Early hits and long-term consequences: tracking the lasting impact of prenatal smoke exposure on telomere length in children.


:We examined the association between telomere length and prenatal tobacco exposure (PTE) in 104 children aged 4 to 14 years. Salivary telomere length (STL) was determined from salivary DNA using quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Of the children, 18% had maternal reported PTE. Mean STL was significantly lower among children with PTE (6.4 vs 7.5, P < .05). Findings extend the literature demonstrating the negative long-term effects of PTE to include a cellular marker of aging linked to multiple negative health outcomes.


Am J Public Health


Theall KP,McKasson S,Mabile E,Dunaway LF,Drury SS




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  • Quality of death certificates in Valencia, Spain.

    abstract::Certificates of 1,454 deaths occurring over 11 months were retrieved from the Civil Register in Valencia, Spain. Relevant medical information was systematically gathered from hospital records, questionnaires, and Coroner reports. We compared the underlying cause of death (UCD) from the original death certificate, and ...

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  • Income-specific trends in obesity in Brazil: 1975-2003.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We sought to update income-specific secular trends in obesity in Brazil to assess the hypothesis that the disease burden is shifting toward the poor. METHODS:We compared overall and income-specific obesity prevalence rates estimated for Brazilian men and women from national surveys conducted in 1975, 1989, ...

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  • Environmental lead pollution and elevated blood lead levels among children in a rural area of China.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We investigated environmental lead pollution and its impact on children's blood lead levels (BLLs) in a rural area of China. METHODS:In 2007, we studied 379 children younger than 15 years living in 7 villages near lead mines and processing plants, along with a control group of 61 children from another villa...

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  • STD prevalence, risky sexual behaviors, and sex with women in a national sample of Chinese men who have sex with men.

    abstract::We describe the behavioral characteristics and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevalence of Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM) (n = 41) from a national probability sample of men (n = 1861). Most MSM were partnered with females (97%) and had a low rate of consistent condom use (7%). More MSM than heterosexual ...

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  • Hysterectomies in one Canadian Province: a new look at risks and benefits.

    abstract::This paper assesses the risks and benefits associated with hysterectomy by comparing the age-adjusted health care usage patterns of all women receiving hysterectomy in the Province of Manitoba in 1974 during the two years before and the two years after surgery with those of women undergoing cholecystectomy, and with t...

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  • Local public health systems and the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We examined the associations of local public health system organization and local health department resources with county-level sexually transmitted disease (STD) incidence rates in large US health jurisdictions. METHODS:We linked annual county STD incidence data (2005-2008) to local health department direc...

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  • The quality of medical care delivered by lay practitioners in a feminist clinic.

    abstract::The completion of essential components of patient encounters by lay paramedics in a feminist clinic was compared to that of nurse practitioners in a student health gynecology clinic using explicit criteria for the gynecological annual examination and the examination for vulvo-vaginitis. According to evidence charted i...

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  • Dissemination of Information About Climate Change by State and Local Public Health Departments: United States, 2019-2020.

    abstract::Objectives. To determine if and how state and local public health departments present information about climate change on their Web sites, their most public-facing platform.Methods. We collected data from every functioning state (n = 50), county (n = 2090), and city (n = 585) public health department Web site in the U...

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  • Employer policies toward guns and the risk of homicide in the workplace.

    abstract::This population-based case-control study of North Carolina workplaces evaluated the hypothesis that employers' policies allowing firearms in the workplace may increase workers' risk of homicide. Workplaces where guns were permitted were about 5 times as likely to experience a homicide as those where all weapons were p...

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    authors: Loomis D,Marshall SW,Ta ML

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  • Legal tools for preparedness and response: variation in quarantine powers among the 10 most populous US states in 2004.

    abstract::From April 2004 through December 2004, we reviewed the express legal authorities of the 10 most populous US states to restrict the movement of persons to control communicable diseases. All 10 of the states possessed express legal authority to quarantine and isolate individuals, but the laws varied substantially. In th...

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    authors: Shaw FE,McKie KL,Liveoak CA,Goodman RA,State Public Health Counsel Review Team.

