Palearctic predator invades North American Great Lakes.


:Bythotrephes cederstroemii Schoedler, a predatory freshwater zooplankter (Crustacea: Cladocera), was first found in the Laurentian Great Lakes in December 1984. The first individuals were from Lake Huron, followed in 1985 with records from Lakes Erie and Ontario. By late August, 1986 the species had spread to southern Lake Michigan (43°N). Bythotrephes has not previously been reported from North America, but has been restricted to a northern and central Palearctic distribution. Its dramatic and widespread rise in abundance in Lake Michigan was greatest in offshore regions. Bythotrephes appears to be invading aggressively, but avoiding habitats presently occupied by glacio-marine relict species that became established in deep oligotrophic North American lakes after the Wisconsin glaciation. Because it is a voracious predator its invasion may lead to alterations in the native zooplankton fauna of the Great Lakes. It offers the chance to study how invading plankton species join an existing community. Judging from its persistence and success in deep European lakes, Bythotrephes may now become a permanent member of zooplankton communities in the Nearctic.






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  • Within-population variation in localized and integrated responses of Trifolium repens to biotically patchy environments.

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  • Field metabolic rates and water influxes of two sympatric Gerbillidae:Gerbillus allenbyi andG. pyramidum.

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  • The effect of light quantity and quality during development on the photosynthetic characteristics of six Australian rainforest tree species.

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  • Effect of delayed mating and prolonged engorgement on the reproductive fitness of female Amblyomma limbatum (Acari: Ixodidae) in marginal population areas.

    abstract::Reptile ticks mate while females are attached to their host. Following mating, females engorge, detach and then lay their eggs. This study examines whether the time that females of the reptile tick Amblyomma limbatum spend on hosts prior to mating and the time they take to engorge on hosts after mating influence their...


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  • Diurnal changes in proline content of desert plants.

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  • Ratio-dependent response of a temperate Australian estuarine system to sustained nitrogen loading.

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  • Delayed density dependence and oscillatory population dynamics in overlapping-generation systems of a seed beetle Callosobruchus chinensis: matrix population model.

    abstract::Long-term experimental systems with overlapping generations using a seed beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis, were maintained by providing 5 g of azuki beans (Vigna angularis) in two different renewal intervals: either 7 days or 10 days. The 7-day-renewal system (system 1) showed oscillatory dynamics with a constant peri...


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  • The effect of sex, age, and location on carnivory in Utah black bears (Ursus americanus).

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  • Surfactants: their role in preventing the precipitation of proteins by tannins in insect guts.

    abstract::Much more tannic acid or pin oak tannin is required to precipitate the abundant leaf protein, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBPC), from Manduca sexta gut fluid adjusted to pH 6.5 than is required to precipitate this protein from an aqueous buffer at the same pH. This finding demonstrates that some ...


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  • Distribution of carbonic anhydrase in British marine macroalgae.

    abstract::Thirty-four species of marine macroalgae from around St. Andrews, Scotland, have been assayed for their external activity and thirty-three species for their total activity of carbonic anhydrase. Activity was detected in all the Rhodophyta tested apart from Chondrus crispus, but was absent in Codium fragile, Enteromorp...


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  • Dung beetles in an avian-dominated island ecosystem: feeding and trophic ecology.

    abstract::Globally, dung beetles (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) are linked to many critical ecosystem processes involving the consumption and breakdown of mammal dung. Endemic New Zealand dung beetles (Canthonini) are an anomaly, occurring at high abundance and low diversity on an island archipelago historically lacking terrestri...


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  • Testing competing measures of profitability for mobile resources.

    abstract::Optimal diet theory often fails to predict a forager's diet choice when prey are mobile. Because they escape or defend themselves, mobile prey are likely to increase the forager's handling time, thereby decreasing its fitness gain rate. Many animals have been shown to select their prey so as to maximize either their f...


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  • Leaf isoprene emission as a trait that mediates the growth-defense tradeoff in the face of climate stress.

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  • Larval consumption rates, interspecific predation, and local guild composition of egg-overwintering Agabus (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) species in vernal ponds.

    abstract::In vernal ponds in the boreal region, egg-over-wintering Agabus species form a guild that feeds mainly on larvae and pupae of aedine mosquitoes. The regular co-existence of very similar Agabus species indicates local communities not structured by interspecific competition. However, the lower number of species in local...


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    authors: Nilsson AN,Söderström O

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  • Does nitrogen nutrition restrict the CO2 response of fertile grassland lacking legumes?

    abstract::The extent of the response of plant growth to atmospheric CO2 enrichment depends on the availability of resources other than CO2. An important growth-limiting resource under field conditions is nitrogen (N). N may, therefore, influence the CO2 response of plants. The effect of elevated CO2 (60 Pa) partial pressure (pC...


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  • The significance of ant and plant traits for ant pollination in Leporella fimbriata.

    abstract::Ant metapleural glands secrete surface antibiotics that affect pollen as well as bacteria and fungi. This may be one reason why ant pollination is rare. It is predicted that pollination by ants is possible only in the presence of certain ant and/or plant traits. Two traits are investigated; first, absence of the metap...


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  • Coexistence of white-footed mice and deer mice may be mediated by fluctuating environmental conditions.

    abstract::White-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis, and deer mice, P. maniculatus nubiterrae, occur sympatically throughout much of the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States. Previous studies have shown that these two species are behaviorally and ecologically similar and do not partition food or microh...


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  • Long-term inducible resistance in birch foliage: triggering cues and efficacy on a defoliator.

    abstract::Heavy damage of the mountain birch foliage, as well as application of small amounts of insect frass to the soil beneath the trees, reduced growth of Epirrita autumnata larvae reared in these trees in the following year. Foliage damage in the previous year decreased larval survival, too. Both foliage damage and insect ...


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  • Hatching date influences age at first reproduction in the black-headed gull.

    abstract::In long-lived colonial birds, age at recruitment is an important life-history character. Variation in this parameter may reflect differences in several factors, including competitive ability and breeding strategies. Further, these differences may be due to timing of hatching (for instance through differences in compet...


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  • Spatial heterogeneity of plant-soil feedbacks increases per capita reproductive biomass of species at an establishment disadvantage.

    abstract::Plant-soil feedbacks have been widely implicated as a driver of plant community diversity, and the coexistence prediction generated by a negative plant-soil feedback can be tested using the mutual invasibility criterion: if two populations are able to invade one another, this result is consistent with stable coexisten...


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    abstract::Foraging segregation may play an important role in the maintenance of animal diversity, and is a proposed mechanism for promoting genetic divergence within seabird species. However, little information exists regarding its presence among seabird populations. We investigated genetic and foraging divergence between two c...


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  • The resistance of Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn to insect attack by Trichoplusia ni (Hübn.).

    abstract::Resistance of Pteridium aquilinum to insect attack was studied by incorporating air dried bracken leaf meal and extracts of bracken leaf meal into an artificial diet for Trichoplusia ni (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). When larvae are reared on diets containing 6% bracken leaf meal, they do not mature past the second instar ...


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  • More than just drought: complexity of recruitment patterns in Mediterranean forests.

    abstract::Understanding community dynamics during early life stages of trees is critical for the prediction of future species composition. In Mediterranean forests drought is a major constraint for regeneration, but likely not the only factor determining the observed spatial patterns. We carried out a sowing experiment aimed at...


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