The association between alcohol and breast cancer: popular press coverage of research.


OBJECTIVES:This study was undertaken to examine popular press reports of the association between alcohol and breast cancer. METHODS:Articles from scientific journals and stories from newspapers and magazines published from January 1, 1985, to July 1, 1992, were retrieved from six on-line databases. Lay press stories were analyzed to determine which medical articles were publicized and what information was reported. RESULTS:Fifty-eight scientific articles on the relationship of alcohol and breast cancer were found, and 64 newspaper and 23 magazine stories were retrieved. The press cited 11 studies, 19% of those published during the study period. Three studies were featured in 77% of popular press stories. No scientific review articles were reported. Behavioral recommendations were given to the public in 63% of stories. CONCLUSIONS:The vast majority of scientific studies on alcohol and breast cancer were ignored in press reports. We encourage researchers and the popular press to give the public a broader understanding of public health issues.


Am J Public Health


Houn F,Bober MA,Huerta EE,Hursting SD,Lemon S,Weed DL




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