Improvement in verbal memory performance in depressed in-patients after treatment with electroconvulsive therapy.


OBJECTIVE:Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a highly effective and well-tolerated therapy for severe and treatment-resistant depression. Cognitive side-effects are still feared by some patients and clinicians. Importantly, cognitive impairments are among the most disabling symptoms of depression itself. METHODS:Patients suffering from a severe episode of depression were treated with either ECT or treatment as usual (TAU) in an in-patient setting. Matched healthy participants served as controls (HC). Verbal memory was tested with the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT) before the specific treatment started (ECT = 15, TAU = 16, HC = 31) and 2 months after the last ECT session or 2 months after discharge respectively. RESULTS:Before the specific treatment started, depressed patients performed substantially worse compared with HC in total, short- and long-delay recall in the CVLT, while the ECT group showed the worst performance. More severely depressed patients showed worse performances in these measures. Intriguingly, verbal memory showed a significant improvement in ECT-treated patients, but not in the other groups. No differences between the groups were found at follow-up. CONCLUSION:Contrary to the widely feared assumption that ECT has long-term impact on memory functions, we found evidence that ECT is superior to TAU in improving verbal memory in depressed patients.


Acta Psychiatr Scand


Biedermann SV,Bumb JM,Demirakca T,Ende G,Sartorius A




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  • The general practitioner and the psychiatric health service in Italy after the reform: opinions and experiences in an urban district.

    abstract::This paper presents an analysis of the impact of the psychiatric reform in Italy on health care delivery by the general practitioner. In an urban district of the Veneto region a survey was made on the opinions and assessments of the general practitioner about the new status of psychiatric care, on the psychiatric case...

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