Focus on current and future management possibilities in inflammatory bowel disease-related chronic pain.


INTRODUCTION:Visceral pain is a symptom reported by over 70% of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) sufferers. So far, a single, specific cause of this debilitating state has not been established. Chronic pain is one of the most important factors decreasing the quality of life in IBD course. Concurrently, management of pain is the most challenging issue encountered by clinicians in IBD treatment. AREAS COVERED:This review focuses on pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease-caused visceral pain and explores currently available approaches to its management. We also covered recent pharmacological developments in the field. CONCLUSIONS:Pain-related disability has major effects on quality of life and on functional and social outcomes in IBD patients. Currently, there is no one standardized method of managing chronic visceral pain in IBD. Therefore, future development, focusing primarily on alleviating the pain, but also on reducing inflammation, is essential.


Int J Colorectal Dis


Zielińska A,Sałaga M,Włodarczyk M,Fichna J




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  • Metastatic lymph node ratio is a more precise predictor of prognosis than number of lymph node metastases in stage III colon cancer.

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  • Meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of robotic versus laparoscopic total mesorectal excision in management of rectal cancer.

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  • Topic infliximab injection for refractory rectal stenosis in Crohn's disease: long-term follow-up in two patients.

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  • Rectal endosonography for the visualisation of the anastomosis after anterior resection and its relevance to local recurrence.

    abstract::Rectal endosonography can be used to detect and localise recurrent rectal carcinoma. Distal and proximal to a rectal anastomosis the separate layers of the bowel wall as seen by rectal endosonography are well defined but at the precise level of the anastomosis separation of the layers is lost and they appear to merge....

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  • The effect of a diverting stoma on morbidity and risk of permanent stoma following anastomotic leakage after low anterior resection for rectal cancer: a nationwide cohort study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Diverting stomata (DS) have been shown to mitigate the clinical impact of anastomotic leakage (AL) but not without complications, and their routine use remains a matter of international debate. The objective of this study was to examine the association between stomata and the clinical consequences of AL. ME...

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  • The predictive value of metabolic response to preoperative radiochemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer measured by PET/CT.

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  • Hypericin activated by an incoherent light source has photodynamic effects on esophageal cancer cells.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new treatment modality for early esophageal neoplasia. With two absorption maxima in the visible light range (550 and 588 nm) hypericin is a very promising photosensitizer for PDT with incoherent light sources. We studied the effects of photosensitizing hypericin in b...

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  • Placement of SurgiWrap® adhesion barrier film around the protective loop stoma after laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery may reduce the peristomal adhesion severity and facilitate the closure.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A temporary loop stoma is often created after laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery. Peristomal adhesions may make stoma closure into a complicated operation. We demonstrated how to place the SurgiWrap® adhesion barrier film and evaluated the peristomal adhesion severity and feasibility of stoma closure. METH...

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  • Ultrasonic endoluminal examination in the follow-up of colorectal cancer. Initial experience and results.

    abstract::We have been using endoluminal ultrasonography since 1988 as part of the follow-up procedure after colorectal surgery. A total of 106 patients with anterior resection of the rectum or the sigmoid colon were involved in 1988. The follow-up period for these patients ranged from 1 to 56 months after surgery (23.1 +/- 15....

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  • Inclusion of cytological features in tumor grading improves prognostic stratification of patients with colorectal cancer.

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  • Role of 0.4% glyceryl trinitrate ointment after haemorrhoidectomy: results of a prospective randomised study.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Conventional haemorrhoidectomy (CH) is well known to cause significant post-operative pain and delayed return to daily activities. Both surgical wounds and sphincterial apparatus spasms are likely responsible for the pain. In this study, we evaluated the role of glyceryl trinitrate ointment (GTN) in reduci...

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  • Characteristic findings on defecography according to reconstruction method and defecatory disorder following sphincter-saving surgery for rectal cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:This study used postoperative defecography to characterize morphological features of defecatory disorders in patients following rectal resection. We also evaluated differences in dynamic defecatory condition depending on reconstruction methods for sphincter-saving surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Sub...

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  • Intensive surveillance following curative treatment of colorectal cancer allows effective treatment of recurrence even if limited to 4 years.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Current evidence suggests a survival benefit to post-operative surveillance following curative colorectal cancer resection; however, there is still no consensus on the optimal duration and form. OBJECTIVES:The objective is to prospectively audit outcomes of an intensive colorectal cancer follow-up scheme fo...

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  • Malignant recurrence and distal metastasis after complete local resection of colorectal "high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia": incidence and risk factors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Colorectal high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia is defined as a high-grade neoplastic lesion with no invasion of submucosa. Because pathological evaluation has inevitable sampling errors, invasive cancer may be underdiagnosed as high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia by regarding submucosa invasion as an indis...

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  • Risk of lymph node metastasis after endoscopic treatment for rectal NETs 10 mm or less.

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  • Abdominal rectopexy for complete rectal prolapse: preliminary results of a new technique.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Although the technique for the surgical repair of rectal prolapse has advanced over the years, no ideal procedure has been found. We aim to test a new surgical procedure for abdominal rectopexy that uses the greater omentum to support the rectum below the rectopexy, to reconstruct the anorectal angle and dispen...

