Application of solid-acid catalyst and marine macro-algae Gracilaria verrucosa to production of fermentable sugars.


:In this study, the hydrolysis of marine macro-algae Gracilaria verrucosa with a solid-acid catalyst was investigated. To optimize the hydrolysis, four reaction factors, including liquid-to-solid ratio, catalyst loading, reaction temperature, and reaction time, were investigated. In the results, the highest total reducing sugar (TRS) yield, 61 g/L (51.9%), was obtained under the following conditions: 1:7.5 solid-to-liquid ratio, 15% (w/v) catalyst loading, 140 °C reaction temperature, and 150 min reaction time. Under these conditions, 10.7 g/L of 5-HMF and 2.5 g/L of levulinic acid (LA) were generated. The application of solid-acid catalyst and marine macro-algae resources shows a very high potential for production of fermentable sugars.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Jeong GT,Kim SK,Park DH




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2015-04-01 00:00:00












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  • An efficient system for carbonation of high-rate algae pond water to enhance CO2 mass transfer.

    abstract::High-rate algal ponds have the potential to produce 59 T of dry biomass ha(-1)year(-1) based on the specific productivity of 20 g m(-2) day(-1). Atmospheric air provides only 5% of the CO(2) to the pond surface required for photosynthesis. Hence, CO(2) is usually provided via bubbling of concentrated CO(2)-air mixture...

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  • Food waste-derived volatile fatty acids platform using an immersed membrane bioreactor.

    abstract::Volatile fatty acids (VFAs) are the key intermediates from anaerobic digestion (AD) process that can be a platform to synthesize products of higher value than biogas. However, some obstacles still exist that prevent large-scale production and application of VFAs, key among them being the difficulty in recovering the a...

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  • Lignite as additives accelerates the removal of antibiotic resistance genes during poultry litter composting.

    abstract::Antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in animal manure are a great threat to human health. This study investigated the effects of lignite addition at three levels (5%, 10%, 15% w/w) on the profiles of ARGs and the bacterial communities during poultry litter composting. Lignite addition effectively promoted the removal of...

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