Differences in the effect of patients' socioeconomic status on the use of invasive cardiovascular procedures across health insurance categories.


OBJECTIVES:This study evaluated the effect of patients' socioeconomic status on use of coronary angiography, bypass grafting, and angioplasty across health insurance categories. METHODS:Multiple logistic regression was used to compute the odds of receiving each procedure among 206 233 ischemic heart disease patients residing in urban California zip codes from 1991 through 1993. RESULTS:Residents of high socioeconomic status areas were more likely (odds ratios [ORs] = 1.20-1.41) and residents of low socioeconomic status areas were less likely (ORs = 0.79-0.84) than residents of middle socioeconomic status areas to undergo each procedure. These effects were common among Medicare and health maintenance organization patients and uncommon for privately insured and uninsured patients. CONCLUSIONS:The effect of socioeconomic status varies across health insurance categories.


Am J Public Health


Carlisle DM,Leake BD




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












  • The incidence of tuberculosis among North Carolina migrant farmworkers, 1991.

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  • The Collateral Damage of Mass Incarceration: Risk of Psychiatric Morbidity Among Nonincarcerated Residents of High-Incarceration Neighborhoods.

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  • Evaluation of the effects of the North Carolina Improved Pregnancy Outcome Project: implications for state-level decision-making.

    abstract::This study was designed to assess the effects of the North Carolina Improved Pregnancy Outcome (IPO) Project on use of prenatal care and incidence of low birthweight among its primarily Black registrants . Weighted least squares and stratified analysis procedures were used to scrutinize vital statistics data for subpo...

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