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  • External coating of colonic anastomoses: a systematic review.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Colon anastomotic leakage remains both a frequent and serious complication in gastrointestinal surgery. External coating of colonic anastomoses has been proposed as a means to lower the rate of this complication. The aim of this review was to evaluate existing studies on external coating of colonic anastomoses....

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  • Endorectal ultrasound-directed biopsy: a useful technique to detect local recurrence of rectal cancer.

    abstract:AIMS:This study assesses the value of endorectal ultrasound (ERUS)-directed biopsy in detecting local recurrence of rectal cancer. METHODS:We reviewed the records of patients undergoing ERUS by a single surgeon for surveillance after treatment of rectal adenocarcinoma. Lesions suggestive of local recurrence underwent ...

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  • Development of a clinical model to predict secondary non-response of infliximab treatment in Crohn's disease.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Secondary non-response to infliximab (IFX) in patients with Crohn's disease (CD) is so common that prediction of non-response is required to adopt the optimal therapy for an individual patient. METHODS:The clinical model was constructed in a training cohort. Clinical features, serological parameters, and genet...

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  • Effect of neoadjuvant chemoradiation on postoperative fecal continence and anal sphincter function in rectal cancer patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Neoadjuvant chemoradiation (nCRT) followed by curative surgery has gained acceptance as the therapy of choice in locally advanced rectal cancer. This prospective study evaluates the effect of nCRT on postoperative anorectal function and continence. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Group A consisted of 12 patie...

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  • Stapled hemorrhoidopexy: functional results, recurrence rate, and prognostic factors in a single center analysis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Since its introduction, stapled hemorrhoidopexy (SHP), the so-called Longo procedure, became a widely accepted treatment option for prolapsing hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, from the early years, concerns grew about the early functional results and potential recurrences. In order to evaluate of SHP with special res...

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  • Effect of faecal occult blood testing on colorectal cancer mortality in the surveillance of subjects at moderate risk of colorectal neoplasia: a case-control study.

    abstract::Colonoscopy is the established method of surveillance of subjects at high risk of developing colorectal neoplasia. Its role in the surveillance of a population at moderate risk is less clear, however, as the procedure is expensive, time consuming and occasionally hazardous. The aim of this study was to estimate by cas...

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  • Colorectal carcinoma in Poland in 1975 and 1995: not only more, but also different.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:We previously reported that the sole clinicopathological parameters of carcinomas diagnosed in a single institution in 1975 differed from those in patients diagnosed in 1995. The findings might be compatible with the loss of importance of the microsatellite instability of the carcinogenic pathway. ...

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  • Clinical results after restorative proctocolectomy without diverting ileostomy for ulcerative colitis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:This study evaluated the postoperative complications and clinical results of restorative proctocolectomy without diverting ileostomy for ulcerative colitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS:One hundred selected patients had a hand-sewn ileal J-pouch anal anastomosis with mucosectomy using an ultrasonically act...

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  • Mesenteric fibromatosis.

    abstract::Mesenteric fibromatosis is a rare, locally invasive, non-metastasizing type of intra-abdominal fibromatoses with a very high rate of recurrence. Because of rarity, these tumors pose a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. These tumors may remain asymptomatic, but commonly present as a painless mass. There are no clear...

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    authors: Chaudhary P

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  • Analysis of rectal dynamic and static compliances in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

    abstract:AIMS:Our aim was to investigate whether the dynamic and static compliances differ between patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and normal subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Fifty-five IBS patients (age range 20-65 years, mean age 39.0 years, 28 women and 27 men; 36 diarrhea-predominant IBS (IBS-D) patients and 19...

    journal_title:International journal of colorectal disease

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    authors: Park JH,Baek YH,Park DI,Kim HJ,Cho YK,Sohn CI,Jeon WK,Kim BI,Rhee PL

    更新日期:2008-07-01 00:00:00

  • Faecal occult blood screening of first degree relatives of patients with colorectal cancer.

    abstract::A full first-degree family history was taken from 161 patients with colorectal cancer (Group 1) and from a group of 203 subjects previously investigated and found to have no colorectal neoplasia (Group 2). Twenty-six (16%) of patients in Group 1 compared with 23 (11%) in Group 2 had at least 1 first-degree relative wi...

    journal_title:International journal of colorectal disease

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    authors: Armitage NC,Farrands PA,Mangham CM,Hardcastle JD

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  • Nodal staging in rectal cancer: why is restaging after chemoradiation more accurate than primary nodal staging?

    abstract:PURPOSE:This study aims to explore the influence of chemoradiation treatment (CRT) on rectal cancer nodes and to generate hypotheses why nodal restaging post-CRT is more accurate than at primary staging. METHODS:Thirty-nine patients with locally advanced rectal cancer underwent MRI pre- and post-CRT. All visible mesor...

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  • The effect of inositol hexaphosphate on the expression of selected metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in IL-1β-stimulated colon cancer cells.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have repeatedly been shown to play a very active role in extracellular matrix degradation associated with tumor invasion and metastasis. Tissue inhibitors of MMPs (TIMPs) are well-known for their ability to inhibit MMP activity thereby inhibiting malignant progression. Inos...

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