    journal_title:International immunology

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    authors: Godthelp BC,van Tol MJ,Vossen JM,van den Elsen PJ

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  • Interleukin 12 alters the isotype-restricted antibody response of mice to hen eggwhite lysozyme.

    abstract::Protein antigens elicit humoral responses in mice that consist predominantly of IgG1 antibodies. We have now investigated the ability of IL-12, a cytokine reported to augment IgG2a anti-hapten responses through activation of Th1 cells, to alter antibody responses to hen eggwhite lysozyme (HEL). The normal response of ...

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    authors: Buchanan JM,Vogel LA,Van Cleave VH,Metzger DW

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