Performance evaluation of Mindray CAL 8000(BC-6800 and SC-120) hematology analyzer and slidemaker/stainer.


INTRODUCTION:The Mindray CAL 8000 is a cellular analysis line that consists of the BC-6800, an automated hematology analyzer, and the SC-120, an automated slidemaker/stainer. We evaluated the performances of the BC-6800 and the SC-120. METHODS:Four hundred and eight normal and abnormal samples were analyzed. The performance of the BC-6800 and Sysmex XE-2100 were compared, and blood films by the SC-120 and manual method were compared according to the CLSI guideline H26-A2 and H20-A2. RESULTS:Most parameters measured by the BC-6800 matched well with the XE-2100 and manual differential. The flag efficiency of the BC-6800 for blasts (95.3%) and atypical lymphocytes (92.6%) were higher while immature granulocytes (89.7%) and NRBCs (94.1%) were lower than that of the XE-2100. Additionally, the BC-6800 detected four of five samples infected with plasmodium parasites. The SC-120 showed no carry-over and expected repeatability. There was good agreement on the five-part differential including abnormal cells between blood films by the SC-120 and manually prepared blood films. The shape of the RBC was also comparable between blood films. CONCLUSION:The CAL-8000 analysis line is beneficial for precise, fast hematology work, and even more useful in malaria endemic areas.


J Clin Lab Anal


Lee HT,Park PW,Seo YH,Kim KH,Seo JY,Jeong JH,Kim MJ,Ahn JY




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