Pemphigus vulgaris presenting as a gingival lesion. A case report.


:A 26-year-old hispanic male presented with a nonspecific gingival lesion initially presumed to be of infectious etiology. During continued follow-up over several weeks, the lesion evolved into one typical of desquamative gingivitis. Direct immunofluorescent testing and routine histopathology resulted in a diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris, which was confirmed by indirect immunofluorescence. Although it is unusual for pemphigus vulgaris to present with the gingiva as the sole primary site of involvement, this case serves to enhance our awareness of the gingiva as a site at which systemic disease can be manifested.


J Periodontol


Barnett ML




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  • Impact of local and systemic alendronate on simvastatin-induced new bone around periodontal defects.

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  • Effect of selected beta-blockers on supragingival calculus formation.

    abstract::Supragingival plaque and calculus indices, salivary flow rates, pH, ionic and total calcium concentrations, total phosphate concentration, and the number of cervical restorations and caries lesions were measured in 29 subjects using systemic beta-(beta) blockers and in 28 subjects who were not taking any systemic medi...

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  • One stage full- versus partial-mouth disinfection in the treatment of chronic adult or generalized early-onset periodontitis. II. Long-term impact on microbial load.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recent studies showed the clinical benefits of a one stage full-mouth disinfection, when compared to the worldwide standard treatment strategy of consecutive root planings per quadrant without proper disinfection of the remaining intraoral niches. The purpose of this study was to investigate the microbiologi...

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  • Update on the changing numbers and distribution of periodontists.

    abstract::A review of the 2006 and past American Dental Association (ADA) studies on the distribution of dentists provides information on the evolving number of periodontists. Despite an overall increase in the number of periodontists, major differences continue in practitioner/population ratios in different geographic areas. A...

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  • Osseointegration of dental implants in patients undergoing bisphosphonate treatment: a literature review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Bisphosphonates (BPs) are an important group of drugs used for the treatment of metabolic and oncologic pathologies involving the skeletal system. Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is a complication observed in patients using oral or intravenous (IV) BPs. It was suggested that all patients undergoing BP therapy...

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  • Periodontal parameters around implants anchoring orthodontic appliances: a series of case reports.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Implants replacing missing teeth provide advantages over clinical orthodontic treatment as compensation for reaction forces is no longer necessary and the lack of teeth is immediately resolved. METHODS:A total of 38 two-stage implants were inserted (16 in maxilla, 22 in mandible) in 10 partially edentulous ...

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