    更新日期:2007-04-01 00:00:00

  • The impact of 'Bottle Bill' legislation on the incidence of lacerations in childhood.

    abstract::We studied the effect of legislation requiring deposits for beverage containers on the incidence of lacerations in urban children. Records of emergency room visits for lacerations and fractures were reviewed for three years pre-legislation (1980-82) and the immediate post-legislation period (1983). The incidence of to...

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    authors: Baker MD,Moore SE,Wise PH

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  • Health Impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on St Thomas and St John, US Virgin Islands, 2017-2018.

    abstract::Objectives. To assess the health impact of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria on St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.Methods. We collected data from interviews conducted 6 and 9 months after the hurricanes, a review of 597 randomly selected emergency department (ED) encounters, and administrative records from 10 716 ED visit...

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    authors: Chowdhury MAB,Fiore AJ,Cohen SA,Wheatley C,Wheatley B,Balakrishnan MP,Chami M,Scieszka L,Drabin M,Roberts KA,Toben AC,Tyndall JA,Grattan LM,Morris JG Jr

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  • Physicians' recommendations for mammography: do tailored messages make a difference?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Message tailoring, based on individual needs and circumstances, is commonly used to enhance face-to-face patient counseling. Only recently has individual tailoring become feasible for printed messages. This study sought to determine whether printed tailored recommendations addressing women's specific screeni...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Skinner CS,Strecher VJ,Hospers H

    更新日期:1994-01-01 00:00:00

  • Development of the pediatric environmental health specialty unit network in North America.

    abstract::Training in environmental health in general, and pediatric environmental health in particular, is inadequate. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry began to develop pediatric environmental health specialty units (PEHSUs) after noting the dearth of practitioners who could evaluate and manage children wit...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Paulson JA,Karr CJ,Seltzer JM,Cherry DC,Sheffield PE,Cifuentes E,Buka I,Amler RW

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  • The effect of hip fracture on mortality, hospitalization, and functional status: a prospective study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this study was to prospectively assess the independent effect of hip fracture on mortalìty, hospitalization, and functional status. METHODS:Among 7527 members of the Longitudinal Study of Aging who were over age 70 at baseline, 368 persons with hip fracture occurring between 1984 and 1991 wer...

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  • Using a multisectoral approach to assess HIV/AIDS services in the western region of Puerto Rico.

    abstract::The Enhancing Care Initiative of Puerto Rico assessed services available to people living with HIV/AIDS in the western region of Puerto Rico. Participants were 212 people living with HIV/AIDS and 116 employees from 6 agencies providing HIV/AIDS services in the region. Two main findings were that depression symptoms we...

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    authors: Asencio Toro G,Burns P,Pimentel D,Sánchez Peraza LR,Rivera Lugo C

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  • Implications of the revised surveillance definition: AIDS among New York City drug users.

    abstract::The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has proposed revising the AIDS surveillance definition to include any HIV-seropositive person with a CD4 cell count of less than 200 cells per microliter. Based on a study of persons receiving treatment for HIV infection, this new definition would lead to an estimated 50% increase...

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  • The protective effect of condoms and nonoxynol-9 against HIV infection.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Whether or not spermicides can reduce the risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission remains an important question for the control of heterosexual HIV transmission. The authors provide estimates from a reanalysis of one of the few observational studies on the efficacy of condoms and spermicides,...

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    authors: Wittkowski KM,Susser E,Dietz K

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  • Strengthening the network of mentored, underrepresented minority scientists and leaders to reduce HIV-related health disparities.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We reviewed data for the Minority HIV/AIDS Research Initiative (MARI), which was established in 2003 to support underrepresented minority scientists performing HIV prevention research in highly affected communities. METHODS:MARI was established at the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control as a program ...

