Augmenting nitrogen removal by periphytic biofilm strengthened via upconversion phosphors (UCPs).


:The application of periphytic biofilm in removing nitrogen from water is limited by the fluctuating nitrogen concentration. Here, we delineate a novel approach to enhance periphytic biofilm performance in nitrogen removal via upconversion luminescence of upconversion phosphors (UCPs). Nitrogen removal rates (14 d) in high nitrogen wastewater (26 mg/L) were significantly improved to 58.6% and 61.4% by UCPs doped with Pr3+ and Li+ and UCPs doped with Pr3+, respectively, and to 95.1% and 95.9% in low nitrogen surface water (2 mg/L), respectively. The stimulation of UCPs optimized the microbial community structure in the periphytic biofilms, and also resulted in good acclimation to use different carbon sources. The enhanced synergic action of cyanobacterial biomass, ratio of Gram +ve to Gram -ve bacteria and carbon source metabolic capacity contributed to the improved nitrogen removal. This novel approach is promising in nitrogen removal from wastewater and surface water with fluctuating initial nitrogen concentration.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Wang Y,Zhu Y,Sun P,Liu J,Zhu N,Tang J,Wong PK,Fan H,Wu Y




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  • Comparative study of the efficiency of synthetic and natural mediators in laccase-assisted bleaching of eucalyptus kraft pulp.

    abstract::The natural phenolic compounds syringaldehyde and vanillin were compared to the synthetic mediators 1-hydroxybenzotriazole, violuric acid and promazine in terms of boosting efficiency in a laccase-assisted biobleaching of eucalyptus kraft pulp. Violuric acid and 1-hydroxybenzotriazole revealed to be the most effective...

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    abstract::The aim of this work was to study the accumulation of phytoene in Dunaliella salina V-101 by down-regulating its phytoene desaturase (PDS) gene expression using RNA interference and Antisense technology. RNAi and antisense constructs were introduced into the Dunaliella cells by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. A...

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  • Nitrogen removal characteristics of a versatile heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterium, Pseudomonas bauzanensis DN13-1, isolated from deep-sea sediment.

    abstract::A heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterium isolated from deep-sea sediment was identified as Pseudomonas bauzanensis DN13-1. Nitrogen (N) removal capability and relative expression of nitrification and denitrification genes of this strain were investigated. The NO2--N, NO3--N and NH4+-N removal efficien...

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  • Influence of carbon and buffer amendment on ammonia volatilization in composting.

    abstract::Laboratory-scale experiments were carried out to test a mathematical model of the nitrogen dynamics in a composting process. The main ingredients of composting materials were wheat straw and dairy manure. The influence of (a) two carbon amendments, i.e. molasses and office paper, and (b) two chemicals forming buffer s...

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  • Recent process improvements for the ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) process and resulting reductions in minimum ethanol selling price.

    abstract::The ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) process has been shown to be an effective pretreatment for lignocellulosic biomass. Technological advances in AFEX have been made since previous cost estimates were developed for this process. Recent research has enabled lower overall ammonia requirements, reduced ammonia concentrati...

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  • Application of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) seed biochar in hybrid treatment system for the bioremediation of Congo red dye.

    abstract::In the present study, a hybrid treatment system (biological and ozonation) was developed and used in the decolorization of Congo red (CR) dye. The biological treatment was performed in packed bed bioreactor (PBBR) containing Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) seeds biochar immobilized with Providencia stuartii, whereas ozonat...

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