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    authors: Sutton MY,Lanier YA,Willis LA,Castellanos T,Dominguez K,Fitzpatrick L,Miller KS

    更新日期:2013-12-01 00:00:00

  • Drive-by readings: a creative strategy for tuberculosis control among immigrants.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We explored an innovative strategy for targeted testing and disease management among immigrant communities at risk for tuberculosis. METHODS:Taxi drivers were recruited at an airport holding lot to undergo tuberculin skin testing (Mantoux). After receiving their test results in a location convenient for the...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Gany FM,Trinh-Shevrin C,Changrani J

    更新日期:2005-01-01 00:00:00

  • Physicians and non-physician health practitioners: the characteristics of their practices and their relationships.

    abstract::Six primary care practices which utilize both physician and non-physician practitioner types were studied to measure differences between practitioner types in the care of patients. By chart review 1,369 patient-practitioner encounters were examined. Physicians identified less symptoms and signs in their patients and p...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Simborg DW,Starfield BH,Horn SD

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  • Insurer views on reimbursement of preventive services in the dental setting: results from a qualitative study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We explored insurers' perceptions regarding barriers to reimbursement for oral rapid HIV testing and other preventive screenings during dental care. METHODS:We conducted semistructured interviews between April and October 2010 with a targeted sample of 13 dental insurance company executives and consultants,...

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    authors: Feinstein-Winitzer RT,Pollack HA,Parish CL,Pereyra MR,Abel SN,Metsch LR

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  • "Unleashed on an Unsuspecting World": The Asbestos Information Association and Its Role in Perpetuating a National Epidemic.

    abstract::Examining previously underused corporate documents, we revisit the story of the Asbestos Information Association/North America, an industry trade group that sought in the early 1970s to counteract the growing public attention to, and government regulation of, asbestos as a serious threat to workers and consumers. From...

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    authors: Markowitz G,Rosner D

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  • Finding synergy: reducing disparities in health by modifying multiple determinants.

    abstract::Although researchers acknowledge that health disparities have multiple determinants, most recommendations for reducing inequities focus on a single approach. We suggest integrating 2 approaches for reducing disparities: improving access to primary care and updating and more vigorously enforcing consumer and environmen...

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    authors: Freudenberg N,Olden K

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  • California's Sterilization Survivors: An Estimate and Call for Redress.

    abstract::From 1919 to 1952, approximately 20 000 individuals were sterilized in California's state institutions on the basis of eugenic laws that sought to control the reproductive capacity of people labeled unfit and defective. Using data from more than 19 000 sterilization recommendations processed by state institutions over...

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    pub_type: 历史文章,杂志文章


    authors: Stern AM,Novak NL,Lira N,O'Connor K,Harlow S,Kardia S

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  • Children's Insurance Coverage and Crowd-Out Through the Recession: Lessons From Ohio.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We estimated changes in children's insurance status (publicly insured, privately insured, or uninsured) and crowd-out rates during the 2007 to 2009 US recession in Ohio. METHODS:We conducted an estimate of insurance coverage from statewide, randomized telephone surveys in 2004, 2008, 2010, and 2012. We esti...

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  • The use of vitamin supplements and the risk of cataract among US male physicians.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this study was to examine prospectively the association between reported use of vitamin supplements and risk of cataract and cataract extraction. METHODS:The study population consisted of 17,744 participants in the Physicians' Health Study, a randomized trial of aspirin therapy and beta-carot...

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  • Mortality and economic costs from regular cigar use in the United States, 2010.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We estimated annual mortality, years of potential life lost, and associated economic costs attributable to regular cigar smoking among US adults aged 35 years or older. METHODS:We estimated cigar-attributable mortality for the United States in 2010 using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Smok...

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    authors: Nonnemaker J,Rostron B,Hall P,MacMonegle A,Apelberg B

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  • Evaluating the effectiveness of public health leadership training: the NEPHLI experience.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We assessed the effect of public health leadership training on the capacity of public health leaders to perform competencies derived from the list of "Ten Essential Public Health Services" presented in 1994 by the steering committee of the Public Health Functions Project. METHODS:Graduating scholars of the ...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Saleh SS,Williams D,Balougan M

    更新日期:2004-07-01 00:00:00

  • Suspected Heroin Overdoses in US Emergency Departments, 2017-2018.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To describe changes in suspected heroin overdose emergency department (ED) visits. Methods. We analyzed quarterly and yearly changes in heroin overdoses during 2017-2018 by using data from 23 states and jurisdictions (including the District of Columbia) funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventio...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Vivolo-Kantor AM,Hoots B,David F,Gladden RM

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